Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Silliness

OK, I've been TOO serious these last couple of days, so I'm going to just play around, and see what happens...

Back in my High School days, I got a chance to tour the world for a while with a select international soccer team.

We first met in Denver, and practiced as a team for a week, then flew off to London. Once there, we were bussed to Liverpool, where our "home" field was going to be located.

There, we drilled with some of the world's leading soccer coaches, and learned quite a bit about what we DIDN'T know about the game.

Then came the exhibition matches.

First, we played at home. We lost. BIGTIME. can you say 8-1? Yeah, in soccer terms, that's a blowout.

Next, Arsenal. That one was closer, and we only lost 3-2. Still a pretty high-scoring game, but a good match.

Then London. This one we actually came out winning 1-0! We were stoked, and ready to face the world!

This turned out to be a good thing, because we then went on a MAJOR travel exposition, jumping from place to place.

From London, we went to Helsinki. Then to Olso, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Jerusalem, Cairo, Johannesburg, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.!

The only places we didn't go that I really wanted to see as well were the Central and South American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, etc..

Anyway, I honestly LOVED the time we spent.

My favorite city? I'd have to say Prague. It was AMAZING.

The architecture, the music that was EVERYWHERE.. The history, all in one place.

Not only that, but it was so CLEAN for a large city.

Most of the other places I'd been to were quite dirty.

Paris? Ugh.

London? Stunk.

Rome? Don't get me started..

Athens? Crowded and dirty.

Cairo? In the middle of a desert. Need I say more?

Anyway, it was just amazing. Free time was available from time to time, and so we'd get in small groups and go sightseeing.

Geneva would have been nice to visit for a longer period of time, but we basically went in for the game, and then right back out so we could make the deadline for our Prague appointment...

Madrid wasn't too bad, but since I don't speak Spanish, it was kind of tough to find someone willing to speak with you!

Since that time, I've always wanted to go back, yet I haven't had the chance yet..

Maybe someday I'll be able to.

Until then, I'll live with the memories, and dream of what could be!

Happy Thursday!


gottaluvme3 said...

One of these, we will go to a foreign country other then Canada. Maybe Mexico?? LOL

Real Live Lesbian said...

I've heard FABULOUS things about Prague. It's definitely on my to go to list. Of course, I've gotta get my girl on a plane first! LOL

Just wanted to let you know what a sweet comment you left over at Dana's Thanksgiving post. Seriously lovely. I'm always inviting folks over and it's nice to see others doing the same thing.

You seem like such a sweetheart!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Jormengrund said...



Yeah, Prague was amazing! The only real regret I have about this time was my age.

Because I was a teen, I didn't think about bringing a camera, so I don't have any photos of me at all ANYWHERE in the foreign countries I visited.. *melancholy sigh*

Ah well, maybe that's the reason I'll be able to go back:

To relive those moments at some point, and actually take the pictures I still have of myself in those places..

Time will tell.......

Jormengrund said...


I'd seriously LOVE to try to get one of those cruises your parents go on!

The Bahamas, St. Maarten, etc..

That would be fun for me, but I don't know how well you'd take dealing with being on a boat..

We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

AngieSS said...

Seriously, I'm drooling over all the places you've been able to see. I would love to go to all of those places, stinky or not! :)

Jormengrund said...


Heh, to be honest, I'd love to revisit them again!

The best part about being able to visit now would be taking my family along as well, but they just don't have the same bent about some historical places that I do!

Thanks for visiting!!

gottaluvme3 said...

Hmmm RLL....I am sure that comment has nothing to do with me whatsover. Just happened to mention it while you were here.

Jormengrund: why cant we just fly somewhere? JK...I will get on a boat...someday maybe!