Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tripping the light fantastic..

Before I got this killer job that I'm in now, I used to put together as many jobs as I possibly could to help make ends meet.

At one point, I was a contractor, accountant, on-call computer repair person, and a DJ for music and Karaoke!

That's right. 4 jobs.

You know what that meant?


No sleep.



There really were times when I'd kind of wake up while at a job, and wonder how the hell I'd gotten there, and where the heck I'd parked my car so that I could run off to my next job.

Those were some FREAKY times, let me tell you.

This last job, as a DJ for music and Karaoke, also scarred me for life.

I don't mind singing. I've even been told that I'm pretty good at it.

But when you add a dimly lit bar, alcohol, and a song that everyone must sing along to?

It's NOT pretty.

Granted, most Karaoke singers aren't bad. Some do well, other try really hard and are passible.

There are those select few, though, that really make the hairs on the backs of my neck and arms just stand out and try to find the atmosphere.

Take this example:

There was a bar that I had to run from 6pm Friday evening until 2:30am. Saturday morning. Happy hour was at 7, and then the full bar really got going around 9. Now, as a DJ, playing music isn't bad. At least they can sing, the music's decent, and you can control the volume.

When it gets to Karaoke?

Newp. No real control at all.

Get some drunk guy up there demanding to sing Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" or Hank Jr.'s "Country Boy Can Survive", and you just hope and pray for that gopher hole to crawl into and hide your face and ears.

I honestly think there were times that I left that bar with bleeding ears. I kid you not.

But my all-time hated song?

It's a fairly new one, and isn't really a bad tune, as far as music goes. I just can't stand it anymore.

It's Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow's "Picture".

Yup. Can't STAND it anymore.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many drunk guys and gals trying to sing that song.

The best part? When the guy can't tell which line is his, and which is hers!

So you get the girl singing both parts, and the guy just butting in wherever, because since he's got a microphone, he might as well make some use out of it!

Anyway, it was quite the interesting time.

As a DJ, you make some pretty good tips just playing a song someone asks for. I should've just installed a jukebox in the place, and stood by it to play the different songs, to be honest.

The most requested song to hear?

"Sweet Home Alabama"

I don't know why, since I did all of my musical stuff in Washington State, and I'm pretty sure not many of the folks that asked for the tune had ever left the sity limits, much less the state!

Anyway, one night I was playing around, and I asked folks for some music ideas. Not only was I going to do requests, but I wanted them to be "girl tunes".

Yup. Girl Tunes.

I did "Man, I Feel Like a Woman", "I'm Just a Girl", "The Woman In Me", "I Am Woman", etc..

You get the picture.

That got such a great response, that I started making Friday nights my "Theme" nights.

I'd offer up a $50 cash prize to whomever could guess the theme that I'd come up with.

I think I only paid out three times. Most of the time, the obscure stuff would get them, but they'd keep coming back each and every time!

Anyway, I still go out every once in a while with the wife to play and sing, and there's the occasional time that I'll try some contest just to see how I stack up against everyone in the local area.

How about you?


Real Live Lesbian said...

Dude, you do NOT want to hear me sing!

But I *love* to watch karaoke. There's no getting around it being funny!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I LOVE karaoke! I watched a little kid (probably 10 or 11) do a Linkin Park song and I was rolling with laughter. What he lacked in talent he made up for in energy. Chester would have been proud.

Me? I'm a firm believer that NO ONE should ever be allowed to sing an Evanescence song except Amy Lee. The shear torture of people trying to hit those notes. Makes me want to jab out my eardrums.

Oh, and I've been known to do a few songs here and there and I'm told I'm pretty good. :)

Jormengrund said...

You know, I really don't mind kids singing Karaoke.

Sure, they can't really hit the notes, but their enthusiasm and hyperactive spirit cover all of that up.

Well, that, and the "Look at me! Look at me!" attitude is quite cute as well.

I'm fairly versatile. I do rock, rap, jazz, country, blues, and some metal. I've even been known to break out in a show tune or musical number from time to time..

It all just depends on the mood, and the receptiveness of the crowd!

gottaluvme3 said...

Hey Pinkpiddypaws...I can sing Evenescence pretty good...just ask Jormengrund!!

Siren said...

I sang karaoke for the first time last weekend, (after being threatened) it was great fun. however i dont think the funniest part was my singing as much as the guy who was running it, blue sequin shirt. i usually like sparkle-ly things but this was just wrong in so many ways.