Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time for #2..

I'm really concerned about the election this year.

As I've stated on a couple of comments, I really think the "winner" this year is going to get SCREWED.


Because they're not going to be able to accomplish ANYTHING worthwhile, and get the blame for this disaster that's spiralling out of control.

I mean, one of the warning signs to me was during the campaigns, when the Republican and Democratic election committees decided to launch some dirt stuff at local senate and governor positions.

I don't know about others, but when they try to saddle just one person as being responsible for a 10 TRILLION dollar debt, I just have to hang my head and sigh in frustration.

Honestly, how in the hell can you lay the blame of the National Debt on the shoulders of just ONE person?

How can you really blame anyone who hasn't been in Congress or Senate for more than 20 years?

I say this, because it's true.

Our National Debt has been steadily growing since I can recall any kind of presidential debate.

Now, because of this financial crisis we're in, they want to point to it, and claim that if one person had stepped up, and told everyone else to stop spending, it would have happened?

Um.. Not so much.

There have been proposals, mandates, requests, and outright demands for the government to budget wisely, and start cutting down that debt ratio.

Have they listened?


Republican, Democrat, Independent.. They all move for the same thing..

I mean, they look over a problem, and then decide "Well, let's throw more money at it! We're broke? We can't be! Let's just print more, and cover it all up and make it look good! Hey! While we're at it, this idea made me think that I need more money for doing this job! All in favor? Motion passes unanimously!"

I don't know about you, but allowing congress to pass their own payscale increases really bothers me. That's like telling an hourly employee that if he shows up for each company meeting, he can name his raise.

Yeah, now you're getting my drift.

I think I should start seeing what it would take to get into politics! I mean, if I can get into the House or Senate, I'd be set for life!

That's it!

Vote for me!

I'll not promise that I can fix anything, but hell, I definitely can't make it any worse than that other guy!

Ah, the joy of being blunt and honest really does have it's perks at times!

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