Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Memory: Patrick Swayze

Now this is a guy I'm going to miss.

I _so_ wanted to be like him when I was in high school. He had all the girls drooling over him, and his movies just seemed to make them melt.

I remember watching his movies, and wanting to be the hockey player, or the post-apocalypse freedom fighter.. The dance instructor, the ghost..

He's going to be missed.

On a different note:

Kanye West interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral to tell everyone that Michael Jackson's funeral was the "Best of all time!"

I return you to your normal broadcasting..


HLB said...

You are soooo bad, but that was funny..And yes Patrick will be missed.

Marjie said...

I used to say there were 3 Patrick Swayzes: the real one, the one married to Goldie Hawn (Kurt Russell), and the one from Knoxville (whose name may be David Keith, but I've kind of forgotten). Too bad the real one's gone.

gottaluvme3 said...

Not a laughing matter! ;) You know he was my favorite, and I too wish you were him! LOL

Chris Wood said...

Yes, he seemed like a nice guy. Kanye West really said that? Dick.