Friday, October 17, 2008

More Comments on Stereotypes...

Well, something I said actually got a response, so I'm going to talk more about it!


Me? I'm tall. Since the 6th grade I've been well over 6 foot. As of now, I'm 6'4" tall, and I weigh 250 pounds.

This has been cause for quite a few comments.

"Youre tall, do you play basketball?"

How exactly should I answer this? I've almost felt like replying,
"You're short! Do you play miniature golf?"

Or this one: "How's the weather up there?"

I've had to suppress the urge to spit, and say "Rainy"

Then I get posts from people like Bee, who look Hispanic, and because of this are assumed that they cook a specific way.

Let's see.. My nose is big, that must mean I'm Italian, which means that I can cook one mean pasta dish!

I'm Black, so that must mean I love red beans and rice, cornbread, and fried chicken!

I'm Polish, so that means I like sausage, potatoes, and cabbage!





I think most times folks automatically assume things because they don't really want to find out about the person they meet. What they really want is what they can get from said person. It's not about who they are, but what they can give.

Me? I tend to be more reserved, and I take people at face value. I also have a tendency to trust someone until I find out that they've earned my mistrust.

Take this for an example.

At my work I have a manager who told me when I started here that he had a degree in computer science, but he never pursued the job because there wasn't much of a demand for the work when he got it.

Me, being the trusting sort, nodded, and took him at his word. After all, why not? I mean, I've never met the guy, and chance are he's telling me the truth, because what value would there be in lying to a basic stranger?

Today, I had an issue that was simple to fix. One install and a reboot was all that was needed. I asked said manager to do it, since it was something any "normal" user could accomplish. His reply? "Um, where do I find the reboot switch?"

So, for a comment like this one, I'm definitely NOT going to believe one more word this jackass tells me. You've got a computer science degree, but you think there's a reboot SWITCH somewhere on the computer desktop?


For me, I think the only bad thing about this job is that I'm starting to stereotype all of my managers into one file.. "Dumbass"

This isn't fair, to be honest, as there are a few here that really have their stuff together.

Of course, these aren't the people I deal with on a weekly or even daily basis, so for the most part I still consider them strangers. They're nice, they get their work done, and they don't bother me about stupid stuff.

It's the other 80% of the management force here that gets my goat.

Really, if you're going to try to impress me, do it with something other than that blazing "intellect" you've got going on.

My example for this one? Yup. I've got one.

Three weeks ago I had to move a workstation and printer. The location they wanted it in had NO power source, so I asked the maintenance manager to drop a power box there so I could finish the job. I got the "We're busy, so you're going to have to wait"

Needless to say, I couldn't put this on hold, as the GM told me to "Get it done... NOW."

So I asked the manager how long I would have to wait. His response? "When I get to it. If you need it done now, then go do something yourself."

You say something like that to me, and you're darn well going to get a result, it's just not going to be one you like. Now, I have to wander through when they do the fire inspections here, and I know what you are and are NOT supposed to do. So I went and did something BAD.

I took a 150' extension cord, and a 10' power strip, and ran a line all the way to the desk location.

I did this just a week away from the next fire inspection tour.

Now, this morning, I got a nasty email, and an extension cord and power strip dropped in my office chair.

I'm not saying "I told you so", but if he'd been willing to work with me from the beginning, then everyone here could have been happy, don't you think??

Anyway, time for a meeting. More next week!

Have a great weekend!!


Dana said...

Ohhhh...I have to disagree! Stereotypes exist because there is always some amount of truth behind them. Now, making an incorrect assumption (someone thinking you are Hispanic when in reality you are Hawaiian) is an entirely different beast, but stereotypes exist because they hold a bit of water.

Jormengrund said...

Granted, there are folks who do tend to "fit the mold".

But to prejudge someone because of it?

Now that to me is just wrong.

It's kind of like racism, but with appearance and attitude instead of color, you know?

Dana said...

I'm not saying it's right, or that reacting in a negative way to the stereotype is justified - just stating that there is some validity to stereotypes!

Dan da Man said...

Here is a true sterotype old people cant drive

And you have more self control then me i wouldnt have been able to fight the urge to strangle the guy with the cord

Jozet at Halushki said...

lol...I once said to some tall guy, "Hey, you're tall. Could you get that thing of off the high shelf for me?"

He said, "Sure. You're short. Could you pick up that piece of gum I dropped?"


Brad said...

I'm half Italian, which to my friends means, "He's connected to the mob in some way."

I hate that...

...even if they're right...:)

Jormengrund said...


You know, I've never really realized that when it comes down to it, just about everyone and everything is "prepackaged" into some kind of stereotype.

I mean, there's the parent, the teacher, the worker, etc.

It all comes down to what you see when you first meet that person, as to how you'll initially deal with them. At times it's correct, and at other times, it is horribly and sadly wrong.

Reminds me of a time in the service.. But I'll save that for tomorrow's Blog!

just a girl... said...

shit here we go again. I agree with Dana Stereotypes exist because there is some truth in numbers. Prejudice is another thing.

I am a single mom so yes I fit into the stereotype of single moms a lot. Or what I like to call thrown into the majority numbers until I prove otherwise.I personally think this is true with all stereotypes.

side note: I love it when we agree to disagre, lol

Jormengrund said...

JAG - I totally agree with this viewpoint.

I mean, I'm not saying that it's wrong, I was just wondering WHY we all tend to do it?

I mean, what's wrong with just thinking of the person across from you as a PERSON, and not "single mom with kid, no wedding band, must be some kind of divorce, or juvenile pregnancy thing" running through the mind?

Get where I'm coming from now??

I Smile 2 Much said...

Stereotypes and generalizations *bug* me like no other. It's just faulty misperceptions if you ask me. But maybe bc I'm rebellious in my thoughts. I prefer for everything to be unique and special on its own merit and account. Assumptions and inaccuracies really bother me. I dont like contrived "thoughts" to shape what I think or see.

I prefer to think outside the box is what I shouldve just said, huh? ;) LOL

I like your blog, btw! ;)

And I luv your short, minature golf thought. Made me seriously laugh. ;)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I'm a firm believer that people are promoted because they can't actually DO the job they are managing. At least, that's been my experience in the work place for the last.. oh... 25 years. :)

Thanks for stopping by!