Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A bit of clarification here:

So, I've been told that this rant I'm currently on is childish.


So then you feel that our ancestors who left a country in order to speak and say what they wanted were idiots and fools, little better than children for leaving their country of origin, and sailing across the oceans in search of freedom?

I'm not doing THAT grand of an action.

All I'm asking for is some respect and consideration for those that want it.

I'd have done this REGARDLESS of who was being attacked.

The fact is that I read about 20 or so blogs, and it just so happens that Dana's blog is the ONLY one where I see constant belligerant behavior.

(Aside from my own blog, of course!)

I can't stand the fact that some person can come into a place, belittle someone, make everyone else feel just a bit badly for the blog writer getting flamed, then spout off when attacked about their "freedom of speech" and how they have every right to say their piece of mind.

I agree with this.

Yet having that say ALSO means that the person who you're belittling has a right to what they say.

I mean, if Dana were to succumb to the peer pressure that Snugs and DoggyBloggy put on her, she'd really be no better off than most oppressed folks.

What good is it to have freedom of speech if you can't say what you like on a BLOG that you created?

What good is it to have freedom of speech if you can't be open on a public forum?

Attacking someone for what they do is usually expected. Especially from small-minded folks who always assume that you're only doing things for attention and the "oooh-aaah" factor.

Am I childish?

Yes. I have a good penchant for childish behavior.

If you don't belive me, ask my wife. She'll be the first to tell you this, I'm sure.

Is it childish to stand up for someone else?

I don't think so.

Is it really childish to stand up for your rights?

Absolutely not.

So there's the gist of my argument.

I'm standing up for rights. I'm not playing favorites, I'm not trying to be the hero. I'm just standing up for what I truly believe is right.

Will I get attacked for this?

As you can probably see already, I have.

What you can't see are the attacks going on behind the blog. The emails, the name calling, and the disgusted sighs I get.. Even from my wife.

I'm sure that the main reason my wife is against this tirade of mine is because she's assuming that I'm defending Dana.

Well, in a way I am, but to me it's really quite more than that.

I'm standing up for the rights a priviledges of ALL people that blog and write. You shouldn't have to make a personal page private just to be able to talk about your family life. You have the choice to write WHATEVER you feel needs to be said. Sure, if you're going to use folks in your blog then you should use permission before naming someone. However, there are times when I feel that you should be justified in your use of names no matter WHAT their opinion is.

This is one of those times.

I actually like Doggybloggy's site. The food really does look good, and he approaches this with an obvious love for what he's writing about.

That still doesn't give him the right to wander onto someone else's page, and spout vile and nasty words and abusive language to other bloggers.

Snugs is a different matter.

She's a follower, and one with a personal axe to grind against Dana.

Because of this, I could really care less about whatever it is she has to say. She assumes that things are "private" yet then drops onto a public blog to air this dirty laundry. She claims that she doesn't want to write a blog, because it's not a priority in her life. Yet this very same person haunts more blogs than I do, and has time to comment on them all. So writing a blog, not important, reading and commenting on them, very important. She also claims that she doesn't want to drag her family life into her blog. Not every blog I read deals with family issues. Some (like doggy's) deal with hobbies. Others include memories. Still others deal with things they find humorous in the news and outside influences.

Yes, many blogs tend to incluse family life in them. Why? It's simple. When you write, you tend to deal with the things you interact with the most, and that give you inspiration. My family does that, because I tend to spend the most time with them outside of work. Yet this doesn't mean that I keep on talking about them day in and day out.

Mostly I write about MYSELF. My work. My life. My perceptions. My feelings. My rights. Me, Me, Me, ME.

Do you see a pattern here?

The rants I took even revolved around ME.

My personal vendetta. My response and actions. My comments.

Hrm. So if I'm defending someone else, why is this still about me?

Think about that one for a second, and get back to me tomorrow.


Bee said...

That's what blogs are all about, me. ;o)

Yeah, unfortunately there are haters where ever you go. Even the gas station.

Dana said...

I appreciate your efforts! I know that you took some grief for my "part" in this, but I also know you'd have done the same no matter who it had happened to.

I can say that not only does it appear to have maybe struck a chord in those who were at "fault", but it also made me consider my own responsibility in posting on other blogs.

Thank you for that gift!

doggybloggy said...

grundie needs to stand alone.......

Jormengrund said...


Yeah, it's about us, yet some folks still think that they're the issue, or the reason that we exist.


Well, if anything, at least it got some responses, even if it didn't quite sink in.


Maybe next time I'll use smaller words so you can understand it better? I don't want to get you all confused. Heck, maybe I'll add pictures and descriptions of food so that you can understand it better.. Think that would help?