Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Questions, Queries, and Posers..

Just who defines what a holiday should be?

What makes one holiday a paid vacation, and the next one that is observed, but still a workday?

New Year's Day - Paid vacation.

Memorial Day - Paid vacation.

Labor Day - Paid vacation.

4th of July - Paid vacation.

Thanksgiving - Paid vacation.

Christmas Day - Paid vacation.

*I know there's one more for my job, I just can't for the life of me figure it out just yet!*

So all in all, I get seven paid vacation days.

Yup. Seven.

We're closed on Sundays, so Easter is out.

But now we come to this day. Veteran's Day.

I have to wonder why it is that we can have Memorial Day, and NOT work, but then turn around and have a Veteran's Day, and work our tails off.

Excuse me, but I thought that even though we don't just remember veterans on Memorial Day, isn't it basically about the same thing here?

Why take a vacation for Labor Day, and not Veteran's Day?

Who really makes these decisions??

Is it any less of a sacrifice if there has been someone who served in the armed forces, yet never saw combat?

I think just to serve is a right to be able to take a day such as this, and look back on all you did for your country.

Sure, you weren't in "active" combat duty, but it was ACTIVE duty.

If something had come up, and the country had needed you, you'd have been one of the first ones on the front lines.

So my question still stands: Where's the definition of what constitutes a vacation day?

Do we really care so little for our service men and women, that we'll dedicate a national holiday to labor, but not to our veterans?

I don't know. I really love this country, and I love the people who I've served with who fought and defended our right to a sovereign nation.

I can't stand that there are bureaucrats out there who only think of these people as pawns in their quest for glory and power.

I implore anyone who reads this to go and thank someone for being willing to sacrifice their life and family for this nation.

If not them, then who?

Would you step into their shoes?

Thank you to all who are serving, and all who have served.

Your sacrifice is a testament to us all, and should be rewarded more than this a hundred times over.

God bless, and keep you.


Dana said...

I left the Army in 1995. I have not yet had a PAID Veteran's Day. I decided this year that I was going to take the day off - paid or unpaid - so unpaid it is!

In the U.S. the single difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day is that Memorial Day is observed in memory of those who dies during a time of war. Veteran's Day honors ALL veterans.

Oh, then there is that issue that Veteran's Day is always on the 11th of November, therefor wouldn't make a good 3-day weekend.

Jormengrund said...

True, it's not "convenient" for a three-day weekend, but neither is Christmas or New Year's day, and they still celebrate those!

I'm not really asking for much, aside from some much-needed respect for these people in service.

Dead or alive, young or old, people in the service deserve our respect, REGARDLESS of the time of the year.

In my opinion, if the US were to have some kind of holiday commemorating our service men and women each month, I still don't think they'd be honored enough, but that's just me..