Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calling all cars, calling all cars..

I've lost my mind.

I mean, I had to have, right?

I come to work, I enjoy my job, and I keep coming back!

That's got to mean something's not right in Denmark, doesn't it?

Yesterday I came in VOLUNTARILY on my day off to wait for a phone call, and then email off the gist of the call.

The call? "The computer isn't done today, will probably be looked at tomorrow, and replaced on Wednesday."

You're telling me that I came in just to say that, when that's the EXACT words I used before I left work on Friday??


I seriously need to re-think my situation, and re-vamp my priorities.

On another note:

Has anyone noticed that Halloween has gotten even more lame each and every year?

It used to be a BIG deal when I was younger. We had parties at school, watched cartoon Halloween flicks, had apple dunking, treats galore, and a grand old time.

Then we'd go home, put on even more costumes, grab a HUGE bag and flashlight, and wander the neighborhood streets for HOURS to eek out each and every last bit of candy that could be had.

Then we'd go home, pour out the bags, and drool and exclaim in wonder and awe of the massive amounts of sugar that were before our eyes. (You could always tell who the party-poopers were because you'd get an apple or popcorn ball in your bags of goodness!)


Not so much.

You can't have a Halloween party anymore. Call it a "Harvest Festival".

No more animated Halloween films or cartoons. Just a short play on the origins of the harvest please.

Sugar? It's bad. How about a Granola bar? Or a nice apple?

Costumes? They're getting sluttier. I mean, I saw one that was for a 6 year old, and I would be kind of worried if my wife wore it in public, much less our bedroom!

Not only that, but I heard that one of the Cyrus girls (the 9 year old one) wore a Dominatrix costume!

Excuse me?

Slutty, your party of two million is ready in Hollywood!

Then there's the Trick-or-Treating..

No longer do they go out with flashlights and excited faces.

No, now it's more of a wander around the mall, meet folks who could care less that you're there, get some candy, maybe a promotional pen or notepad, and head home and dig through the crap to try to find a piece of candy or two.

What's happened?

Yes, I realize that crime is on the rise, and this could account for the drop in nighttime wandering.

However, if we as parents were willing to wander with the younger kids, I'm sure that there'd be at least a minor change in the excitement part.

I also have to wonder at folks who can critique, but not do.

For example:

A friend of mine LOVES to decorate their house. Halloween is the time of year when they're able to go wild, and get spooky and creepy themes together, and freak out the neighborhood.

This year, he went with the lone cemetary, and had headstones and creepy fencing, fog, lights, the whole nine yards.

One group of trick or treaters came to his door, and the two moms took him to task.

"That's too scary. My kids aren't going to like that one" One said while the child in question grabbed a handful of candy from the bowl of goodies offered to him.

Then, she came up with this gem:

"You haven't done as much as you usually do. Are you sick? It's not quite as scary as you usually make it. I'm kind of disappointed."


Maybe she's just gotten away from the mental hospital or something, but I still don't get how someone can criticize you for decorating, then complain that the decorations that you've done just aren't up to your usual standards!

Let's leave out the fact that this person in question also doesn't decorate their house AT ALL.

Hipocracy, thy name is Apathy.

Maybe as I'm getting older, I'm just getting a bit more cynical about holidays, and what they're used for.

Now, I see them as a reason to meet family, impose upon them for things you normally wouldn't ask for on any other day, and then get offended if your request isn't granted.

What is this?

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have become the new "3 wishes" for each year??

I hope that at some point, we actually get back to involving the kids in the holidays, and quit commercializing this towards the adults.

Make this something for the kids to look forward to.





oh.. did I mention..


I'll talk and rant more next time.


Joker_SATX said...

First off...great post! Thanks for visiting me in the Asylum recently. Looks like I am going to stick around a while and peruse some of your old stuff.

Good Blog!

Alex said...

Amen! I think it has something to do with the Pacific Northwest. Every other state I've lived in (and there have been 6) still has a ton of kids going door to door. Since I moved to Oregon I've only had 2 kids come to the door in 4 years. I don't bother to decorate anymore.
Such a bummer.

Marjie said...

I'm afraid holidays are getting dumbed down. And store clerks saying "Happy Holidays!"? PULEEZE!!! Especially at the Christmas tree farm! WTF?? I feel sorry for generations to come, because they don't even remember what once was.

Jaime said...

i like halloween. hate that once it's over everyone starts celebrating christmas though. i don't get it. there's almost 2 months and a few holidays in between. what's the hurry?