Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness!!

Yes, I'm coming down with the bug..

I read these on another blog, and I just had to do these myself, mainly because they really got me thinking..

That said, here we go!

1. If you were in a situation where it was either starve to death or resort to cannibalism, would you resort to cannibalism to stay alive or let yourself starve?

I'd have to say that I'd go the way of the Donner Party, and resort to cannibalism. I've got a very strong sense of self-preservation, and if it finally came down to eating human flesh to stay alive, I'd take that route, if it were my only option left.

2. Do you know all of the words to the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance?

Yes and Yes.

3. Do you consider yourself a Leader or a Follower.

This one is tricky for me. I'll follow, but if need be, I'll also stand up and take charge. Sometimes this also gets mingled up when I decide to take charge while someone else is trying to lead. As such, I'll either stand up and state my position, or I'll defer, and see where the leadership will take me. So I'm kind of wishy-washy on this one..

4. What is your favorite holiday? Why?

It's gotta be Thanksgiving. I recall TONS of times where all of my family has gotten together, and we've feated until we're too full to stand, and then lie around the house, having great conversation and fun. Then, we'd get out the family games, and play cards, or pictionary, or something, and just let loose..

I really miss those times!

5. In what ways, if any, are you superstitious?

To be honest, I myself am not very superstitious at all. Yes, I believe in "other things" that are out there, but I don't have any real quirks about them.

However, I'll abide by other people's superstitions, and I'll do what needs to be done in order to keep them satisfied and happy.

Thus, I'm supoerstitious only as much as the next person around me.. Make sense? *wink*

6. If you had to pick a creature from the "Mythical Creatures Guide" to be your pet, which would you choose, and why?

I'd go with the Troll.

Why? Because I'd be the better looking one, and I'd have one kick-ass enforcer to do all of my dirty work!

Anyway, there ya go! Hope you enjoy yourself, and have some serious fun!


Black Hockey Jesus said...

I would totally eat the people.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I *love* Thanksgivings like that! We used to have those times, too. Sadly, they kind of fade out as you get older.

Bee's Musings said...

To my eternal detriment, I am a leader and can’t follow people for sh*t! I can go along with people ideas but once they start getting too bossy or demanding, my alpha b*tch comes out.

Bee's Musings said...

I would starve myself since me and meat have a love/hate relationship. I don't think I could take bites out of people while they're kicking in screaming. Well, not to feed myself anyway.

King of New York Hacks said...

I'm with Black Hockey Jesus ...In fact , as a cab driver Its like an international buffet for me as I pick them up and eat them.....good times.

Amorous Rocker said...

Your #6 answer cracked me up, lol. :D

All of your other answers were great too. Especially the Thanksgiving one.

Glad you played. :)