Friday, October 2, 2009

Yet ANOTHER close shave!

Well, not really.

Yesterday I had my annual evaluation done by my corporate "support", and passed with flying colors.

At least for all of that headache I was able to get lunch out of the visit!

So now I'm good until March sometime when my OTHER corporate advisor comes into town to asses my ability to do my job.

So many candidates, and so few bodybags left.. What is a semi-respectable IT guy to do??

Speaking of IT and bodybags:

I LOVE this reader that I'm able to get here at work and read.

The name of the runny read is BOFH: the Bastard Operator from Hell.

Yes, the author is British. Well, New Zealander, really, but still QUITE funny to me and my "techie" ways.

I find it in at The

Full Address is:

I honestly have read this only the last year or so, but I went and found archives and read it from the beginning to the current issue. It puts into words EXACTLY what I feel like doing to some (l)users who happen to bother me while I'm trying to get a database done, or finish an inspection, or any other number of jobs..

Read it for yourself, and see if you can't find something funny in the reading.

The only requirement is that you know something about computers, and a bit about older functions, and a bit of "true" English to be able to not lose something in translation.

I'll talk with you all next week, and hope that you have a great weekend!

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