Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Holidays!

You know, it's that time of year when we count our blessings, find the good in our fellow man, and really make the season bright and happy.

Well, unless you're busy getting rid of the problem.

Let me make myself clear.

During the holidays, things tend to either REALLY be good, or REALLY be crap.

For example:

My best friend was fired from his job THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. Happy holidays, you're fired, go try to find work someplace else in this shitty economy.

A friend of the family is going through a divorce. Happy holidays! Here's to weekly visitation, shitty attitude, and finding out just how much more of a jerk your soon-to-be ex-husband really can be!

Another friend of the family was dumped by her lover. Happy holidays, hit the road, I've got someone new who's closer to my age, and isn't going to prove to be a problem when I want to go out and party.

Now, I get to follow suit.

Happy holidays. You've changed. You're MUCH better than where you were when we met. HOWEVER, because I can't forgive or forget the past, you're doomed to repeat your mistakes, and for that I just can't deal with you anymore.

Hope you find someone else, and have a better life. Why? Because I'm not going to try anymore.

Excuse me?

From what I recall, marriage is NEVER an easy road. All of the "successful" married folks I've talked to have said that it's a long, painful and difficult 24-7-365 JOB. You've got to WORK at it. It doesn't just happen, and "poof!" everything you ever want or needed drops into your lap with a nice bow around it.

It takes dedication. It takes time. It takes WORK and COMMITMENT.

Sure. There are times when the problems are going to fall thick and heavy, and you feel that you can't gain a breath while treading water. That you're going under, and there's no life preserver around to grasp onto.


But even then, you've got to be willing to fight for what you want. You've got to be willing to drop it all, and focus on that ONE THING that you want more than anything else.

In my case, I'm willing to drop everything, including y'all, if it means I'd be able to have this marriage back.

I want my wife. I want my kids. I want a happy home.

The question is:

What does she want?

I mean, it's great that I want it and all, but marriage isn't just a one-way street.

I could give, and give, and give until I have nothing left. But if she doesn't assist, it still falls well short, doesn't it?

So here's my Christmas Wish:

Give me back my family. Let me have my home. Give me back my loving wife.

That's all I want for Christmas.

Please.. If you're out there, can you help me make this come true?

I hope so.


Jaime said...

hope you get what you want for xmas. i don't know what it is about the holidays...things are rough here these days too.

Joker_SATX said...

My Prayers, positive thoughts, good Karma Wishes are with you.....

I have been in your situation, not once, but twice. I am now currently married to the woman I was supposed to marry the first time.

Point I am making is for you not to give up Hope. Family is what you make it. Meaning, that if you have your wife and your kids but you are all truly miserable, are you really a family?