Friday, September 11, 2009

Now for something completely different...

I love Monty Python. It usually will affect my thinking in some way, shape or form at least 3-4 times in a workday.. And that's WITHOUT watching anything to do with the show or it's movies!

Yes, today is 9/11. The anniversary of a terrible incident in our American history. Yet I'm not really that inclined to relive it as many seem to be. It does strike a chord with me, as I recall where I was, and what I was doing.

But does that really do any kind of justice or service to those who were more directly involved in this terrible action?

I don't think so.

For that reason, I'm bucking the "norm", and going with my own stuff.

Yeah. Not a popular or wise move, but who am I to actually listen to people?

This week, Veronica (or ASM if you prefer) ran a theme about flaws in their HNT weekly photos.

My wife doesn't approve of my reading the blogs on Thursdays, since there is quite a bit of nekkidness that goes on with these posts. However, I do have to say that I don't read these posts at all on Thursdays.

This isn't true of this Thursday. I had to read. I didn't bother with pictures, I read the entries. Once I read the explanations, then I'd glance at the pictures, and see if I could see their complaints.

You know what's amazing to me?

The complete difference of perception about flaws or things that we'd like to change.

I know that the heart of ASM's themed post was about personally percieved flaws or minor "glitches" in ourselves that we'd like to be able to change.

Quite a few were about the stomach. The belly not being flat enough. The pooch that just sticks out and you can't quite tuck in as well as it used to.

Scars. Evidence of childbearing. Surgeries.

Feet, weight, too big this, not enough that..

You know, for each flaw that I could point out about myself, I'm sure there's someone out there who would scowl, point, and claim that I've got no right to complain about it, because there are folks out there who'd LOVE to be in my position.

Yet the idea behind ASM's theme was personally percieved ideosynchracies. Things we see about ourselves that WE feel are "flawed".

I mean, I can look at some of those pictures, and admit that there's some tone lost. A slight need for a "tummy tuck" or whatnot.

Yet as I critique that, it draws my eye toward myself, and the things I'd love to be able to change about myself.

Just ask my wife. I'd love to have the body I had when I got out of the service.

Six foot four, 285 pounds, only 3% body fat.

I was lean, mean, and CUT.


I'm sure it's still there somewhere, but it's got a BUNCH of insulation to cover it.

Yet I'm not disgusted with myself about it.

I've been teased about quite a few things personally.

My nose.

My hair.

My feet.

My weight.

My height.

My ears.

Yet I don't really see a problem with any of it.

Yes, I'd love to lose weight, and cut myself back down to be able to be more active.

I'd love to have those perfect veneered teeth, and have that dazzling smile that lights up a room.

I'd love to have hair that I didn't have to spend three hours on, and yet still looks like I came from getting a haircut.

I'd love to have a nose that was sensible, and didn't look like a beak that's been broken a few too many times.

I'd love all of that.

But I'm happy with who and what I am.

I'm a father of three. A husband to a wonderful wife. A responsible co-worker with a die-hard attitude. A reliable friend.

Yes. I have flaws. I have shortcomings and faults.

That just makes me even more human.

I'm at peace with being just that..



Hubman said...

I think many of us are at peace with our "flaws" and the idea was also about showing what we normally hide, as we usually try to show ourselves in the best light.

But I get your point

mermayd said...
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Jormengrund said...


Yeah. I gathered that. I tend to overtalk my point, and beacuse of this, lose the focus of my argument at times.. Thanks for at least understanding where I'm coming from though!


Why delete your comment? I've admitted as much. Just because I go and take my aggression out on someone doesn't mean that you can't have an opinion about it!

Express all you want. There's plenty of room for it all!