Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WTF Wednesday

I'm going to start talking on Wednesdays about things I've seen or heard that have made me stop and ask "WTF?".

As such, I'd also like to have some participation from the readers, and give me your instances where you've had something similar.

This way, we can all have a bit of a release, and a chuckle!

OK here's mine for the day:

Last Friday, while I was doing an inspection, one of my managers was bragging to me about how he's a natural-born "numbers" kind of guy. It just comes natural to be able to quickly and accurately count out items, the time, etc.

This same manager called me at 9am that morning to the inspect one of the trailers.

In the middle of this inspection, I went to lunch with his department, so as not to disrupt their timing and workload.

I finished the inspection at noon.

Once I was done, and let him know, his immediate response was:

"It took you 5 hours to get that done?!?"

Now, I don't know about this, so let's you and I do the math:

I started at 9am.

Lunch was taken at 10am.

I came back from lunch at 11am.

I was done at noon.

So.. 9-10 is one hour, and 11 to 12 is another hour..

Even taking lunch into account, I come up with 3 hours. If you deduct the lunchtime, it's 2.

I don't know about you, but neither of those numbers is 5.. Well, unless you add the two together.

So remind me to NEVER let this man near my taxes, budget, bills, bank statements, time cards....

OK, your turn:

Let me hear what interesting things have made you do a double take this week, and we'll get a good chuckle over it!


Brad said...

I saw a bottle of bathroom cleaner in the office that said, "For best results, start with clean bathroom."

That's like seeing a condom wrapper that says, "For best results, be overweight, have a vasectomy and under no circumstances should you put this on your penis and insert into an orifice."

Or something like it, anyway...

Jormengrund said...


Or a bottle of bleach that says "For best results, use on a new clean white shirt"

I mean, as long as it doesn't really have to work to get the results, then it's a win-win situation, isn't it?

Real Live Lesbian said...

LMAO! I'm usually the one with the number skillz! I can't add worth a tiddly-damn, and yet that's precisely what I do all day long!

Bee said...

My coworker argued with me that I couldn’t possibly be turning 36 this year because I was born in ’72. She had me second guessing myself until I pulled out a calculator. ;o)

Jormengrund said...

Good rule of thumb here Bee:

If you were born on an even year, then chances are on the even years you'll be an even age..

I was also born in '72, and I'm 36.

However, come this January, I'll turn 37, and it'll be 2009.

So odd year, odd age. (for an odd kind of guy!)

If you were born on an odd year, (say '71) then on odd years, you'll be an even age.. SO this next year my friend who was born in 71 will turn 38!

Get it? It's kind of weird, but heck, I like to roll with it!