Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding the Oxymorons in this trail we call Life...

Ok, as you all might have been reading, the marriage my wife and I have has been quite rocky as of late.

For one, we're trying to have another child, but with me fresh from Vas Reversal, and she having problems with ovulation.. Well, it just doesn't quite TICK.

So, the doctors came up with a GREAT solution.

She's on Clomid.

Now, I know that there are a couple of folks out there who know that this drug is one of those that women take to become "extra fertile" and get that chance at the joy of their life.. Multiple births.

However, there are some side effects that I finally got my doctor to admit to, and it made EVERYTHING that has gone on these last few months just seem to fall into place.

Want to know what the biggest side effect is?


That's right. DEPRESSION.

So, let me paint this picture for you...

As a woman, there are things that they desire. Romance, the chase, being pursued, and the conquest.

HOWEVER.. If you're on this drug, and you're depressed? All you're wanting is that raggedly full-length cotton nightie and a blanket, wrap up on the couch, and watch sappy love stories and Discovery Chnnel's documentaries from the OB unit!

So, take the drug to get pregnant, but kill the sex drive in the woman. Sounds like a match to me!

But thanks to the ingenuity of science, you no longer need to "do the act" in order to get that way!

Just have the fine, upstanding man leave his "donation" in a cup at the lab, and they'll do the rest!

No fuss, not much mess, and if the stars are in the right position, everything's good!

Oh, did I mention that the docs claim that these symptoms go away after she gets pregnant?

That's a good thing, considering how RAGING those hormones get when they ARE pregnant!

I could just imagine how great life would be if she was on the drug and then also going through post partum! Ye gods, that would be true bliss..

Anyway, Now that we know what's causing the problem, maybe there's a way for us to work around the issue until such time as there's no need to the drug..

We'll see, and I'll keep you all posted!


Brad said...

That's a reassuring story...

...except for that whole "shtup in a cup" part.

Hang in there...

Dan da Man said...

So you are taking out the only plus about having a baby? thats not right

Jormengrund said...

Tell me about it..

I mean, all I'm really gonna be getting out of this is the "This one time, at home.." type of story, and NOBODY aside from my blog readers are going to believe me!

just a girl... said...

wow this doesnt give me hope. I think a relationship is work and at least you want to work at it. that makes you a good guy in a world of assholes. so salu mister in a cup man.

Jormengrund said...

JAG - Keep hoping!

I mean, if you give up hope, then what will you be left with?

Well, check that..

If you lose all hope, give me a call, and we'll harvest your hormones, and sell them to pharmiceutical companies as Clomid replacement pills!

Think of the millions we could make!!!!!!

Bee said...

I hope things work out. What is that saying? The cure is sometimes worse than the problem. I think that's how it goes.