Friday, October 3, 2008

**Bonus post!**

Today, I was just thinking about something else, and just had to talk about it on here, so you get a two-fer from me today!

This last week, I had an interesting thing happen between me and the kids.

Now, I'm one that feels that if my kids complete their homework, and get their chores done, there's nothing wrong with watching TV, or even getting some video game time in.

However, this time needs to be regulated when it comes to the Video Games..

Why do you ask?

Because my oldest is an addict, and if you let him loose, the younger two will never get a chance to play!

Now, on Monday, things were going well. My daughter got to her dance class, dinner went smoothly, and everything seemed to be on the up-and-up.

However, that was all to change near the end of the evening.

My youngest asked if they could share time in playing video games.

I wandered the house, and found that chores had been done, homework was finished, and even showers and PJs were done!

Now, impressed by the pre-emptive actions of my children, I gave the benign and benevolent nod, stating one condition to this:

Bean (my daughter) gets first crack, then Z (my youngest) gets to play. After they're done with their half-hour, then T (my oldest) can play.

They all consented to this, and huddled around to play the playstation to get their time in.

Bean get her time in, but during this time, she asked T to help her out on a section.

This is usually a mistake, as he then takes over control of the system. However, on this occasion, he did relinquish control after getting her where she needed to be.

Impressed at this observation, I then start cleaning house, and taking care of laundry, and the other mountains of housework that three kids can generate.

While out of sight and out of mind, another situation arose, and this time control WASN'T given back.

He then proceeded to play her game until her time was up, and then he booted up his own game, cutting his younger brother off from his chance to play.

Afterwards, I informed him that his actions would have consequences, but I wasn't going to lay down anything right then, because I was upset, and needed a cool head before dealing out any kind of punishment.

It just so happens that my chance for this happened in a doctor's office.

The next day, my daughter was playing in a soccer game, and she fell and hit her head pretty good.

She's a trooper, but she's just not got the coordination she needs. I mean, the first week of her softball season, she fell and broke her arm! If that wasn't bad enough, a week after getting the cast off, she fell off her bike, and broke the same arm again, but in a different place! Grace just isn't Bean's forte!

Anyway, while there, my youngest asked if he could play some playstation after we got back home. I gave him a yes, and he got all excited.

My oldest then asked if he could play, and I told him that I'd thought it over, and he was going to be grounded from the playstation for the rest of the week for abusing his time the night before.

Being all of 12, he then proceeded to argue with me about why this was a special circumstance, and why he had to take so long to play his game.

I refused to listen, and so he began to raise his voice. I crooked a finger at him with a slight scowl on my face. Coming over to me, he stood and waited for me to talk. I then informed him that instead of one week, it was going to be two for the backtalk.

Fuming, he then threw himself down into a chair, and proceeded to sulk.

Now, I'm not the saint, but I felt good about my decision.

I even felt more in control when I had two nurses pat me on the back while leaving the office because of the great way I had of disciplining my kids.

Now, I don't know about any of you, but is that really something special?

Is it so unusual for folks to use wisdom and patience to counsel a child instead of emotion and anger?

I don't know, but I do know that it works for me!

Have a great weekend folks!


Bee said...

I admire people who can both discipline there kids and still make themselves be respected. I don't have any but I doubt I'd have the patience.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Honestly, I think it's pretty rare these days. Discipline....and even more rare...discipline with an even tone and a clear head.

Jormengrund said...


It was only clean because of making sure that folks don't think badly of me!


What really amazed me was that I was really able to take each step and NOT lose my cool!

Thanks for the support ladies!