Friday, November 20, 2009

Things that tend to tickle my funny bone:

You know, I guess being in my kind of work has really jaded me and my sense of humor.

Anymore, I get more chuckles from Failblog, or YouTube stunts with idiots who DON'T get away with the stupidness of their actions than from a decent joke.

Yet, I'm still strangely attracted to slaptick comedy as well.

Who's Line is it Anyway? Is a GREAT show, and I really REALLY wish there were more episodes of that one to watch.

Monty Python is another that I can't get away from. Classic comedy, in-your-face humor, and farcical situations all make for superb comedy.

Then there's the perverse side of me that enjoys watching roasts, and how many folks can find humor in belittling someone because of a major point of achievement in their life.

Still, I have begun wondering about comedy.

I mean, some of the funniest comics tend to poke fun not only at themselves, but at others. Ethnic groups, income levels, breeding, religions, gender.. Nothing's sacred there.

Now, I can deal with a comic making fun of themselves. After all, it's THEM. They can choose what they want to belittle and put down about themselves.

What I've got a problem with are the ones who have to point out the flaws and faults of others to get laughs. Who really finds these funny?

I mean, if I thought that was humor, I'd be bursting out laughing each time one of my kids got into an argument with the other over something, and started calling each other names, pointing out their bad habits, and their grooming standards or their ability to dress themselves.

Yet, people will actually pay serious money just to go see something EXACTLY like this.

Next time you're tempted? Give me a call.

I'll charge you extra to come over and listen to my kids chew each other out.

Heck, I might even offer you something to drink. If you're willing to pay for that, too!

Enjoy your weekend, and while you're at it, enjoy this little ditty I found on YouTube:

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