Friday, August 28, 2009


Have you ever had "one of those days" that actually seems to go on for the entire work week?

Yeah. I'm there.

This week has been jammed to the gills with stress, bitching, tempers flying, and more stupid crap than most of the rest of this last year combined..

Thank GOD it's Friday, and I can at least look forward to two days of not having to deal with it for a while!

You know, there are days when I look forward to this job. The challenge. The mystery. The fun of digging into a problem and being able to fit it and look like the miracle worker that I truly am.

Yet there are times when I come in with this mentality only to revert to a hunched grumpy troll at the drop of an attitude once the time clock is punched.

The worst part is that there are only a couple of people who are able to do this to me. The biggest problem is that they are two people that I have to interact with on a nearly daily basis.

Yeah. These two.. (I'll call them Twit 1 and Twit 2 in homage to Dr. Seuss) are the epitome of selfishness and ignorance all wrapped up in a giant bundle of attitude. You show up for work, and one of these two will somehow try to find a way to bring you down into their depressing pissy world, and not let you out.

Twit 1 has been moved to the night shift for a while, so I've had a nice reprive from his arrogance. However, Twit 2 seems to take this as a challenge, and has since stepped up his assinine ways.

Today was NO exception.

Let's just say that I'm glad I was able to finally lock myself away in my office, and rant and rave at the walls for a while... I really don't need to lose my job over someone like this, and keeping focused on the job at hand really doesn't help when you've got someone like that trying to make your life a living hell.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll shout out at you another day.


Monday, August 3, 2009


Do you ever wonder where we get some of our quirks?

You know..

I've got a few that really tend to annoy the wife.

Here's one for example:

I HATE doing laundry. I don't know why. I mean, it's easy. You put the sorted clothes into the machine, the machine does the work, and you toss said batch into the dryer, then fold and put away.

Easy, peasy.

But I honestly HATE to do it.

However, when I do this most heinous of chores, I tend to go overboard.

My wife just likes to have colors and whites sorted. That's it. Colors with colors, and whites with whites. Nothing more.

Me? Oh no..

Colors go with colors, unless they're jeans, which have their own pile, and towels which have another. Oh, not to mention delicates, and I tend to keep underwear in a pile all by itself.

So I don't just have TWO piles of laundry.. No, I usually have 5-6 piles compared to the two that the wife has.

Why do I do this? What caused me to hate this job, but be obsessively anal-retentive about it?

I don't know. I can't seem to explain it. It's just me.

There are others... Trust me.

I mean, how many folks do you know who come home from work and can disappear into the bathroom for at least an hour?

My wife knows one.

Heck, he's done more reading there than all through his school and college years!


Dunno. But heck, it's me!

I'm going to sit back, and take it easy for a bit, but I'm going to open up a kind of Q&A session.

Email me questions you want to know about.. I don't care if they're serious or not, and I'll come up with some kind of answer for you.

It may be serious, but don't positively count on it, ok?? I can't make a promise like that!

You can send all emails to, and I'll make sure to file them and answer them as I get time.

You have a great summertime, and I'll talk with you all later!