Friday, September 4, 2009

The "Piece de Resistance": Doggybloggy speaks!

As any of my readers know, I've had an issue with two childish bloggers who have decided that their words, views, and opinions are much more important than anyone else's.

These two are quick to spout off nasty comments, diry language, and directions as to how someone should write, or post their blogs. They'll be the first to yell out about this forum being an open and public blog, and that how freedom of speech gives them the right to state their POV regardless of what anyone thinks.

They're right.

Freedom of speech gives you the right to say whatever you'd like to say in a public forum. It's one of the most dear rights our highly lauded Bill of Rights gives to citizens of the US.

However, their beligerrant usage is something else, entirely.

Friday I tore apart the comment that was left to me by one of the two personages I'd had an issue with.

That posting was then graced by the leader of this twosome. Even though this person claims not to have any kind of control or say-so in what Snugs (the other poster) does, she tends to copy and mimic his every move.

That's like telling a parent that their kid doesn't copy their behavior and actions because they want to be like them, but because they're just trying to be their own person.

Yeah.. Doesn't add up here to me at all.

So, to my illustrious blogfiend Doggybloggy, I'll take those two comments you posted on Friday, and as you asked, I'll dissect them, and give you my take on YOU as a person as well.

Are you ready for this? I hope so!

Let's start with the first comment you put up, shall we?

"you are such a pussy - now go on and dissect that!"

Let's see here..

Name calling. You know, if we were face to face, I might actually be worried that you were trying to intimidate me. As it is, this resort just leaves me feeling kind of sorry for someone who is trying to act big, tough and macho. It strikes me more as some 89 pound weakling using blow-up muscles to make themselves look bigger.

You know what the saddest part about this is? I actually like his blog. It's nothing amazing, but just the down-to-earth way he approaches his one true passion really could be interesting, if there wasn't the fact that I know how much of a schmuck he really and truly is.

Moving onward.

"here is only one of your idiotic statements:"Of this I have no doubt. You are both old enough to know better. However, Dana has taken the high road, and tries not to rise to your childish behavior"you dont rise to shit like this you lower yourself - like I am doing by even making a presence on this blog...are you worth it? probably not. will you get readers from this - no more than usual - whats the point? pointless!"

Let's see... You actually read something I posted, and found an argument to tear down! Well, kind of.

Yes, you lower yourself when you start bickering like this. How did you phrase the term? Oh yeah.. "High-school antics" I think was how you'd put it.

You know who mostly started that crap? The bullies. Those "popular people" who thought that their shit doesn't stink, and that they can do no wrong with whatever they touch.

Those were also the ones who tended to cause as much trouble as they could if only so that they could blame someone else for the fuckups that would happen.

Sounds to me like you never left high school Doggy.

You've made a presence on my blog. Heck, even more so than I have on yours. So, if I've taken this entire fiasco, and blown it completely out of proportion, then what exactly are you doing now?

Yeah.. Sit down for a while and think about this.

So if someone stands up to you, shows you just how childish and stupid your actions are, your only recourse is to then make it EVEN MORE childish and stupid?

Great solution. I have to applaud. I'd never thought that taking something that was "high school drama" and descending to preschool antics would work, but you've completely proven me wrong.

But wait folks, there's more!!

I'd posted on this that I was going to dedicate this to him and have it run on Monday..

I got this response just a short while later:

" monday I will be so over you and so anxious to see the rest of darling danas trainwreck - you need to up the ante - go hit some children or something - make it worth my while to even come back..."

So now he's taking my faults, my mistakes, and trying to belittle me with them.

However, I'm actually NOT ashamed of what I did. I'm upset that my actions caused something that I didn't expect or plan on happening to occur, but I'm not ashamed of it.

But he's trying to make me feel less than a person because I have flaws and faults.

Guess what Doggy? Your flaw is that you can't leave folks like Dana and I alone.

You are the sick bastard that will stand and watch a car wreck just to see if there are hurt and injured folks, then stand there and point, instead of actually trying to help.

You'd rather show everyone else that you're better than those you read about.

You'd rather hide back on your "foodie" blog, talk about foods and get praise for the nifty pictures you cut and paste onto your website, and pretend that you actually mean something to those folks who really only come to drool about food while waiting for their lunch break.

Admit it, when you found that I was coming onto your blog and talking nasty, you didn't like it, because there was someone out there who was "dirtying" up your pretty little website.

I'm amazed that Snugs and you started thinking that I was the anonymous blogger who came crashing your site as well.

Why would I post my own comments, only to then log in with another account, and start all over again?

I stood up for my comments, and I own every word that I wrote.

If you really want to put the blame of someone else making nasty comments on your blog, fine. I'll take credit for something I didn't do, but I did find it quite funny.

So DoggyBloggy, here's my question for you:

If you're such a "big" person, why is it that you feel the need to be so nasty, rude, insensitive, and overbearing to the blogsites that you read?

Do you really think that much of yourself that you could walk on water if your body would just accept what your mind already knows?

Meh. I don't think so.

I think that in all honesty you're just a frightened little middle-aged man who hasn't really made much of himself, and to make up for that lack has lashed out to make himself feel better by tearing down others that he can find flaws in.

In doing so, you've gathered a couple others around you who are willing to jump on the bandwagon because they think you're doing something worthwhile, but in reality all they're doing is trying to tear down the self-esteem of others to make themselves feel better.

Well, if that's the case, then you're welcome to hack at me all you want.

Tear me down. Rip me apart.

I'm willing to stand here and take any and all abuse from you that you might want to dish out.

Do you know why?

Because I know for a fact that each and every insult, slander, or name you call me is just one more petty frustration that you're able to get off your conscience, and help you feel better about your petty existence.

Have a great blog life Doggy. I hope you feel better about the man you are now.

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doggybloggy said...

OMG! you put me in my place - OK you win, I give up!