Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I think I'm going to run for a political office..


I mean, the whole gist of this election year was basically this:

I can't give a good answer on how I'm going to fix things, but I definitely can't make it any worse than the guy who's in there now!!

If that's the case, I'm definitely going to run.

I mean, that's a gimme for a campaign slogan!

Vote for Jormengrund! He's not the best man for the job, but he'll tell you when he's going to screw you over!

Vote for Jorm! He's going to play with all of your time and cash, but at least he'll get something nice for his wife and kids!

A vote for Jormengrund is a vote for "middle America"! He'll take what you give him, and ask for more!

Really now. These are all winning slogans in my book. In fact, I think I saw something like this just last night!

Oh yeah, that was SNL spoofing about these characters.

Speaking of which..

I'm blaming EVERYONE for our 10 TRILLION in National Debt that we owe!


Well, if the Republican and Democratic committees can blame specific political figures for being there when it turned into 10 Trillion, then I can also blame you, me, the dog, the fence, and my mailbox for it as well!

Give me a break.

The National Debt has been a problem since well before I was paying attention to political stuff.

Now? Because of some economic crisis, and money problems, the major political parties are pointing the finger at someone, and trying to lay the blame of it on someone else in the "other" party.


Grow up, admit that it was the fault of us NOT budgeting the national resources we've got, and spending when we should have been saving.

I mean, courts can foreclose and reposess homes, cars, whatever.

Why can't another country come along and reposess the US for it's default on their national loan?

I'm not saying that I'd like it, but it should be a factor.

Have the UK come back in and say "Sorry old bean, but you've not paid your loans off, and the time has come for them to be due! What's that? You've not got any dosh? Bad form, old boy. Time for you to then give me whatever assets you've got available. That includes real estate. Let's see.. 10 Trillion you say? Yes, I've got just the thing. Give me your entire country, and we'll call it settled, and paid in full!"

I know that I preach to my kids about taking responsibility for their actions.

Now? I think it's really time for our national leaders to do the same.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Well, the US has never actually been a true Democracy you know. We've been a Republic all along. And if you think about the last known Republic state **cough***Rome**cough** well, we know how THAT turned out, don't we?

It's just taking us a bit longer and I'm not sure who will be playing the fiddle...

Jormengrund said...

Me either, but since I know how to read music, I should be able to at least get some folks in time with each other!! *wink*