Friday, October 31, 2008

Bitching (continued)

Yesterday, once I got home from work, my wife and I had yet another disagreement about my previous posting about the party.

Now, I'm going to come clean with you all.. That "Party" post is almost a complete fabrication..

What I did with that post was to take the small kernels of truth, and then expand them about 20 times from my viewpoint to create the story.

When I said that there was $200 of alcohol? Not so much, but to me? Yeah, it kind of felt that way...

The 10 pages of things to do? Newp. More like 1 or 2 things, but heck, when you're left to do those on your own with an obsessive compulsive person like my wife's expectations to live up to, it might as well be about 10 or 20 things!

Anyway, I think you're getting my drift here.

Now, according to her, the biggest thing that bothered her was what I told you all that she gave me those things to do, ad then went to lay down.

Funny, but that was the truth!

Now, I'm not begrudging her any sleep. Heck, I even encouraged her to take a nap. The self-consious way that she feels about others knowing what she does is what really bothered her about that, to be honest.

Now, we finally agreed yesterday that we were going to drop it, but something near the end of our talk really bothered me, so I'm writing about it.

It was simply this.

She's so concerned about what you readers think about her, that she wanted me to write and explain this entire scenario.

However, when I pointed out to her that she continually fosters these visions of me and my bad habits to her friends, she doesn't think a second thing about it.



Excuse me?

I'm writing to complete strangers about a mostly (80%) fabricated story, and you're bothered about what they think, yet have NO compunctions about going to your friends (WHO WE KNOW!) and talk shit about me and how worthless and lazy I am??

I take back the retraction.

Yes, she gave me a list of things to do, and then she went down to take a nap.

See that as you will. I don't care. But it's the truth.

If she can't face that, then we still have things to talk about.

However, I will put some kind of "spoiler alert" in front of some of my more fabricated stories so that you know when I'm blowing smoke up your ass, or whether I'm talking seriously.

This one?

It's serious.

Sorry for the drama, I'll try to be more chipper on Tuesday.

Have a happy Halloween, and take care this weekend.

I'll talk to you all on Tuesday!


jGrrl said...

I understand. Sometimes they (our beautiful mates, no matter how much we love them) just don't - mine does it too but I still love him to death and she likely knows that you do her as well. Talk, reassure, be kind, stay strong and keep the Faith.

Happy Halloween :-)

Amorous Rocker said...

I see your point about talking on a blog to strangers versus talking to real life friends. Maybe she just hadn't considered that before. Either way, a lie or stretch of the truth can sting. I think it's good y'all talk about those things though. At least she didn't keep it to herself and then go talk about it to other people. :D

Happy Halloween! Have a great weekend y'all! :)

Siren said...

I think i will take a seat ring side with my popcorn and see how this all plays out, grinning and glad i am single for once.

Hope you can communicate and work through this.