Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just some thoughts to make your day...

I read these, and thought you'd get a chuckle..

A train station is where a train stops..

A bus station is where a bus stops...

And this is my Work Station!

A blonde woman is driving down the road. She notices that she’s low on gas, so she stops at a gas station. While she’s pumping her gas, she notices that she locked the keys in the car. So when she goes inside to pay, she asks the attendant for a hanger so that she can attempt to open the door herself.
She returns outside and begins to jimmy the lock. Ten minutes later, the attendant comes out to see how the blonde is faring.
Outside the car, the blonde is moving the hanger around and around while the blonde inside the car is saying, “A little more to the left…a little more to the right!…”

A few people are sitting in a bar when one guy says, “My name is Larry, and I am a SNAG.”
Another guy says, “What’s that?”
The first guy says, “That means I am a Single, New Age Guy.”
Another one says, “My name is Gary, and I am a DINK.
A girl asks, “What’s that?”
He says, “That means I am a Double Income, No Kids.”
A lady says, “That’s nice. My name is Gertrude, and I am a WIFE.”
Larry says, “A wife? What’s a wife?”
She says, “That means, ‘Wash, Iron, Fuck, Etc.”

Marsha completed four weeks of dental restoration with Dr. Morris Cohen the dentist. She confided to her best friend that she had fallen in love with her dentist …and she was going to propose to him.
Her friend said, ” Marsha you’re 34 years old, you’re beautiful, you have dozens of men who adore you. Why this dentist?”
“Because he is the First man that ever said to me…. SPIT, don’t SWALLOW.”

When design engineers get together they often talk about football.
When Middle management meet, they talk about tennis.
When top management meet they talk golf.
Conclusion: The higher you climb in the corporate ladder the smaller your balls become!

Anyway, you all have a GREAT day!


I Smile 2 Much said...

LOL about the wife acronym ;) (hehehe) Very fitting!


AirmanMom said...

Thanks for the chuckle :)

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Anonymous said...

Haha I like the dentist one... too funny!