Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New month, same stuff....

It's October..

Leaves are turning, air is getting cooler, fog is settling in each morning..

And my wife is going to drive me CRAZY.

This happens to be her favorite time of the year.

Her favorite holiday? Halloween.

That's right. Halloween.

We get out the 40 boxes of Halloween decorations down from the attic, and dig through it all to see what new and inventive stuff we can come up with for this year's haunted house. We also raid the party stores for new and interesting goodies, and of course, she's got a little budget set up for one "big" purchase.

Last year she was able to buy a butler that held a tray for goodies. His eyes watched you, and he has a motion sensor in the tray, so that after some candy was taken, he'd reach up, grab his hair, pull off his head, and say "thank you" before putting his head back on, and putting his arm down.

She loved that one last year.

We make a point to go on at least one "ghost tour" each year, and we visit at least one if not two or three haunted house attractions before the big day.

That, and the costumes that we'll buy for the kids and ourselves, we spend nearly as much for her holiday as we do for Christmas and Thanksgiving combined!

I'm really not one to stand in the way of her holiday, but please! How much stuff do you really need for Halloween?

Make something scary, then with a couple minor changes each year, stick with it. I mean, nobody's going to remember exactly what the scary shit looked like, so if you make some cosmetic changes, it will still look different, and still scare the crap out of folks. No need to go bigger and better each year!

I'd much rather to apply the budget to something for the entire family for Christmas, so that everyone can enjoy the stuff, and not just those select few who cherish the one specific holiday.

Anyway, that's my ranting post for today. I'm sure I'll think up something funny to post about tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Jezebel VonTizzle said...

hahaha--i too am a fan of halloween. not to the same extent your wife is tho. i have probably 5 rubbermaid bins of decorations. but i dont always put them up and the reason is i hate taking them down.

however, this is also my favorite season. i love fall so much! i love the colors on the trees and the cool crispness of the air. by far the best season

Jormengrund said...

Great to hear Jez!

We've got so much Halloween stuff, I actually have to take it all down in order to get the 5 tubs of Christmas stuff down.

Usually this is done right after Thanksgiving, when we take down all of the "harvest" decorations, and then I pull down the Christmas tubs, and put all of the Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff back up into the attic.

I'm hoestly thinking about installing a small elevator in the wall, so that way I don't have to climb three flights of stairs in order to get and put stuff away!