Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun, Frolic and the Age of Terrorism.

Yeah, I'm going to quote an excerpt that I read recently from a very funny comedian's book he published.

So without further ado, Tim Joyce's words from his book: Seize the Day Job.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Man, did old FDR ever have balls. Think about it. He said we should embrace fearlessness and utilize the positive energy within us even as Hitler was preparing to do his little tap-dance through Europe. He told America to buck up and be brave - even while millions of Dust Bowl refugees were riding ramshackle jalopies across the desert - only to be beaten up by anti-union goons when they arrived in the New Jerusalem of California.

He said we should not be afraid, even though he himself lived in a wheelchair with no use whateover of his own legs. That is right buckaroos, the Franklinator was fearless even though he was a paraplegic, and remember: that wasWAY before the USA had anything resembling a ramp into a restaurant or a department store. When faced with the instinctive survival choice of Fight or Flight our first and only handicapped Commander in Chief only had one option really, so the bastard courageously went ahead and fought hard enough to end the Depression and win WWII.

He wasn't even afraid to look at Eleanor naked.

"Nothing to fear but fear itself." Wow.

Thank God George W. Bush came along to remind us daily that Franklin was off his wheelchair. Thank our good Christian God we live in times when conservative politicians and talk show hosts can jam up the AM radio dial with color-coded calls to look up at the sky and wailingly declare it falling.

We are so lucky to live in an age when our leaders have the kindness and decency to scare us with threats of Armageddon every hour on the hour. Just remember this America: if you aren't scared, if you aren't willing to give up all of your constitutional right up keep Freedon alive, well, you're just letting the terrorists know they won.

Forget national health care, forget civil rights, forget education, forget freedom of speech or religion. As righteous family-value espousing patriotic citizens the only thing we have left to do is live in constant pants-soiling paranoia. We now must be happy to be America: land of the free and home of 280 million chickenshits.

Never forget, and in fact never think about anything else at all but this following fact: We live in a post 9-11 world.

It is also worthwhile to be aware that if you have recently consumes a Slurpee you are living in a post 7-11 world as well!

Be afraid. Be very very very veru very very afraid. Afraid you aren't afraid enough? Well, here are some things to help you reach the zenith of whimpering simpering cringing horror that is the hallmark of surviving in this modern world.

Look all around you. Go ahead, set this book down and look around. Think you are safe? Well, think again you Commie! Death lurks around you like an unventilated flatus.

See your television? It could be a bomb.

See your end table? It might be composed completely of compressed anthrax spores cunningly constructed to look like teakwood.

See the so-called "loving family" that shares your domicile? That's right, you un-American fearless liveral swiftboat riding puke, each and every person you know and love is most assuredly a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. So go ahead, cover your ears and scream all you want, no one will hear you.

Why? Because they are staring at their own end-table and screaming even louder than you!

The entire world hates us, and it is not in any way our fault that they do. So don't ask. Want to know why they hate us? Simple. They hate Freedom. And Freedom is us, capisce? Try to look any deeper than that and you aren't supporting the troops, you traitor.

That's why we need unlimited wiretapping by the FBI, CIA, PTA, and DAR of all American homes. We also need unlimited access to weapons for all our nation's citizens so we can defend ourselved against sudden unprovoked attacks from, well, ourselves. We need to decriminalize torture or we will never be safe from the terror within our own minds. It is as simple as that.

And if you say it isn't, well, then you hate America.

You are either with us, or against us, and since we aren't thinking anything through anymore at all as a nation then you'd better just clam up and get uninformed pronto, pal. And the basis of remaining patriotically dumb and uninformed is what? You guessed it!! Fear!!!

Fear is a good thing, a great thing, everything, the only thing.

And don't forget, dear reader, fear is good for the economy as well. in order for the United States to thrive economically we must be scared shitless 24 hours a day.

Think that makes no sense? Turn on your TV. Seriously, go turn on your TV. I'll wait.

Did it explode? Well, okay then, maybe you dodged that bullet and your set wasn't a bomb planted in your living room by Bin Laden himself. But now that it is on, watch the commercials for a while. Think fear isn't important to the economy? Everything they sell on your television is sold through fear. They even sell you on being afreaid of the opposite of your fears.

Psychiatry itself tells us that only the scared survive. Remember that cigar that Freud said sometimes is "just a cigar?" Well what he didn't tell you was this: whether that cigar is just a cigar, or in fact your penis in metaphorical somnambulant disguise, it is nevertheless most definitely an exploding cigar with a deadly hundred megaton charge. Even in our dreams we must be vigilant against the enemies of Freedom, whoever the fuck they are.

So the reader may ask, "How can I maintain my personal terror level at a constant patriotic rate?" Well, as always, the best answers to any life dilemma lie once again in your television. look at those ads my friend!!! Madison Avenue always knows best, and here is the fear they are waiting up sell you for your own good.

You had better be afraid of:
- Being fat/Being hungry
- Losing your erection/Being small even when you are erect
- Smelling bad/Not smelling at all
- Drinking the wrong beer/Drinking the right beer responsibly
- Getting skin cancer/Being too pale
- Crashing your car/Paying too much for auto insurance.

Most of you should be afraid that you're watching the wrong television!

By the year 2018, 90% of the United States economy will be tied up in the use, production, and distribution of antidepressants and antianxiety medications. Being scared is good for business, and what is good for business is good for America.

So embrace that fear. Courage is for the smart and we here in the USA are clueless and ready to die for cluelessness. Every decent American should have a cable hookup placed in their skull piping Fox News directly into their medulla oblongata. Once you have that simple operation you will be ready for some good old-fashioned American cringing my friend!!!

Go ahead, lock yourself in that broom closet. Surround yourself with pillows, gunpowder and bottled water. Shoot to kill at anything that moves and even some things that don't. Stay awake for the rest of your life so you don't die in your sleep.

Quietly do whatever Rush Limbaugh tells you to do. Turn your neighbor in to homeland Security if he looks too swarthy. Sell your kids to the army where they will be safe.

When you aren't oncontrollably weeping with anxiety be sure you sing the "Star Spangled Banner" until you pass out in flag-waving ecstasy.

These are scary times, and only and educated East Coast left wing fool feels optimistic.

Even God Himself wants you to be scared, otherwise why would he always refer to righteous as "God-fearing"? Case in point: As a Catholic schoolbot I was told that you should never call the holiday "Xmas" because it takes the "Christ" out of "Christmas." Well. It is also important to keep in mind that without your terror, terrorism is only an "ism."

Makes you think, don't it?

"Nothing to fear but fear itself'" my ass.

Remember, these days we have nothing to fear but everything.

Well, that, and a shortage of Xanax.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Why is it that the longer folks are together, the harder it seems to be for them to be open and honest to each other?

There are so many small, unspoken hurts, fears, and concerns that we tend to gloss over because we feel they're really not important at the moment to address. However, these small things tend to add up quickly, and fester. Eventually it all jumbles together, and if not treated, becomes nearly lethal.

My marriage is like this now. There have been hurts. There have been problems. There have been concerns. There have been fears.

However, none of this is ever addressed until it becomes a MAJOR issue. Then, it pops, and becomes this ugly, open sore.

By the time this happens, the only thing left to do is to try to heal it, but it leaves a vicious, pock-marked scar.

So now I'm trying to deal with a bleeding open wound, but this time I'm not sure that I've got what it takes to heal it. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try.

The question now is if my other half is still willing, or if she wants to just let it bleed out, and give up.

I'm hoping she's a fighter, but lately, I really don't know.

It occurs to me that even after seven years of being with this woman, there are many things about her that I've never even known. There are habits and issues of hers that she's never even confided in me about herself.

I'm a seriously flawed person. I admit this. I play games too much. I like being on the computer. I don't really know how to be a "family" guy. I'm really not much of a father figure. Hell, at this point I'm questioning how much of a human being I really am.

The point here is that I'm willing to try to change. Hell, I HAVE changed. I'm much more of a better person than I was before I met my wife. I have her to thank for that. I know it, and I freely admit it.

Yet it seems that this person that I love, cherish, and truly want to spend the rest of my life with is the one person that I consistently hurt over, and over, and over again.

I don't intend it. I don't want to do it. However because of my flaws and character, it's going to happen whether I want it to or not. I really don't know if she can take much more, and to be honest, I don't know if I can really blame her.

But there's another part of me that really wishes she could see past the flaws. If she could look past the idiotic mistakes and stupid choices. That there could possibly be some form of patience and be willing to love me for who I am now.

However, that's wishful thinking at this point, I guess.

Now? All I've really got is the hope that somehow she'll know, and stick with me through the bad times.

I mean, that's part of the marriage vows, right?

Richer, poorer, better or Worse?

Well, in my opinion, it can't get much worse right now.

Nobody ever claimed that marriage was easy. If they did, they LIED. It's work. It's dedication. It's a commitment over everything else you ever hoped or planned to do. It's giving 300%, and not expecting anything in return, but hoping that the other side's giving 300% as well.

Unconditional love.

Yeah. I guess that's what I'm hoping for.

Love without any judgement. Love without rules, or regulations, or stipulations.

Heck, at this point I'd just settle for love, I think.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round...

I'm caught in a vicious circle at work..

I've been informed by The Powers That Be that I need to define and reinforce the strict guidelines set down by corporate for it's computer and internet users.

So, these last two weeks I've been cracking down. Uninstalling browsers that aren't company approved, removing such items as Mozilla Firefox, and other download utilities, since no downloading of ANY sort has been approved, etc.

Enter in Manager Bitch from Hell.

She's now gone and faced off with me. Last week, we had a "discussion" where she informed me that since I'm still considered an associate, and she's management, I'm required to follow her directions, and do as I'm told. I pointed out the email from corporate, and informed her that I was following my directions, but that didn't faze this woman.

She proceeded to take her argument to our HR (human resources) manager. The HR manager called me into her office, and kindly informed me that she was going to overlook this problem, but that the manager in question is correct, and my refusal to comply with her wishes bordered on insubordination, which is a terminable offense.

She then offered me this "compromise":

I do what I'm told to, and she'll ignore the insubordination, and we can all get back to our jobs!

Sounds great, right?

Yeah. Right up until my corporate lead inspected some accounts, and found that there were still violations of our company policy regarding computer use.

He then proceeded to write me a nice, NASTY email, and copied my HR director in the missive.

It basically explained that I needed to enforce company policy, and failure to do so would be met with SEVERE consequences.

After our "discussion", I was sure that my HR manager would explain things to my corporate lead, but that's where I was completely and totally WRONG.

I got tossed under the proverbial moving bus, y'all.

Her response was as follows:

"Jormengrund has been given ample opportunity to take care of and resolve any internet and computer usage problems. Given the fact that many still exist proves to me to be a blatant disregard for his position and job duties. I suggest that immediate disciplinary action be taken in order to bring this problem to a close."

Yeah. After her pretty speech about doing what I'm told, I get the un-greased SHAFT from yet someone else I'd considered dense, but at least honest.

So I proceeded to document and present all emails and correspondence that I'd had from both of the argumentative parties regarding this dilemma. My corporate lead was surprised to find that I'd been told to go against the grain regarding their directions, but wasn't surprised at all about the shady dealings from my HR manager.

I assured my lead that I was willing to enforce the rules, but it might cost me my job. He told me to wait a while, and he was going to see about "levelling the playing field" some.

I'm wondering what kind of hornet's nest I'm stepping into now, but to be honest, I really LOVE my job, and don't want to lose it despite the morons that I get to deal with on a daily basis.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Today's my daughter's birthday.

Yup. 10 years ago today she was born, and ever since I've been seriously considering where I'm going to be needing to hide the shotgun once she turns into the beautiful young lady that I've feared she would become.

Well, it's getting closer, and my hair's REALLY starting to turn gray.

I just can't look forward that much to it, though. I'm not going to mind our "family" party we're going to have for her this weekend, but tonight's her party where she's invited friends over to celebrate with her.

For some reason, the mere thought of 18 screaming, cheering and ADHD 10-year old kids running all over my house just doesn't inspire me.

But of course I'll be happy for her, and act excited and surprised over each and every single thing that she gets or does.


Because that's what a daddy is supposed to do.

And we all know that daddy's girls are the best ones, don't we??

See you all next week.. If I survive the screaming teenie invasion that's going to hit my house tonight, that is!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ok, gotta talk about this crap!

Uh, I was watching the news this morning, and found myself seriously asking this question:

"Why is Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?"

I mean, sure, he's the first African-American President for our nation. Yes, he's actually done SOME change with our economy.

However, I fail to see how those two things qualify him for the prize.

Teddy Roosevelt earned it because of his actions in ending the Russo-Japanese war.

Woodrow Wilson earned it for starting the League of Nations.

Jimmy Carter has earned his for trying to continually promote world peace. I mean, even after being in the Presidency, he's still working for a global community!

And now we've got Barack Obama.

What is the reasoning?

"His effort to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples"

Um, excuse me?

Isn't that the job description of EACH and EVERY president we've elected?

Ronald Reagan had to deal with the Soviets.

Hell, Kennedy had to deal with Castro, Vietnam, and the Cold War.

FDR had World War II to deal with. Same with Eisenhower.

Yet none of these men even got an honorable mention for their efforts.

So again, I have to ask what exactly has Obama done?

He's moved troops around in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He's trying to bring our nation back from the brink of bankruptcy (yet again!).

However, he hasn't really formally been able to conclude ANY of these actions.

There's still military actions being taken in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We're still in the middle of an "economic crisis" here in the states.

In fact, funding is getting so poor that we're having to cut costs by decreasing the time we spend teaching our children.

So as long as we can't teach our kids how to better themselves, and then can't afford to pay for them to make it to college, send them off to wars that have been brewing and going on EVEN WITHOUT OUR INVOLVEMENT, then get elected, we should consider ourselves prime candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize?

I can deal with that.

I'm running for office next year.

Write me in, and I'll be sure to keep y'all in my mind while I walk in the footsteps of giants, and take all of the credit for it!

Job Security!!

Well, I know that as long as I'm able to deal with ID-10-Ts, I'll have a job here.

I mean, you can take this morning's conference call as a prime example:

Me: Hey. I was just curious. I've been working on that new laptop you sent me, and I can't get it formatted. Did you set up the hardware so that I can get this formatted and distibuted?

Tech: Of course! I got it all done last night. Should be right here.. No, it's not there.. Maybe I saved it here? Nope. Wait.. There it is! You can't access it there?

Me: Um, no. The formatting is automatic, and I can't change where it points the laptop to when it starts to format. You're going to need to move those files to the correct area so that I can get this laptop out of my office, and out to the warehouse floor.

Tech: Sure.. Give me about an hour to copy all the files down and move them.

Me: An hour? You can't click and drag them?

Tech: You can do that with these files?

Me: Nevermind. I'll get it done. Thanks.

You never know when I might start decorating the interior of my office door with divots from beating my head against it...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Holidays!

You know, it's that time of year when we count our blessings, find the good in our fellow man, and really make the season bright and happy.

Well, unless you're busy getting rid of the problem.

Let me make myself clear.

During the holidays, things tend to either REALLY be good, or REALLY be crap.

For example:

My best friend was fired from his job THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. Happy holidays, you're fired, go try to find work someplace else in this shitty economy.

A friend of the family is going through a divorce. Happy holidays! Here's to weekly visitation, shitty attitude, and finding out just how much more of a jerk your soon-to-be ex-husband really can be!

Another friend of the family was dumped by her lover. Happy holidays, hit the road, I've got someone new who's closer to my age, and isn't going to prove to be a problem when I want to go out and party.

Now, I get to follow suit.

Happy holidays. You've changed. You're MUCH better than where you were when we met. HOWEVER, because I can't forgive or forget the past, you're doomed to repeat your mistakes, and for that I just can't deal with you anymore.

Hope you find someone else, and have a better life. Why? Because I'm not going to try anymore.

Excuse me?

From what I recall, marriage is NEVER an easy road. All of the "successful" married folks I've talked to have said that it's a long, painful and difficult 24-7-365 JOB. You've got to WORK at it. It doesn't just happen, and "poof!" everything you ever want or needed drops into your lap with a nice bow around it.

It takes dedication. It takes time. It takes WORK and COMMITMENT.

Sure. There are times when the problems are going to fall thick and heavy, and you feel that you can't gain a breath while treading water. That you're going under, and there's no life preserver around to grasp onto.


But even then, you've got to be willing to fight for what you want. You've got to be willing to drop it all, and focus on that ONE THING that you want more than anything else.

In my case, I'm willing to drop everything, including y'all, if it means I'd be able to have this marriage back.

I want my wife. I want my kids. I want a happy home.

The question is:

What does she want?

I mean, it's great that I want it and all, but marriage isn't just a one-way street.

I could give, and give, and give until I have nothing left. But if she doesn't assist, it still falls well short, doesn't it?

So here's my Christmas Wish:

Give me back my family. Let me have my home. Give me back my loving wife.

That's all I want for Christmas.

Please.. If you're out there, can you help me make this come true?

I hope so.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Tis the season

To spend as much as you can humanly accumulate on gift for folks you know, but probably won't reciprocate, and then spend the rest of the next year paying it all off so you can repeat it all over again.

Isn't Christmas wonderful?

Let's put things into perspective here:

You go out, buy a couple of things for the kids. Then, you check to make sure that the gifts are going to be percieved by the kids as being of equal value. If not, then you struggle to figure out how to balance the scales. Maybe a knit sweater for the kid with the semi-laptop that-only-does-math-problems-but-looks-cool toy will lose some ground, and the kid with the Legos(tm) won't feel too snubbed.

Yeah. Kids and clothes. There's another Christmas gift BOMB.

Kids look for the toys and games. They will blow right past any and all clothes to fawn and drool over the newest toy that they've gotten, even if it's something they've never asked for before.


Because it's a TOY.

Just like they'll pretty much ignore any and all clothing. It's like asking them to read the card that comes with the gift. In their mind, the gift says it all, not the sappy words and sayings on the card.

Big present that was high up on their wish list? LOVE.

Socks and underwear (that they need!)? You're getting ready to deport them to some third world country.

How about family?

Yeah, we buy for my folks, her folks, her sister, and my brother.

However, I can't recall the last time her sister or my brother ever returned the favor.

But we still get them gifts, because we're the eternal (sucker) optimist.

That, and it keeps them quiet for another year!

Anyway, happy holidays. I'm sure that I'll rant and complain more as the time gets closer.


Friday, November 27, 2009


Can anyone guess why this day is so named?

Why is it that this one day not only gives business owners shivers of fear mingled with shivers of anticipation?

What's so special about THIS Friday compared with all of the rest?

I've got the info, and I'll share.

Let's see..

First off, for most businesses, Black Friday means that they'll do anywhere from 10-25% of their total sales FOR THE YEAR on this ONE day.

Yup. Nearly a full quarter of their sales will be done on this day.

But I don't think that's the reason it got the name.

I personally feel that it got the name because of something more sinister.

Let's explore this, shall we?

First off, it comes in the middle of a holiday series that is supposed to be full of thanks, love, cheer, family, and basically Peace on Earth.

However, it generates ANYTHING but those feelings.

I mean, we've all heard the horror stories about grown people fighting over the last toy on the shelf at a store. We've heard about the looting that's gone on at a store that didn't quite open at the time it advertised.

If anything, Black Friday represents everything that ISN'T about the holiday spirit.

It's for the selfish, the obsessive, the rude, and material.

I often wonder how much better we'd be if we were to FORCE businesses to stay closed for an extended weekend, instead of opening their doors for mass mayhem the day after we are supposed to be giving thanks for everything that we hold dear.

To put the icing on the cake, I've found that some stores are now fostering an even new depth to the buying frenzy depravity:

They're opening on Thanksgiving, and staying open all night. That way, when the magical hour approaches the next day, you can already have your cart(s) loaded, and ready to check out.


You read it right.

So, not only do we cut our day of giving thanks short, but we're now staying open so that folks can jostle, argue, and basically fight for their buying deals well in advance!

Is this a great country or what?

I'm going to try to see if I can't open myself up a gun store. I'm going to put everything on sale, and stay open the entire week of Thanksgiving. If the amount of shooting crimes increases because of my sales, well, I'm just the clerk. I don't tell the folks what to do with their guns once they leave my store, now do I?

But it might cull the selfish crowd down a bit.

You've always got to look for the silver lining!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Personally, I'm going to try to survive this day, and look back and wonder what else we can do to shorten Thanksgiving next year.

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



I'm sick.

Not just mentally.. That's normal, and I can deal with that.

Nope. I'm sick. Head hurts, I'm running a really low-grade temp, stomach feels like it's in knots, and I just don't want to do anything but curl up in a ball, and sleep.

However, I dragged my happy ass out of bed, got dressed, and came to work.

Because isn't that what responsible people do?

You know what?

Fuck responsibility.

If I can't take care of myself, and be healthy while working, I'm going to eventually burn myself out. If I'm burnt out, how exactly am I going to work? If I can't work, how can I provide for my family?


But I'll stick out today. I mean, I'm already here, it's not like I've got a choice.

However, if I start puking, you can bet your ass I'm going to be back in my car and headed home.

Wish me luck.. I'm gonna need it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Things that tend to tickle my funny bone:

You know, I guess being in my kind of work has really jaded me and my sense of humor.

Anymore, I get more chuckles from Failblog, or YouTube stunts with idiots who DON'T get away with the stupidness of their actions than from a decent joke.

Yet, I'm still strangely attracted to slaptick comedy as well.

Who's Line is it Anyway? Is a GREAT show, and I really REALLY wish there were more episodes of that one to watch.

Monty Python is another that I can't get away from. Classic comedy, in-your-face humor, and farcical situations all make for superb comedy.

Then there's the perverse side of me that enjoys watching roasts, and how many folks can find humor in belittling someone because of a major point of achievement in their life.

Still, I have begun wondering about comedy.

I mean, some of the funniest comics tend to poke fun not only at themselves, but at others. Ethnic groups, income levels, breeding, religions, gender.. Nothing's sacred there.

Now, I can deal with a comic making fun of themselves. After all, it's THEM. They can choose what they want to belittle and put down about themselves.

What I've got a problem with are the ones who have to point out the flaws and faults of others to get laughs. Who really finds these funny?

I mean, if I thought that was humor, I'd be bursting out laughing each time one of my kids got into an argument with the other over something, and started calling each other names, pointing out their bad habits, and their grooming standards or their ability to dress themselves.

Yet, people will actually pay serious money just to go see something EXACTLY like this.

Next time you're tempted? Give me a call.

I'll charge you extra to come over and listen to my kids chew each other out.

Heck, I might even offer you something to drink. If you're willing to pay for that, too!

Enjoy your weekend, and while you're at it, enjoy this little ditty I found on YouTube:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm livid.

Pissed off.


Add any adjective for angry as all hell here.

Why? You might ask?

Because I've got some lazy-assed managers who think that when my manager goes on vacation, they can come out of the woodwork, and use and abuse me to take care of their petty problems.

Case in point:

We've got some managers who have to drift from one desk to another during the week. Because of this, I have a special program I have to give each "travelling" manager so that they can have access to their email. However, this program doesn't give them access to the network site we have for some automatically generated reports and such that managers need for their End of Day reports.

Well, I've got a manager who is now telling me (once my manager left for vacation) that she needs me to install access for one of my "travelling" managers for emails at her location.


Because she doesn't like that she has to take an extra 10 minutes out of her day to print out the End of Day reports, when she could pawn it off on the "travelling" manager, and give her some extra time to BS and sip tea with other management staff.


And here I thought _I_ was the lazy buttwipe.

Not only that, but once I called her on it, she proceeded to try to rub it in my face that _She's_ the one with the authority, and _I'm_ just the peon to do exactly what she tells me to do.

Um, if there's anything that gets my anger up faster, it's someone telling me how to do my job when they know that I'll get my butt handed to me when it comes out that I've bent or broken a company rule.

This is one of those times.

So I did what any sneaky under-handed vengeful bastard in my position would do.

I copied all of the nasty emails, and forwarded them to my corporate advisors.

These are the folks who set policy for our company, and are the ones who informed me of how I was supposed to handle this situation a couple of months back, before my manager went on vacation. In it, they gave me specific instructions, and then told me to NOT deviate from this plan.

So, since the goddess decided to dictate her terms to me, I forwarded them on to others who would be interested in her actions.

I'm not sure what the end result is going to be, but I know for a fact that CYA is going to apply to me for a couple of years at least..

Or maybe only as long as this queen "b" manager lasts..

Time will tell.

Now, I'l going to head over and make some noise like I'm getting stuff done, but really just blow smoke up her butt until I get an answer from my advisors.

You all have a good day.

If you see a news entry about an IT guy who went postal on some management in the workplace.. That'll be me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who do you turn to??

This last weekend, I dealt with something that I really don't like having to witness, let alone take care of.

My sister-in-law is going through a divorce, and it's getting ugly.

Add to that her need to find a new guy in her life, and things get even more screwed up.

Then you mix in some alcohol, and it just becomes madness on wheels.

She's been through more boyfriends in the last year than I can honestly keep track of.

Plus, aside from the guys she's seeing, there are the boy-toys that she's juggling on the side, and you never know when the mood is going to strike for her to dump the one she's been "devoted" to for a while, and pick something new.

Kind of like girls, clothes, and shoes.

So, this week her boyfriend flew into town all the way from Chicago.

He's a nice guy. I acutally like him. He's a comedian, and he and a couple other comedian buddies were going to do a comedy show at a local restaurant this weekend. We planned on having dinner, then watching the show, then sticking around for some dancing (a DJ was going to be on after the comedy troupe), then head home and crash.

The dinner was great. Good food, funny folks, camaraderie.

The comedy show was priceless. The guys were all funny, and the crowd was HUGE. Very good time.

The time after the show? Not so great.

Sis-in-Law drinks. And when she drinks, she gets stupid drunk. Not just a little drunk, STUPID drunk.

That happened this weekend.

She got plastered. Then she proceeded to make a total scene with various others present, including her boyfriend. I honestly felt really sorry for the guy.

She was dancing and grinding with anyone and everyone on the dance floor. Girls, guys, it didn't matter. However, if her boyfriend would've done that, she'd have yelled her butt off at his actions. Heck, she did at one point, because he said hello to a girl he hadn't seen in 20 years.

Now, granted, this girl had also asked him over for dinner, and didn't want the SIL to come with.. But that's another story!

Anyway, things were getting out of hand, and were still proceeding downhill quickly.

As I talked with the boyfriend, he actually confided in me that the way my SIL was acting reminded him of his most recent ex, and the way she used to act. It was REALLY giving him bad vibes, and we wondered what kind of mistake he'd made.

That cut it for me.

Now, I normally could care less about what my SIL does with herself. She's a grown adult, and she has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

However, when those said actions start to hurt others, they need to be stopped.

So, I had my wife try to corral her sister, and I got everyone moved out of the club, and into cars.

SIL then proceeded to be drunk, and call around demanding to know why everyone was trying to kill her fun. She then demanded to go out and eat. (like I was going to deal with her drunk butt in a public restaurant!), and demanded that we take her to her boyfriend's hotel room.

I declined to do all of these things. I did drop by a drive through, and get her some food. However, I didn't let her out of the car, I took her straight home, and then I left her to her own devices.

I'm not one who will deal with sloppy drunk folks. I don't have the patience for it, and I really don't have the temperment to be condescending and responsive to someone who thinks that it's funny or cute.

Because of this, I'm sure that I was a complete and arrogant asshole to her the rest of that night.

I'm not going to apologize.

I honestly feel that she needs help.

She needs counselling for her emotional state at her divorce, and the things that happened to her in the events prior to and leading up to her separation from her ex.

She needs help with her alcohol.

There has never been more booze in my home than since she moved in with us. There's been booze before, but my wife and I don't really drink much, and when we do, it's usually my wife that gets tipsy, not me. Yes, I'm a prude and a party-killer, deal with it.

I also think she needs to come to terms with herself and her self-worth before she really starts looking for another relationship, but again, she's a grown adult.

I can say all of these things, but it doesn't change the fact that it's HER. HER choice. HER actions. HER decision. HER life.

Yes, it really kind of kills me to see how badly she's tearing apart what she has. But until she's hit bottom, and really has no place else left to go, I don't think it's really going to change.

It's sad, but unfortunately that doesn't make it any less true.

I just hope I don't have to see it, and that maybe she'll wake up and realize that she needs some help, and that she needs to seriously change.

We'll see.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yet more ranting and raving...

Yes, I'm on the bitch and moan express today. If you don't wanna listen, you can jump ship, and I won't really feel that badly.

Traffic has gotten worse this past month. This nifty stuff called "rain" has started falling, and folks living around this area seem to have forgotten what it looks like, and how to drive in it. Because of this, there have been TONS of accidents, and that in turn slows EVERYTHING down traffic-wise.

Not that I really mind, since the slowdown in traffic gets posted on the internet website that my boss watches, so that if I'm late getting to work, I've got the perfect excuse, and he just smiles, nods, and waves me on by.

That, and I get to listen to my CD a bit longer, and wake up a bit more before getting to work. I love music. 80's tunes, 90's rock and alternative. 60's and 70's classic rock.. It's all good!

Some of my favorite artists are:

Stone Temple Pilots, Cream, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica, Van Halen, Soundgarden, Godsmack, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Ozzy (and Black Sabbath), Slaughter, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Poison, U2 and Red-Hot Chili Peppers.

Just to name a few.

I actually made a few MP3 disks with a compilation of various songs, and wound up with three disks. Each disk has 150 songs on it, and there are no duplicate songs on any of the disks. I'm sure I could've come up with more, but I really don't have time to listen to all of one disk, much less all three!

Eventually I hear the enture disk in about two weeks time. Then I change out to the next disk, and rock out for a while longer. By the time the third disk is done, I can rinse and repeat, since my memory's so bad that I've forgotten what songs were on the first disk to begin with!

Heck, at the rate I'm going, pretty soon I'll be able to hide my own Easter eggs, and wrap my own Christmas gifts!

Watch out Adult Foster home! I'm on the path, and just waiting for an excuse to enter one!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day!

Ok. I don't get it.

What exactly is the deal with all of these holidays??

First off, we've got Memorial Day.

Apparently this is the day that we remember those who are dead. However, it becomes a day when we recall the great sacrifices that servicemen gave while on duty to our country.

Then you have Veteran's Day. This is a day to commemorate those who are and have served our country to keep it safe and secure.

Yet even this holiday leads folks to think about other loved ones who have passed on.

So in my mind, these two holidays seem quite interchangable. Is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem keeping these two straight?

On a more serious note, I'd like to remember a man I know who served:

My grandfather was a young (15) man when World War II broke out. Not wanting to be left out of a life-changing event, he was helped by his father to claim that we was 18, and enlisted in the war effort. After a short three weeks in Basic Training, he was then assigned a "posh" posting on one of the most powerful posts in the military at that point in time: The USS Arizona.

Little did anyone know how close to death this man would come. A few short months later, he was one of the survivors of the biggest sneak-attack that our country has ever known: Pearl Harbor.

Being a deck hand, when the attack hit, one of the first bombs hit, throwing him clear of the railing, and into the waters of the Harbor. This single action actually saved his life, and only left him with minor shrapnel injuries.

Two months after the attack, he was reassigned to the USS Missouri, and from there was able to witness the end of the conflict with Japan.

He was able to have a VERY unique position during the war. Yes, he never saw action in Europe, but he was there to witness the start and the end of the conflict with Japan. I actually find it quite amazing that someone could have the astronomical odds to be stationed on two battleships that live in such fame. The Arizona, which is now a memorial for those who were killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Missouri where the formal signatures were signed for the cease-fire agreement between the US and Japan at the end of the war.

This man was my hero, and even though he's gone now, he is still a man I'd love to be able to emulate.

I miss you grandpa, and I can't wait until the day that I'll be able to see you again, and laugh like old times.

Happy Veteran's Day to you all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Piss and Moan

I don't know about you, but there are days where I really don't look forward to poking my feet out from under the covers.

Today was one such day.

I'm not really feeling well. My sinuses are draining, which is in turn causing my stomach to turn in knots, it's also making me gag a bit. My head's a bit stuffy, and I'm just not really feeling "all there" today, if you know what I mean.

Then, to top this all off, I get to drive to work on the freeway in the rain.

Yeah, yeah. I chose to live in the Pacific Northwest, so I get to deal with the rain. Bite me.

However, there was something that happened on the way to work that really kind of brightened my day.

Have you ever had a song that really started your day out right?

I did today.

I'm an 80's kid. I grew up listening to the stuff that is now considered "classic rock".

Yup. I'm old.

But the song that came on just seemed to bring an extra added shot in the arm that I needed to get my day going right.

What song, do you ask?

St. Elmo's Fire by John Carr.

I don't know why. It just did.

Do you have songs that kick-start your day, or give you an extra jolt when you need it?

See you all later. I'm going to listen to my retro tracks some more.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Holiday that we tend to forget..

Some of you might have noticed that Thanksgiving is now starting to become a bit forgotten.

We have Halloween, force-feed kids TONS of sugar, and have great spooky decorations and haunted houses. Then immediately take down all of those decorations to put up CHRISTMAS lights, run ads for toys and gifts, and basically start playing Christmas carols.

Are we forgetting something??

Thanksgiving is what I would consider one of our more fundamental holidays to celebrate.

Thanksgiving celebrates the founding of this great nation that I live in. It describes the thanks that the early settlers felt in being able to leave an oppressive regime and practice their religion and beliefs without fear of some kind of radical persecution.

Yet now this day is basically a footnote in the grand scheme of things.

We have Halloween. Day of the dead. Spooky movies, creepy costumes, candy, wander around and scare folks.

Then we've got Christmas. Giving presents. Gifts. Candles. Snow. Lights. Icicles. Christmas Carols. Peace on Earth mentality.

Yeah. They're both POWERHOUSE celebrations.

But Thanksgiving is also just as important in my opinion.

On Thanksgiving, my family tends to get reacquainted with each other. Those who have been busy with work or school still find time to get back with the family and update us all with things that have been going on in their lives. We become thankful for the variety of blessings and chances we've been given.

To be honest, my family tends to celebrate life during Thanksgiving. To me, that's what Thanksgiving is all about. The joy of life, it's trials, tribulations, gifts and blessings.

I mean, we remember those who were with us, but no longer able to attend. We reconnect with family who might live far away. We rejoice in the new life that has joined the family; New husband or wife, maybe a new baby. Whatever the reason, there's an overwhelming sense of joy and a vitality in the gathering.

So why does this holiday tend to get overlooked?

Is it because it's so sandwiched in between some seriously commercial holidays?

Is it because we as a country have become more concerned about gaining that extra chance to push more retail out of our department stores?

I'm not really sure.

My biggest concern will come with the advent of someone starting to disregard Halloween for Christmas.

When they start skimping on the Halloween decorations to start running christmas ads, and then decorate for Christmas near the end of September when most people are gearing up for the Day of the Dead.. Then I'll really start to worry about our commercially-driven society.

Until then, I'll happily celebrate this holiday with my family.

I'll rejoice in the new lives started, the older lives lost, and the gift of life that I've been given with the people that I love and care for.

I hope you all have a great holiday season. Don't forget to be thankful for all that you've been given an opportunity to experience!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calling all cars, calling all cars..

I've lost my mind.

I mean, I had to have, right?

I come to work, I enjoy my job, and I keep coming back!

That's got to mean something's not right in Denmark, doesn't it?

Yesterday I came in VOLUNTARILY on my day off to wait for a phone call, and then email off the gist of the call.

The call? "The computer isn't done today, will probably be looked at tomorrow, and replaced on Wednesday."

You're telling me that I came in just to say that, when that's the EXACT words I used before I left work on Friday??


I seriously need to re-think my situation, and re-vamp my priorities.

On another note:

Has anyone noticed that Halloween has gotten even more lame each and every year?

It used to be a BIG deal when I was younger. We had parties at school, watched cartoon Halloween flicks, had apple dunking, treats galore, and a grand old time.

Then we'd go home, put on even more costumes, grab a HUGE bag and flashlight, and wander the neighborhood streets for HOURS to eek out each and every last bit of candy that could be had.

Then we'd go home, pour out the bags, and drool and exclaim in wonder and awe of the massive amounts of sugar that were before our eyes. (You could always tell who the party-poopers were because you'd get an apple or popcorn ball in your bags of goodness!)


Not so much.

You can't have a Halloween party anymore. Call it a "Harvest Festival".

No more animated Halloween films or cartoons. Just a short play on the origins of the harvest please.

Sugar? It's bad. How about a Granola bar? Or a nice apple?

Costumes? They're getting sluttier. I mean, I saw one that was for a 6 year old, and I would be kind of worried if my wife wore it in public, much less our bedroom!

Not only that, but I heard that one of the Cyrus girls (the 9 year old one) wore a Dominatrix costume!

Excuse me?

Slutty, your party of two million is ready in Hollywood!

Then there's the Trick-or-Treating..

No longer do they go out with flashlights and excited faces.

No, now it's more of a wander around the mall, meet folks who could care less that you're there, get some candy, maybe a promotional pen or notepad, and head home and dig through the crap to try to find a piece of candy or two.

What's happened?

Yes, I realize that crime is on the rise, and this could account for the drop in nighttime wandering.

However, if we as parents were willing to wander with the younger kids, I'm sure that there'd be at least a minor change in the excitement part.

I also have to wonder at folks who can critique, but not do.

For example:

A friend of mine LOVES to decorate their house. Halloween is the time of year when they're able to go wild, and get spooky and creepy themes together, and freak out the neighborhood.

This year, he went with the lone cemetary, and had headstones and creepy fencing, fog, lights, the whole nine yards.

One group of trick or treaters came to his door, and the two moms took him to task.

"That's too scary. My kids aren't going to like that one" One said while the child in question grabbed a handful of candy from the bowl of goodies offered to him.

Then, she came up with this gem:

"You haven't done as much as you usually do. Are you sick? It's not quite as scary as you usually make it. I'm kind of disappointed."


Maybe she's just gotten away from the mental hospital or something, but I still don't get how someone can criticize you for decorating, then complain that the decorations that you've done just aren't up to your usual standards!

Let's leave out the fact that this person in question also doesn't decorate their house AT ALL.

Hipocracy, thy name is Apathy.

Maybe as I'm getting older, I'm just getting a bit more cynical about holidays, and what they're used for.

Now, I see them as a reason to meet family, impose upon them for things you normally wouldn't ask for on any other day, and then get offended if your request isn't granted.

What is this?

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have become the new "3 wishes" for each year??

I hope that at some point, we actually get back to involving the kids in the holidays, and quit commercializing this towards the adults.

Make this something for the kids to look forward to.





oh.. did I mention..


I'll talk and rant more next time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm seething.

Truly, my work has sunk to a new level of lowness.

This last week, my HR director gave out the awards to people who have been with the company for a few years.

In this company, we give out special awards for those who have been here 2 years, and then more awards at 5, 10, 15, etc..

Well, we had about 12 folks who hit the 5 year mark this year, and were all given their gifts and certificates. We applauded for them, and were happy to see that they have been such assets to the longevity of the workplace.

The next day?

My HR manager walked out TWO of the folks who recieved 5 year awards.

The reason? The lack of meeting productivity goals.


These folks have done the same job the same way for the last 5 years, and you've not seen fit to complain about it until after you acknowledge their ability to stay with the company?

I mean, you give them a small gift as a "thank you" for their spending their time and effort at your company, and then right afterwards, you kick them in the crotch, and leave them in the gutter??

I seriously hope that our HR manager gets some kind of karmic retribution for the crap that she's pulling here. I really and honestly do.

Hope you have a great week, I'm going to see about sharpening some of my letter openers for now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You know it's the government when:

I got this little tidbit of information off my desk calendar at work..

In 2002, the Department of Homeland Security asked for, and was given funding for these national monuments that they thought were likely targets for terrorist action:

The World's Largest Ball of Paint in Alexandria, Indiana ($12 million)

Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum in Alamo Heights, Texas ($10 million)

The Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, Massachusetts ($31 million)

Carhenge (Stonehenge replica made completely of junked cars) in Alliance, Nebraska ($25 million)

And finally, The Giant Lava Lamp in Soap Lake, Washington ($143 million)

I often wonder just how much it would cost to REALLY get a security company, and charge each place this much to patrol their area..

I think I'd be able to retire nice and comfortably after a couple years of doing nothing.. Don't you?

Quick blurb:

How sad is it that I got a good long chuckle yesterday at this small fact:

At 3:45, my odometer read 54321..

Am I needing to see a shrink, or what??

More later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Physician, heal thyself!

Yeah, I've got a serious problem with doctors today.

My kids were at their mom's house this weekend. The day that we go to bring them home, it's amazing, but my oldest suddenly comes down with really nasty abdominal pains.

I don't know how she manages it, but they seem to be just fine when they stay at her place, and then come down with the worst colds, pains, and injuries just hours before coming back home....

It kind of boggles the mind, really.

But, I digress.

We took my oldest home, gave him some Aleve for his pain, and decided to see how it was going to be that following morning.

It didn't get any better.

So, he stayed home from school, we called the doctor, and made an appointment for him to be seen.

Little did I know that this single decision and action was going to basically write off the rest of my day.

His appointment was made for 11am. We got there in plenty of time, got to sit and wait for about 20 minutes, then were ushered back to an exam room. Nurse took his vitals, the works, then left. Doc came in 10 minutes later, asked about 5 questions, then sent us off to their lab to get some samples.

We walked down to the lab area, checked in, then waited another 45 minutes for a lab tech to call us back. Blood was drawn, urine was given for a sample, then we headed back down to the doctor's office to wait.

Back in the exam room, we were able to sit for another hour before the doctor came in and asked me to take my son back down for a CT scan. This was going to be done that day, in order to rule out appendicitis. The doctor told me that if it WAS appendicitis, then they'd get him into surgery that day, and take care of the problem, but they needed the CT scan to be sure.

We walked down to the imaging lab, sat for 45 minutes, then got called up to the desk. It was there that we found out that this lab doesn't DO CT scans, and that the lab they've got a contract with doesn't give them the authority to schedule same-day or STAT appointments, so we had to head back down to the doctor's office, and have them set up the appointment.

This had to have been our lucky day, since when we got back into the doctor's office, nearly everyone had gone to lunch, and there were only three receptionist-types there to answer phones.

Luckily, one of the ladies knew enough to contact the imaging lab, and found that I was going to have to take my son to the hospital instead to get his CT scan done.

I took my son to the hospital, and they assumed that we'd been fully prepped for this operation.

Let me fill you in:

For the type of CT scan my son needed, we had to have him drink a water-soluable Barium Sulfate solution, plus he was needing to push about a quart of water. Add to this that he couldn't have any solid foods for at least 4 hours before the scan, and you've got an irritable teenager on your hands.

So, no, we didn't have him prepped, the lab we'd come from had given us the wrong type of barium solution, and he'd eaten before we'd left home at around 10:30 that morning.

The technician was actually quite helpful at this point. He took the wrong solution, and threw it in the garbage. He gave us the correct solution, and then asked us to come back in two hours so that they could get the optimal picture.

I nodded, had my son drink the entire thing. (It wasn't hard. He was hungry, and since he couldn't eat anything, he was willing to drink whatever was put in front of him!)

We went home for a short time, then back down to the hospital to wait yet some more.

Then we found that they hadn't registered us, so I got to sit in an office for 30 minutes writing down details about my insurance, and disclaimers, and agreements for the doctors to treat my son.

Finally, we went back to get the CT done. Because of the nature of the CT, they also put in an IV line, in order to get a contrast for the imaging.

Let's just say that they finished with the CT scan about an hour after they called us back.

I was told to check in about 30 minutes later, and they'd have results for me.

I nodded, and did what I was told.

They left the IV in my son's arm, just in case we had to take him to surgery. After all, why put a new line in if there was one already started??

So, 30 minutes go by, and I check up at the desk.

No news.

The receptionist calls back, reminds the technician, and asks me to go wait again.

30 more minutes pass by. I check back in yet again.

This time, the tech was working on the image, but still didn't have anything to go on. I needed to wait.

15 minutes later, the receptionist comes back letting me know that my son and I can go home.

That's it.


What about the IV in my son's arm?

Oh yeah.. I'll send someone to come take it out.

Yup. 15 minutes later, the nurse comes back to bring us back to the exam room, and take out the IV.

During this time, I'm still wondering what's going on. Was there something? Did they not find ANYTHING? Did they think that there was something else wrong, and it just needed to be treated different?

I'll never find out.

The tech and nurse can't disclose those facts to me, and I need to talk with my physician.


You mean that I can't talk face-to-face with the radiologist, and get answers?

I have to sit and wait for my doctor to get back into his office THE NEXT DAY in order to find out what's really wrong with my son?

First, I get a nice little panic attack from thinking that my oldest son is going to have to go in for surgery, and that I'm going to be spending a night in a waiting room for a report.

Then, I get to waste a total of 6 hours for imaging that could potentially let us know if he needs this surgery.

Finally, after getting the images taken, we get NO answers besides a "go home" answer.

I don't know about you, but that REALLY bothers and pisses me off.

I really wish doctors would get the same kind of shitty treatment when they're sick, just to let them know how crappy this heathcare system's getting...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caution: Bitch warning!

Yeah.. I'm HEATED.

I take my job seriously, and I honestly love the work, but if you start to mess with my job, and make it so that I can't get my work done, I become a rather pissy, bitchy and complete asswipe to work with.

Yeah. That's how I'm feeling today.

In my job, we have to do random quality checks before stuff gets shipped to the stores, to ensure that not only do the stores get the items required, but that the employees are doing their job correctly.

Normally, this process takes around 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the store, and the amount of pallets and cartons to tear down and check out.

Today? It was over DOUBLE that.

First off, we have to do AT LEAST 700 cartons per store, so we try to keep it as close to taht number as possible, except for today. Yeah, we doubled that. That got me all excited and jumping at the bit to get started.

Then, we get the slowest person on the loading dock to stack the product. I kid you not, this person can load, and I can put cartons on the roller, then sit back and watch moss grow on the sides of the trailer while he looks for just the right place to stack each and every box.

Then, you add to this the situation of the dock manager wandering past our loading door every 30 minutes asking how much more we've got to do. If he really gave a crap, he could turn around and see for himself just how much is left, but all he really wants to do is annoy the shit out of me.

So, there I am, working to try and keep my temper while we're doing the stupid audit, and listening half-heartedly to the jerk manager ask every 30 minutes how much longer we've got to do...

I got to deal with this from 5:30am until noon. Yup.. NOON.

SEVEN HOURS stuck in a door that should have only taken us AT MOST 4 hours! I'm so pissed still that I'm seeing red.

Then add to this joy the pleasure of getting into my office, only to be able to read nasty emails from corporate folks about me needing to answer emails in a quick and timely fashion...

How exactly am I supposed to answer an email when I'm not in the office to get it? Imagine that someone's emailing me, run in, check the computer, then run back??

I don't think so.

So not only did this job waste over 3/4 of my workday today, it also got me in hot water with my corporate advisors.

So yeah.. I'm fit to be tied. I could chew a pound of nails, just to make a couple of bullets to spit at a certain manager..

Good thing I'm busy trying to get some computer complilations done, or I could be in some serious trouble today.....

See you all later!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm confuzzed.


I don't know how I got here, but I don't like it.

Have you ever had one of those times when you have a misunderstanding, and it goes totally out of control?


Me too.

How do you go about fixing it?

If you have any suggestions, I'd be glad to listen, since I have NO idea how to get over this one..

I'll be posting more later this week.. Probably more about how sore I am from the exercise I'll be doing today and tomorrow!

See you then!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Um... Ouch!

Yeah. I'm in pain.

Why? You might ask?

I'm exercising.

Yes, this late 30's male with extra weight and no body tone is trying to exercise more.

How am I going about this?

I'm playing sports again.

I used to LOVE playing volleyball competatively when I was younger. I was actually pretty good, too!


Not so much.

I mean, the skills are still there, and I know what I need to do, what I should do in a given situation.

However, the physical responses just aren't there. Reflexes that would have helped me dive for a ball in my younger days just don't cut it now. Those reflexes helped move a body that was 140 pounds lighter than it is now! The joints don't want to move as much. The muscles ache from a lack of training and use..

But I refuse to give up.

I'm sore, and I ache in places I'd forgotten I had.

But that just lets me know that I'm on the right track!

I mean, how much weight and exercise can I get from work? Most of my day is spent watching a computer screen, or spent on the phone trying to get a technical issue resolved. I spend some time moving and tossing boxes, and quite a bit of time walking around this giant warehouse... But for the most part my job is a sedentary one.

Add to that my habit of coming home, and camping out in front of the TV or the home computer, and you've got a recipe for laziness and an ever-spreading butt and flabby gut.

So I'm going to try to get my lazy ass out there and do some serious exercise to wake me up, and get me moving again.

Sure, I'm going to be hating life for a while until my body re-adjusts to doing a physical workout, but I'm willing to deal with it!

Wish me luck, and make sure to take out stock in Aleve or Tylenol, since I'm going to be going through those like candy for a while!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Ranting

I hate it when folks can't make up their minds.

Or is it that they can make decisions, but they just can't decide which decision to stick with?

Whatever the cause, it's running amok with my schedule yet again.

I was asked to switch over to 5 8-hour shifts because I was needed each day that this warehouse is open.

Yet just yesterday I was called in to be informed that I need to switch back to 4 10-hour shifts starting next week.


Quit yanking my chain, and let me know..

Is it going to be one, or the other?

My guess is that in six months, I'll be asked to switch back again..

Any takers??

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yet ANOTHER close shave!

Well, not really.

Yesterday I had my annual evaluation done by my corporate "support", and passed with flying colors.

At least for all of that headache I was able to get lunch out of the visit!

So now I'm good until March sometime when my OTHER corporate advisor comes into town to asses my ability to do my job.

So many candidates, and so few bodybags left.. What is a semi-respectable IT guy to do??

Speaking of IT and bodybags:

I LOVE this reader that I'm able to get here at work and read.

The name of the runny read is BOFH: the Bastard Operator from Hell.

Yes, the author is British. Well, New Zealander, really, but still QUITE funny to me and my "techie" ways.

I find it in at The

Full Address is:

I honestly have read this only the last year or so, but I went and found archives and read it from the beginning to the current issue. It puts into words EXACTLY what I feel like doing to some (l)users who happen to bother me while I'm trying to get a database done, or finish an inspection, or any other number of jobs..

Read it for yourself, and see if you can't find something funny in the reading.

The only requirement is that you know something about computers, and a bit about older functions, and a bit of "true" English to be able to not lose something in translation.

I'll talk with you all next week, and hope that you have a great weekend!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Random whining

Yeah, I'm bitching..

However, this is my blog, so cope!

I'm _really_ not liking the "new" things we're doing at my work.

Each and every Friday, we're having to do a "special" project for our Quality Control department.

Because of the actions of ONE store that's located well away from our warehouse, we now are doing what I'd call "espionage QC checks" on this store's merchandise.

We're having to tear each and every pallet apart, double-check the entire store, then rebuild the pallets, and make it look like the entire thing was never touched before loading it into the trailer for shipping.

I really don't know what good this step is going to do, since all we'll be able to claim is that the merchandise was fine before it left our dock.

It still doesn't take into account the shipper needing to replace load bars between deliveries, or driving conditions, or load shifting, or many other influences OUTSIDE of our part of the delivery chain.

But I can't argue.

So I cope, and basically write off an entire day's worth of work to get that one store done.

It sucks.

Not only that, but this weekend I helped my younger brother move.

Yeah. That sucked too.

Two trips.

The first packed most of the stuff into the moving van, and I didn't do too badly until the 7th trip upstairs with a heavy dresser, or bed, or armful of boxes.

Yeah. I was hating life right about then.

But the icing on the cake was the last part I helped with.

Moving his pool table.

Getting it into the van wasn't bad at all. There were six of us to move it then, and we moved it all in one piece.

However, two of the six left right after loading the table.

So that left FOUR of us to unload the beast.

My arms are still killing me, and my legs and knees aren't going to let me forget about this weekend anytime soon, either.

Maybe it's time for me to admit that I'm getting older, and really can't quite do the things I was able to do just a few short years ago?


I'll just take more pain pills next time!

See you all later!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Memory: Patrick Swayze

Now this is a guy I'm going to miss.

I _so_ wanted to be like him when I was in high school. He had all the girls drooling over him, and his movies just seemed to make them melt.

I remember watching his movies, and wanting to be the hockey player, or the post-apocalypse freedom fighter.. The dance instructor, the ghost..

He's going to be missed.

On a different note:

Kanye West interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral to tell everyone that Michael Jackson's funeral was the "Best of all time!"

I return you to your normal broadcasting..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blah, blah, blah...

Well, it's that time of year again.

Corporate visitors who are determined to make your work week (and workday) hell on earth.

They come in, act like they're doing you a favor just by being there, and then tear apart each and every job that you do.

"You know, you could spend a little less time doing that job, and spend a bit more time doing this one."

"Why didn't you take more time doing (job I just said you could take less time on)?"

"By the way, I love how you've got control over this area, but here are some pointers to really help you get the most out of your time at this task."

Ad nauseum.

I'm at the tail-end of an entire network upgrade.

Beacuse of this, I've got computers, memory, and laptop stuff ALL over my office. I can't get rid of the towers or laptops until I've taken the memory and hard drives and disk drives out of these old pieces of crap. Once I do that, then I get to pile said parts into a HUGE box that I'm unable to lift by myself, and try to find some place to store it for a short while.

Then I can put the rest of the stuff on a pallet, and shove it in some dark corner of our warehouse until the disposal truck comes.

While trying to do all of this, said corporate inspector drops by, and offers these words of wisdom:

"You know, if you only did one or two machines at a time, your office wouldn't be as cluttered or crowded."

This is the same fella that two days ago sent me the email stating that all the PCs and laptops needed to be done by the time he got there, or my job would be at stake.

I don't know about you, but when given an ultimatum like that, I tend to take serious action.

Now, we've had the PCs and such for a LOOOONG time. Purchasing bought these back in January, and they got here in March. However, I couldn't DO anything with these machines, beacuse the computer lab folks on the corporate end hadn't gotten their machines yet, and as such, didn't have protocols set up for the new PCs to be installed on our network.

Yeah, that little gem there forced me to sit in my office with 40 boxes of computers that just gathered dust.

Once everything was done, it was time to take ONE machine, and work out the bugs. First, it was the operating system not liking some of the programs we run. So we start going over TONS and TONS of code in order to fix that problem.

Then it was access to specific much-used internet sites that were being denied. So we went back into the firewall hardware to reconfigure security settings.

Finally, I was able to install all the programs and configure the PCs the way that they needed to be. However, each PC took a little over 4 hours to get ready.

Do the math:

4 hours per PC

40 PCs

8 hour workdays.

Yeah. LONG time getting it ready.

Then comes the easy part.. Replacing the old one with the new PC.

Simple, right?


Then you get the calls about this screen saver not being on the new machine. Or this one program that they downloaded (against company protocol!) that they want back on the new machine... Yeah. I lost hair at this point.

So I'm frantically trying to get PCs done, changed out, and then stored in my "locked" office facility.

My office isn't really that big.

In fact, it's really quite tiny.

Once you add the networking hardware and servers, and battery backup and alarm monitoring equipment, it gets even smaller.

Now add 40 boxes of monitors, PC towers, laptops, and memory upgrades.

I have enough room to walk, very carefully, from my desk to my door. That's about it.

So, I finally get the stuff done, I get the drives and memory pulled, I get the towers stashed far and away from my office, I get the new PCs installed.

What next?

"You missed two PCs that need to be installed here this year."

Yeah. The two he's referring to aren't even here yet. One he's directly responsible for, since it's the security PC that hasn't been upgraded for 10 years.

The second is the "new" trial PC they're using for applications. This one is basically going to be a "dumb" terminal, where you turn it on, and it automatically boots to our application site on our LAN, and nothing else.

So yeah, I'd have replaced those if they'd gotten here, but since they're not here, nothing's been done about it.

So here I am, looking fondly at the reclaimed space I now have thanks to my hard work, and wonder just when this guy will leave so that I can get back to doing my job without having the moronic statements put me over the edge.

Wish me luck!

I'm gonna need it, I think.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Have you ever really stopped to wonder....

What does it all really mean?

I'm talking about the complaints and belittling that folks feel the need to heap on people who like to blog.

I enjoy blogging. I write about stuff that moves or affects me.

At times I tell stories about growing up, other times I reveal things about my past.

I rant and rave about work. I complain about behavior and actions that really tend to stomp on my last nerve.

Sometimes I make the posts personal. Other times, I leave them open and ambiguous.

Does it all really matter?

To all of you, maybe not.

To me? It means something.

Yeah, this blog is almost like a diary. However, I don't care who reads it. I don't feel the need to take it under lock and key, and force folks to read what I put down.

If you don't like or agree with what I have to say, then it's as simple as NOT reading for the problem to correct itself. I'm not forcing you to read this, I'm not creating an incident by writing what I feel. I'm just being ME.

There have been a couple of times where what I've written has actually touched someone. That's great. However, it's not really what this blog is about.

There are times when I've offended and upset folks. Again, this is unintentional. That's also NOT what this blog is about.

This blog is here as my sounding board for whatever mood takes me. If I'm feeling nostalgic, then I can write down about fond memories I had growing up. If I'm feeling pensive, I'll write something similar to this post, beacuse it gets me thinking. If I'm in a good mood, I'll write silly stuff. If I'm angry or annoyed, I'll write down arguments about actions or activities that have really set me off.

So no two posts are going to be the same. They change just as often as the wind.

My wish here isn't about gaining readers. Those of you who like what I read, great! Keep reading!

Those of you who don't like what I write.. What are you still doing around here? It's not going to change anytime soon.. Get a clue, and move on.

Maybe at some point I'll decide to let my creative bone take control, and I'll write narraratives that will stir some kind of response from people, and have folks clamoring for more.

For now? I'm content to write what I feel, call a spade a spade, and not concern myself over the technicalities of personal involvement.

So sayeth the author of this mediocre blog, and thus shall it be!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Now for something completely different...

I love Monty Python. It usually will affect my thinking in some way, shape or form at least 3-4 times in a workday.. And that's WITHOUT watching anything to do with the show or it's movies!

Yes, today is 9/11. The anniversary of a terrible incident in our American history. Yet I'm not really that inclined to relive it as many seem to be. It does strike a chord with me, as I recall where I was, and what I was doing.

But does that really do any kind of justice or service to those who were more directly involved in this terrible action?

I don't think so.

For that reason, I'm bucking the "norm", and going with my own stuff.

Yeah. Not a popular or wise move, but who am I to actually listen to people?

This week, Veronica (or ASM if you prefer) ran a theme about flaws in their HNT weekly photos.

My wife doesn't approve of my reading the blogs on Thursdays, since there is quite a bit of nekkidness that goes on with these posts. However, I do have to say that I don't read these posts at all on Thursdays.

This isn't true of this Thursday. I had to read. I didn't bother with pictures, I read the entries. Once I read the explanations, then I'd glance at the pictures, and see if I could see their complaints.

You know what's amazing to me?

The complete difference of perception about flaws or things that we'd like to change.

I know that the heart of ASM's themed post was about personally percieved flaws or minor "glitches" in ourselves that we'd like to be able to change.

Quite a few were about the stomach. The belly not being flat enough. The pooch that just sticks out and you can't quite tuck in as well as it used to.

Scars. Evidence of childbearing. Surgeries.

Feet, weight, too big this, not enough that..

You know, for each flaw that I could point out about myself, I'm sure there's someone out there who would scowl, point, and claim that I've got no right to complain about it, because there are folks out there who'd LOVE to be in my position.

Yet the idea behind ASM's theme was personally percieved ideosynchracies. Things we see about ourselves that WE feel are "flawed".

I mean, I can look at some of those pictures, and admit that there's some tone lost. A slight need for a "tummy tuck" or whatnot.

Yet as I critique that, it draws my eye toward myself, and the things I'd love to be able to change about myself.

Just ask my wife. I'd love to have the body I had when I got out of the service.

Six foot four, 285 pounds, only 3% body fat.

I was lean, mean, and CUT.


I'm sure it's still there somewhere, but it's got a BUNCH of insulation to cover it.

Yet I'm not disgusted with myself about it.

I've been teased about quite a few things personally.

My nose.

My hair.

My feet.

My weight.

My height.

My ears.

Yet I don't really see a problem with any of it.

Yes, I'd love to lose weight, and cut myself back down to be able to be more active.

I'd love to have those perfect veneered teeth, and have that dazzling smile that lights up a room.

I'd love to have hair that I didn't have to spend three hours on, and yet still looks like I came from getting a haircut.

I'd love to have a nose that was sensible, and didn't look like a beak that's been broken a few too many times.

I'd love all of that.

But I'm happy with who and what I am.

I'm a father of three. A husband to a wonderful wife. A responsible co-worker with a die-hard attitude. A reliable friend.

Yes. I have flaws. I have shortcomings and faults.

That just makes me even more human.

I'm at peace with being just that..


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A bit of clarification here:

So, I've been told that this rant I'm currently on is childish.


So then you feel that our ancestors who left a country in order to speak and say what they wanted were idiots and fools, little better than children for leaving their country of origin, and sailing across the oceans in search of freedom?

I'm not doing THAT grand of an action.

All I'm asking for is some respect and consideration for those that want it.

I'd have done this REGARDLESS of who was being attacked.

The fact is that I read about 20 or so blogs, and it just so happens that Dana's blog is the ONLY one where I see constant belligerant behavior.

(Aside from my own blog, of course!)

I can't stand the fact that some person can come into a place, belittle someone, make everyone else feel just a bit badly for the blog writer getting flamed, then spout off when attacked about their "freedom of speech" and how they have every right to say their piece of mind.

I agree with this.

Yet having that say ALSO means that the person who you're belittling has a right to what they say.

I mean, if Dana were to succumb to the peer pressure that Snugs and DoggyBloggy put on her, she'd really be no better off than most oppressed folks.

What good is it to have freedom of speech if you can't say what you like on a BLOG that you created?

What good is it to have freedom of speech if you can't be open on a public forum?

Attacking someone for what they do is usually expected. Especially from small-minded folks who always assume that you're only doing things for attention and the "oooh-aaah" factor.

Am I childish?

Yes. I have a good penchant for childish behavior.

If you don't belive me, ask my wife. She'll be the first to tell you this, I'm sure.

Is it childish to stand up for someone else?

I don't think so.

Is it really childish to stand up for your rights?

Absolutely not.

So there's the gist of my argument.

I'm standing up for rights. I'm not playing favorites, I'm not trying to be the hero. I'm just standing up for what I truly believe is right.

Will I get attacked for this?

As you can probably see already, I have.

What you can't see are the attacks going on behind the blog. The emails, the name calling, and the disgusted sighs I get.. Even from my wife.

I'm sure that the main reason my wife is against this tirade of mine is because she's assuming that I'm defending Dana.

Well, in a way I am, but to me it's really quite more than that.

I'm standing up for the rights a priviledges of ALL people that blog and write. You shouldn't have to make a personal page private just to be able to talk about your family life. You have the choice to write WHATEVER you feel needs to be said. Sure, if you're going to use folks in your blog then you should use permission before naming someone. However, there are times when I feel that you should be justified in your use of names no matter WHAT their opinion is.

This is one of those times.

I actually like Doggybloggy's site. The food really does look good, and he approaches this with an obvious love for what he's writing about.

That still doesn't give him the right to wander onto someone else's page, and spout vile and nasty words and abusive language to other bloggers.

Snugs is a different matter.

She's a follower, and one with a personal axe to grind against Dana.

Because of this, I could really care less about whatever it is she has to say. She assumes that things are "private" yet then drops onto a public blog to air this dirty laundry. She claims that she doesn't want to write a blog, because it's not a priority in her life. Yet this very same person haunts more blogs than I do, and has time to comment on them all. So writing a blog, not important, reading and commenting on them, very important. She also claims that she doesn't want to drag her family life into her blog. Not every blog I read deals with family issues. Some (like doggy's) deal with hobbies. Others include memories. Still others deal with things they find humorous in the news and outside influences.

Yes, many blogs tend to incluse family life in them. Why? It's simple. When you write, you tend to deal with the things you interact with the most, and that give you inspiration. My family does that, because I tend to spend the most time with them outside of work. Yet this doesn't mean that I keep on talking about them day in and day out.

Mostly I write about MYSELF. My work. My life. My perceptions. My feelings. My rights. Me, Me, Me, ME.

Do you see a pattern here?

The rants I took even revolved around ME.

My personal vendetta. My response and actions. My comments.

Hrm. So if I'm defending someone else, why is this still about me?

Think about that one for a second, and get back to me tomorrow.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The "Piece de Resistance": Doggybloggy speaks!

As any of my readers know, I've had an issue with two childish bloggers who have decided that their words, views, and opinions are much more important than anyone else's.

These two are quick to spout off nasty comments, diry language, and directions as to how someone should write, or post their blogs. They'll be the first to yell out about this forum being an open and public blog, and that how freedom of speech gives them the right to state their POV regardless of what anyone thinks.

They're right.

Freedom of speech gives you the right to say whatever you'd like to say in a public forum. It's one of the most dear rights our highly lauded Bill of Rights gives to citizens of the US.

However, their beligerrant usage is something else, entirely.

Friday I tore apart the comment that was left to me by one of the two personages I'd had an issue with.

That posting was then graced by the leader of this twosome. Even though this person claims not to have any kind of control or say-so in what Snugs (the other poster) does, she tends to copy and mimic his every move.

That's like telling a parent that their kid doesn't copy their behavior and actions because they want to be like them, but because they're just trying to be their own person.

Yeah.. Doesn't add up here to me at all.

So, to my illustrious blogfiend Doggybloggy, I'll take those two comments you posted on Friday, and as you asked, I'll dissect them, and give you my take on YOU as a person as well.

Are you ready for this? I hope so!

Let's start with the first comment you put up, shall we?

"you are such a pussy - now go on and dissect that!"

Let's see here..

Name calling. You know, if we were face to face, I might actually be worried that you were trying to intimidate me. As it is, this resort just leaves me feeling kind of sorry for someone who is trying to act big, tough and macho. It strikes me more as some 89 pound weakling using blow-up muscles to make themselves look bigger.

You know what the saddest part about this is? I actually like his blog. It's nothing amazing, but just the down-to-earth way he approaches his one true passion really could be interesting, if there wasn't the fact that I know how much of a schmuck he really and truly is.

Moving onward.

"here is only one of your idiotic statements:"Of this I have no doubt. You are both old enough to know better. However, Dana has taken the high road, and tries not to rise to your childish behavior"you dont rise to shit like this you lower yourself - like I am doing by even making a presence on this blog...are you worth it? probably not. will you get readers from this - no more than usual - whats the point? pointless!"

Let's see... You actually read something I posted, and found an argument to tear down! Well, kind of.

Yes, you lower yourself when you start bickering like this. How did you phrase the term? Oh yeah.. "High-school antics" I think was how you'd put it.

You know who mostly started that crap? The bullies. Those "popular people" who thought that their shit doesn't stink, and that they can do no wrong with whatever they touch.

Those were also the ones who tended to cause as much trouble as they could if only so that they could blame someone else for the fuckups that would happen.

Sounds to me like you never left high school Doggy.

You've made a presence on my blog. Heck, even more so than I have on yours. So, if I've taken this entire fiasco, and blown it completely out of proportion, then what exactly are you doing now?

Yeah.. Sit down for a while and think about this.

So if someone stands up to you, shows you just how childish and stupid your actions are, your only recourse is to then make it EVEN MORE childish and stupid?

Great solution. I have to applaud. I'd never thought that taking something that was "high school drama" and descending to preschool antics would work, but you've completely proven me wrong.

But wait folks, there's more!!

I'd posted on this that I was going to dedicate this to him and have it run on Monday..

I got this response just a short while later:

" monday I will be so over you and so anxious to see the rest of darling danas trainwreck - you need to up the ante - go hit some children or something - make it worth my while to even come back..."

So now he's taking my faults, my mistakes, and trying to belittle me with them.

However, I'm actually NOT ashamed of what I did. I'm upset that my actions caused something that I didn't expect or plan on happening to occur, but I'm not ashamed of it.

But he's trying to make me feel less than a person because I have flaws and faults.

Guess what Doggy? Your flaw is that you can't leave folks like Dana and I alone.

You are the sick bastard that will stand and watch a car wreck just to see if there are hurt and injured folks, then stand there and point, instead of actually trying to help.

You'd rather show everyone else that you're better than those you read about.

You'd rather hide back on your "foodie" blog, talk about foods and get praise for the nifty pictures you cut and paste onto your website, and pretend that you actually mean something to those folks who really only come to drool about food while waiting for their lunch break.

Admit it, when you found that I was coming onto your blog and talking nasty, you didn't like it, because there was someone out there who was "dirtying" up your pretty little website.

I'm amazed that Snugs and you started thinking that I was the anonymous blogger who came crashing your site as well.

Why would I post my own comments, only to then log in with another account, and start all over again?

I stood up for my comments, and I own every word that I wrote.

If you really want to put the blame of someone else making nasty comments on your blog, fine. I'll take credit for something I didn't do, but I did find it quite funny.

So DoggyBloggy, here's my question for you:

If you're such a "big" person, why is it that you feel the need to be so nasty, rude, insensitive, and overbearing to the blogsites that you read?

Do you really think that much of yourself that you could walk on water if your body would just accept what your mind already knows?

Meh. I don't think so.

I think that in all honesty you're just a frightened little middle-aged man who hasn't really made much of himself, and to make up for that lack has lashed out to make himself feel better by tearing down others that he can find flaws in.

In doing so, you've gathered a couple others around you who are willing to jump on the bandwagon because they think you're doing something worthwhile, but in reality all they're doing is trying to tear down the self-esteem of others to make themselves feel better.

Well, if that's the case, then you're welcome to hack at me all you want.

Tear me down. Rip me apart.

I'm willing to stand here and take any and all abuse from you that you might want to dish out.

Do you know why?

Because I know for a fact that each and every insult, slander, or name you call me is just one more petty frustration that you're able to get off your conscience, and help you feel better about your petty existence.

Have a great blog life Doggy. I hope you feel better about the man you are now.


At last! I finally have a reponse from one of those I have an issue with!

Here.. Instead of making you dig for her comment, I'll post it!

I have not bothered to comment since you deleted doggy's comments, why should I waste my time, besides nobody else seems to interested in your rants either. You are NOBODY to me and you know NOTHING about me. I choose not to blog because I respect my family's life and privacy, I have a life and a busy one at that, and blogging is not a priority for me. Show me where it says that I have to have a blog in order to comment on others blogs. I respect that others do not feel the same way that I do so why am I not offered the same in return? Why does the fact that I do not have a blog matter at all? To each his own.My issue with Dana is between me and Dana. I do not feel the need to answer to you. You have called me names, you have threatened me, you have ranted like a raged mad man over something that does not even involve you. I could do the same with you and the way you are treating doggy, but ya know I think that is between you two.Dana and I have a history of disagreeing and I am pretty sure that we are both big girls and can deal with it ourselves. I am not trying to speak for her, but really, who made you this blog god/police? Do you really think these tangents of yours make you some sort of hero? If you or she or anyone for that matter does not want argumentative comments by me or anyone else you can always go private. If you choose to make your life public you open yourself up to this.I don't know what you think gives you the justification to call me the names that you have done and you seem to be really obsessed with my weight, not sure what that has to do with anything, but I can assure you that even combined me and doggy are no where close to this 500# figure, how about you and your wifey? Maybe you are getting us mixed up. I have never called Dana names. From my view it appears to me that you are doing the very thing that you are upset with me and dogggy for doing, but you are doing it on a much grander scale. In my book that makes you a hypocrite. Seems only fair to me after all the names you have called me that I give you that one. If I was a friend of yours, I would have grave concern over your apparent anger management issues. But since you are nobody to me, I will leave that to all your adoring fans and readers.I hope this satisfies your ego that I have responded. You will not get more out of me, I have no interest in you or your little blog and do not find it entertaining in the least. I refuse to continue this with you although I find it amusing that you have been so monopolized by it. If you want to go on with it that is your choice; it's obvioulsy given you something to blog about. Get a life dude, seriously...Snugs

Yup. For someone who doesn't care, she certainly can be long-winded, can't she?

Now, let's take my highly useless college education that I received, and we'll go over this argument, and tear it apart a bit..

First off:

"I have not bothered to comment since you deleted doggy's comments, why should I waste my time, besides nobody else seems to interested in your rants either. You are NOBODY to me and you know NOTHING about me."

This is a contradiction in terms right here. Hello.. Snugs? This post you put here is called a COMMENT. Congrats on not being able to figure this out.

Secondly, you only comment if Doggy comments? Do you not have a mind of your own? Seriously? I find that quite sad.

I know something about you. You're pathetic enough that even though this _is_ a public Blog, you still feel the need to personally attack those who are willing to talk about their viewpoint and experiences. If that's such a big deal to you, CLOSE the Freaking Window!

Let's move on, shall we?

"I choose not to blog because I respect my family's life and privacy, I have a life and a busy one at that, and blogging is not a priority for me. Show me where it says that I have to have a blog in order to comment on others blogs."

Um, what does blogging have to do with your family's life and privacy? I've read DoggyBloggy's blog, and it's about food. How exactly does that impact his family life?

Granted, WRITING a blog isn't one of your priorities, but apparently reading and commenting on blogs IS.. I mean, you comment more and read more blogs than I do in a week!

You don't need to write one, but if you really want a foot to stand on argument-wise about blog content and what "should" and "should not" be posted on a blog, then walk where others tread before deciding that it's not a path for you.

Moving right along:

"I respect that others do not feel the same way that I do so why am I not offered the same in return? Why does the fact that I do not have a blog matter at all? To each his own.My issue with Dana is between me and Dana. I do not feel the need to answer to you."

I have to call BS to the first line. Actually, you DON'T respect other viewpoints, or we wouldn't really be having this argument (sans comments and blog posts) over your behavior, now would we?

The fact is that because you don't have a blog, you still feel the need to tell others what to do or say. Fascism at work here, ladies and gentlemen! I mean, what's next? You're going to tell me that even though we've never met, I'm not going to be fat/thin/well-dressed enough for society's views?

You issue with Dana has caused a poor display of childishness, and that involves WHOMEVER reads Dana's blog. It's just between Dana and you?? If that's the case, then your whole argument about privacy is CRAP, since you decided to air this PUBLICLY on Dana's blog. You hypocrite.

You don't feel the need to answer to me? Funny, then what is this comment and rant all about then?

Moving onwards, and further into her sick, twisted mind:

"You have called me names, you have threatened me, you have ranted like a raged mad man over something that does not even involve you. I could do the same with you and the way you are treating doggy, but ya know I think that is between you two."

I've called you names, yes. Why? because I'm tired of your attitude and belittling of someone who is just trying to air their dirty laundry. Is it REALLY any business of yours how she does this?


But then you take your high-and-mighty act, become a total bitch, and post some snide and evil remark just to try to get her goat.

Yeah. Like I said before, I don't take well to bullies.

I've threatened you?? How so exactly?

I'm sure there have been many folks who have offered bodily harm to me over the internet, but have I actually felt threatened?

Nah. Not so much.

Ranted and raved like a madman. You know, I kind of like this.. Mind if I take it, and use it for my blog tagline?

Over something that doesn't involve me? Are you serious? You take pot-shots and make cheap and snide comments on a public blog, and think that it's none of my business? See again the point about this being a PUBLIC blog, and where privacy ends, please and thank you!

You could do the same, and complain about how I'm treating Doggy, and right there you just did! Congratulations! Yes, this is between him and I, and it's also between you and I as well! You also take cheap shots at me EVEN ON HIS BLOG. You can't take the time to open your own page, and just rant like I do about it, so you clamp down like a leech on someone else's work, and air your complaints. You know what? The reason I think you don't is because you're afraid of the rejection that _NO_ readers would even bother LOOKING at your blog, much less reading your crap.

Contrary to popular opinion, I actually DO have a couple of readers. They faithfully read, even when I have absolutely nothing to say. I kind of like that.

However, in this point, I'm sure they'll agree with me that your actions have been reprehensible at best. That you should actually feel the need to defend yourself over this SHOWS everyone that you KNOW DAMN WELL that you're in the wrong, and that you're just trying to justify it in some sick and twisted way for your own self-satisfaction.

Moving onward:

"Dana and I have a history of disagreeing and I am pretty sure that we are both big girls and can deal with it ourselves. I am not trying to speak for her, but really, who made you this blog god/police? Do you really think these tangents of yours make you some sort of hero? If you or she or anyone for that matter does not want argumentative comments by me or anyone else you can always go private. If you choose to make your life public you open yourself up to this."

Of this I have no doubt. You are both old enough to know better. However, Dana has taken the high road, and tries not to rise to your childish behavior.

To be honest, I wrote to her BEFORE I started this, and told her what I was going to do. I can't sit around and watch someone get belittled for their actions by a couple of folks who really don't have much of a clue what she's going through. So yes, I was given (minor) approval for my actions. I don't think she knew the lengths I was going to, but that's my problem, since I'm an adult, and can vouch for my own actions here, thankyouverymuch.

I don't think of myself as a hero. I'm actually trying to teach you and Doggy a lesson here about RESPECT. You're not going to get any from me until I see that you're actually trying to show some to others... Do you recall that one Snugs?

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Amazing what truth lies in such a nice, little statement, don't you think?

So if we don't want to have argumentative statements, we need to hide away from everyone else. That's your solution? Well, that can go two ways. If you don't want someone attacking you for being an overbearing selfish bitch, then you shouldn't post argumentative comments on a public blog, now should you?

Digging further:

"I don't know what you think gives you the justification to call me the names that you have done and you seem to be really obsessed with my weight, not sure what that has to do with anything, but I can assure you that even combined me and doggy are no where close to this 500# figure, how about you and your wifey? Maybe you are getting us mixed up. I have never called Dana names. From my view it appears to me that you are doing the very thing that you are upset with me and dogggy for doing, but you are doing it on a much grander scale. In my book that makes you a hypocrite. Seems only fair to me after all the names you have called me that I give you that one. "

You don't know what gives me justification in calling you names.. True. I'm a jackass for doing so. but I've never made apologies for who I am. Like I've said before, I'm an ass.

I seem obsessed with your weight? I've made two comments about it, and that's an obsession?

Then obviously you're OVEROBSESSED over Dana's blog, since you can't seem to leave her alone. Let's count how many times I've made mention of your weight, and how many times you've gone the extra mile to belittle her blog postings..

Yeah. eat that one Snugs.

You've never called Dana names. But you have insinuated that she's a bad parent, a bad person, many other things. What's worse?

Yes! you get the picture here! I'm treating you and Doggy EXACTLY like you've been treating Dana! How does it feel? Like it? I hope so, because until you start to mature, and clean that SHIT up, I'm going to keep doing it!

Oh joy.. Here's my name:

I'm a hypocrite. *shiver*

Actually, this is what is called "poetic justice". I mean, after all of the nastiness and crap that has been spewed from your comments, you're daring to call me a hypocrite for daring to treat you exactly like you've been treating someone else?

Yeah.. Priceless.

Continuing on:

"If I was a friend of yours, I would have grave concern over your apparent anger management issues. But since you are nobody to me, I will leave that to all your adoring fans and readers.I hope this satisfies your ego that I have responded. You will not get more out of me, I have no interest in you or your little blog and do not find it entertaining in the least. I refuse to continue this with you although I find it amusing that you have been so monopolized by it. If you want to go on with it that is your choice; it's obvioulsy given you something to blog about. Get a life dude, seriously...Snugs"

Rule number one here: You're NOT my friend, Snugs. Nor will you ever be. I don't want to associate myself with someone who not only doesn't care about what others read, but then feels the need to belittle those who are really writing from the heart.

That kind of small mind just isn't something I'd care to surround myself with, thanks.

Adoring fans and readers? I don't know.. Why don't you ask them? More often than not, I really feel like they're just folks waiting for some kind of nasty car wreck, and then they can come out and gawk at the mess.. Then again, some of them really do like what I write, so that's just one more bonus notch for my belt, isn't it?

Yes Snugs, my life is complete now that I've had you comment a couple more times on my blog. Life is full, I can die happy. If it also amuses you, well then I've been able to strike gold not just once, but twice. Oh happy day!

For some reason, I highly doubt that you aren't going to stop posting, especially when this personal character attack on you that I'm posting hits tomorrow. (I'm writing this on Thursday, since that is when I got the comment!)

Like I've said before: Until I see some kind of change of heart from EITHER of you two in regards to your childish behavior, I actually AM going to keep up with this vendetta of mine.

I hope you enjoy this Snugs, I really hope you do. Maybe somewhere along the line, you'll be able to grow up a little, and learn something in the process.

Many happy returns!