Friday, December 11, 2009


Today's my daughter's birthday.

Yup. 10 years ago today she was born, and ever since I've been seriously considering where I'm going to be needing to hide the shotgun once she turns into the beautiful young lady that I've feared she would become.

Well, it's getting closer, and my hair's REALLY starting to turn gray.

I just can't look forward that much to it, though. I'm not going to mind our "family" party we're going to have for her this weekend, but tonight's her party where she's invited friends over to celebrate with her.

For some reason, the mere thought of 18 screaming, cheering and ADHD 10-year old kids running all over my house just doesn't inspire me.

But of course I'll be happy for her, and act excited and surprised over each and every single thing that she gets or does.


Because that's what a daddy is supposed to do.

And we all know that daddy's girls are the best ones, don't we??

See you all next week.. If I survive the screaming teenie invasion that's going to hit my house tonight, that is!


Dana said...

WooHoo! Double digits!!

Hope you made it through the party relatively unscathed!

gottaluvme3 said...

Oh he did....He sat on the other side of the house most of the night.

Joker_SATX said...

It sucks getting to blogs late...because as I see there is a post after this one...obviously, you survived.