Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here's the question of the day!!

"I cuss like a sailor."

I've often heard this quote, and I wonder where it came from.

Yes, there are some guys who have a wide vulgar vocabulary, and they tend to use it quite frequently. However, does this mean that they're Navy guys??


I can cuss it up with the best of 'em. I have also been known to get into a scrap or two because of my mouth, and my attitude.

However, when with company I do tend to behave, and even play nice!

Yes, yes, I know.. Quite a shock to some of you!

The question on my mind is stereotypes. Why are there so many around anymore?

I mean, we've got the bitchy girlfriend, the nagging housewife, the ignorant father, the busybody dad, the nosy neighbor, the clueless teenager, the ditzy blonde..

The list can go on and on and ON!

What is this need we've got to be able to categorize everyone into some kind of stereotype?

Why do we feel the need to file and rank each and every person we meet?

What is it about us that makes us SO competative, that we can't even take someone at face value?

I don't know, but I think I'd like opinions on this one!

Post your ideas, and give me some more ammo for my writing!


Dan da Man said...

I know how to get rid of all sterotypes kill everyone in the world

Bee said...

Okay here's one, I'm an American woman who happens to be of Mexican decent. I don't look like a stereotypical *Mexican* so once people find out, they ask me how to cook enchiladas. I don't know! But I make a delicious pot roast! :o)

Dan da Man said...

Bee how do you cook an enchilada