Monday, September 28, 2009

Random whining

Yeah, I'm bitching..

However, this is my blog, so cope!

I'm _really_ not liking the "new" things we're doing at my work.

Each and every Friday, we're having to do a "special" project for our Quality Control department.

Because of the actions of ONE store that's located well away from our warehouse, we now are doing what I'd call "espionage QC checks" on this store's merchandise.

We're having to tear each and every pallet apart, double-check the entire store, then rebuild the pallets, and make it look like the entire thing was never touched before loading it into the trailer for shipping.

I really don't know what good this step is going to do, since all we'll be able to claim is that the merchandise was fine before it left our dock.

It still doesn't take into account the shipper needing to replace load bars between deliveries, or driving conditions, or load shifting, or many other influences OUTSIDE of our part of the delivery chain.

But I can't argue.

So I cope, and basically write off an entire day's worth of work to get that one store done.

It sucks.

Not only that, but this weekend I helped my younger brother move.

Yeah. That sucked too.

Two trips.

The first packed most of the stuff into the moving van, and I didn't do too badly until the 7th trip upstairs with a heavy dresser, or bed, or armful of boxes.

Yeah. I was hating life right about then.

But the icing on the cake was the last part I helped with.

Moving his pool table.

Getting it into the van wasn't bad at all. There were six of us to move it then, and we moved it all in one piece.

However, two of the six left right after loading the table.

So that left FOUR of us to unload the beast.

My arms are still killing me, and my legs and knees aren't going to let me forget about this weekend anytime soon, either.

Maybe it's time for me to admit that I'm getting older, and really can't quite do the things I was able to do just a few short years ago?


I'll just take more pain pills next time!

See you all later!


Jaime said...

i'm all for helping family move... but sometimes you just have to tell them to call a freaking mover! if my sister ever buys a pool table, she's on her own :)

just a girl... said...

well this def isn't happy happy joy joy, lol. This post just reminded me how awful my move is going to be. ugh.