Friday, October 24, 2008

No! Politics again? Seriously?


I have to say that I'm really not impressed with the way the government is handling this "bailout" of our economy.

I mean, really, giving the bulk of this money to Ford, GM, Chrystler, and Chevy?

Who makes up this stuff??

Let's see. Investment companies are going tits up, so let's funnel any emergency cash we can find into the automobile market, and they should get back on track in no time!

That's like saying that if a boat's got a leak, you plug up the anchor hole, and it should be fine pretty soon.

The only way that sinking boat is going to "right" itself is when it finally hits the bottom of the riverbed, or ocean bed, etc.

So my assumption here is that SOMEONE is on the payroll of major automotive movers, and is worried that his paycheck from them isn't going to look as pretty as it once did, so if he funnels enough cash to them, his paycheck at the end of the month will look better.

Because the rest of it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever to me.

If you're going to bail out an economy, you need to help the financial institutions, not the producers.

Giving a buttload of cash to lumbermills isn't going to help the steel market, and plunging millions of dollars into mining isn't going to bolster the paper demand, either.

So how is giving a couple billion dollars to Ford, Chrystler, GM, and Chevrolet going to help places like Washington Mutual, or Wachovia, or Fannie Mae, or any other finance company?

It's not.

And there goes all that money that was supposed to HELP us out, going straight into the pockets of someone who really didn't need it anyway.

God, I really LOVE this country at times, don't you?


Sarah♥ said...

Yeah that whole situation pretty much blows


Chris Wood said...

Good point.

But due to corruption? Surely not. How very cynical.

Jormengrund said...


Explain to me why you'd be asking for an economic bailout of cash, and then instead of fixing the problem, you bolster something that HASN'T had an issue yet!

I'm not being cynical, I'm actually hoping that I'm being optomistic here.

Otherwise, we've got some seriously screwed up folks in the government, and I'm really living in hell, hoping for a small glass of ice water!

Dan da Man said...

I know how to fix everything clone Ron Paul a few hundred times and he can be the president the senate and most of the house its perfect

P.S. im not kidding

Bee said...

I am so afraid of what their fuck-ups are going to do to us in the long run. It almost seems like the don't give a shit bout the little guy. :o(

Jeff said...

Money isn't really the problem... it's consumer confidence. That's what drives the stock market and the banking industry. What they really need to do is give warm fuzzies to everyone instead of money. Then we'll see the economy start to pick up.

Real Live Lesbian said...

What the hell? I thought we were bailing out the financial institutions?

Who's in charge of this mess, anyway?

Brad said...

I blame the Swedes...don't ask me why, I just have a hunch.

Jormengrund said...

You know what really upsets me here?

It looks like Obama is going to win.

Now that in itself isn't the problem.

How he's winning bothers me.

He's spent what on his campaign? $500,000,000?

Yes.. That's Five HUNDRED Million dollars.

Compared with McCain's 9 million budget?

For someone who claims to be willing to fix the economy, I'm sure some of the 500 mil he spent could have made a nice dent in these recessions..

And we're expecting him to change his spending habits?

God, I really am trembling in fear.....

just a girl... said...

i have said it before and i will say it again. WE ARE FUCKED!

just a girl... said...

oh and side not is that really dan da man with a comment that doesnt involve blood lmao