Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time to bitch and moan

Why oh why is it that when I start something, someone I know tends to take a dislike to what I'm doing, and try to tell me how I should do something?

I work on the house, somehow what I'm doing isn't correct, and I need to do it this way.

I go out to play with the kids. That's great, but don't get TOO rough.

I chat with some online friends. "I don't really care, but you tend to get a bit too friendly with them, and that makes me upset"

I get on the computer.. "You play TOO long on there, and don't pay enough attention to anything else."

NOTHING seems to be done right!

Am I just a natural screw-up, or what?

I mean, I know that I've got my faults.

I love to tell stories. I love to make up silly things on the spot. I know that I love to play video games. I know that I shouldn't be typing this right now, and should really be finding something here at work to be doing, etc.

But last night REALLY took the cake for me.

Someone had to come over and talk to me, and confront me on something with other folks.


Right out front, let's get it on type of confrontation.

I could understand talking to me one on one, and telling me something.

But to confront and belittle me in front of other people?

Meh. Doesn't really jive with me.

Now? Yup. I'm pissed.

I'm sure that they'll be told about me writing here, and to be honest, I could care.

All I'm doing right now is venting my frustration and feelings. If that's a problem, then they have the option of not reading.




Oh, and if they really don't like this? Then they should've thought of this before they decided to confront me in front of their friends, now shouldn't they?

Anyway, I think I'm done here.

Oh, and moderation for comments has been turned on, just specifically because of the new readers I've got that have a need to try to control this part of my online experience as well!

Talk more tomorrow


Dana said...

But to confront and belittle me in front of other people?

Yep! Two peas in a pod!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've had this happen, and how many times I've been told that maybe if it embarrasses me enough, I will think twice before doing [FILL IN THE BLANK] again.

Hopefully, your situation was just an insensitive oversight and not an intentional disciplining.

gottaluvme3 said...

I am sorry you feel like I am trying to control this, because I am absolutely not. I know you are a great writer and some of your stories are awesome! I Love You!

Jormengrund said...

Well, to be honest, I don't think that this is going to be the end of it..

Yeah, I have a tendency to exaggerate. It's one of the reasons I'm such a good storyteller.

But when stuff happens that I don't want to deal with, I'll make up a story to get them to go away, or at least stop.

Apparently this isn't acceptible to some people, and they don't like being treated this way.


I understand.

But you have to deal with ME as a person as well, and if that bothers you, then we're going to have problems.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

ahh...comment moderation, the joy of so many being held accountable because of a few. Gosh darn rotten apple. ;)

Oh, and one of my BIGGEST peeves is being confronted/reprimanded/ whatever in FRONT of other people. That's total crap right there and my dander gets up fast, fast, fast! I had a boss do that to me in front of clients once (for a situation that I had already resolved no less) and as he walked away my response was "Well Fuck YOU" and walked out. :)

gottaluvme3 said...

If "you as a person" is someone you really aren't, aka a liar, then you are right. We are going to have problems here.....

Siren said...

that is the worst feeling, makes me want to RAWR! i am a gamer and a new blogger and maybe i spend too much time on the computer too, but i know if life is all work and no play, or if you get up in the morning and pour yourself into some mold that someone else wants you to fit in, you are going to get flusterated only have one life and you dont get time back once it has passed, so take care of your responsibilities and as for the rest you got to do what makes you happy. if it is video games and blogging, so be it. Don't change for anyone but yourself.

Brad said...

I hear those things all the time at home, but I've found that if you try really hard, the sounds of Call of Duty 4 can drown out 100% of incessant whining.

Now, I have to go polish my husband of the year trophy.

Bee said...

You know what? Don't take what some assh*le says personally.

It happens to me a lot and it makes me laugh at how the anonymous can take things so seriously.

Keep doing what you're doing and screw the haters.