Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Tis the season

To spend as much as you can humanly accumulate on gift for folks you know, but probably won't reciprocate, and then spend the rest of the next year paying it all off so you can repeat it all over again.

Isn't Christmas wonderful?

Let's put things into perspective here:

You go out, buy a couple of things for the kids. Then, you check to make sure that the gifts are going to be percieved by the kids as being of equal value. If not, then you struggle to figure out how to balance the scales. Maybe a knit sweater for the kid with the semi-laptop that-only-does-math-problems-but-looks-cool toy will lose some ground, and the kid with the Legos(tm) won't feel too snubbed.

Yeah. Kids and clothes. There's another Christmas gift BOMB.

Kids look for the toys and games. They will blow right past any and all clothes to fawn and drool over the newest toy that they've gotten, even if it's something they've never asked for before.


Because it's a TOY.

Just like they'll pretty much ignore any and all clothing. It's like asking them to read the card that comes with the gift. In their mind, the gift says it all, not the sappy words and sayings on the card.

Big present that was high up on their wish list? LOVE.

Socks and underwear (that they need!)? You're getting ready to deport them to some third world country.

How about family?

Yeah, we buy for my folks, her folks, her sister, and my brother.

However, I can't recall the last time her sister or my brother ever returned the favor.

But we still get them gifts, because we're the eternal (sucker) optimist.

That, and it keeps them quiet for another year!

Anyway, happy holidays. I'm sure that I'll rant and complain more as the time gets closer.



Joker_SATX said...

I am right there with you. See, now I am going to do it a bit different for next year. I have the storage room so I am making a list of all that I am buying for for next year. I will start shopping for Christmas next year beginning in January. I will get the kids something each month so they have tons of stuff to open come next year. And because I am doing it monthly, I am not going to burning through my cashflow next December.

Did you get all that?

Jaime said...

keep right on ranting about the holidays. i'll be doing the same! of course, i need to do all my shopping for next weekend. at least you have a couple more weeks on me

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Happy New Year to everyone! Best wishes!

The Beauty Blog said...

Happy New Year!