Friday, October 10, 2008

Today, I'm going to talk about some stuff I haven't aired yet.

Last night, the wife and I got a chance to really sit down and talk.

No crying, no overfed emotions, just real talk.

So I was thinking.. Last time I'd posted about us, I'd talked about all of the things that she's done for me.

What have I given her in this marriage? For all she's done for me, what have I given in return besides headaches and heartache?

I don't know, and that's what honestly scares me.

Am I going to leave a lasting impression as a needy soul with nothing to give, but willing to take everything given to me?

I'd like to think that I'm able to make some kind of impression or impact on those I've come to be with. I just hope the impression is a good one.

Well, this is a short post, but I've got to keep this real, and say exactly how I feel.

You all have a great weekend, and thanks so much for the words of comfort and wisdom you've given me these past couple of weeks!

I'll be writing more this next Tuesday!


Dana said...

I just wanted you to know that although I don't comment often, I've been following your story closely - it reminds me so much of my own story.

Brad said...

Don't sell yourself short. You've given her you...not to mention your family, your heart, and your devotion.


Dan da Man said...

If all else fails you can always strip for her but i think being there for her is better

Anonymous said...

Oh well yeah.. as a husband, you give her more than you think

For one, yourself, your love, your protection, and most importantly: A shoulder to lean on.

At least I hope you give her those things...


Jormengrund said...

Thanks for all of the great encouragement!

To be honest, things are going well, and my next blog is going to talk ALL about it!

Anonymous said...

Ew... haha