Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I hate the news..

I hate the news.

All of it.

I can't stand listening to it, but I need to hear some of it just to know what the fuck is going on in the world, you know??

But what REALLY got me going was the news that happened this last weekend, and is now (again!) being spun off THIS weekend!

Is it just me, or did the Gulf not have hurricanes before *cue angelic music* Hurricane Katrina?

I mean, now every time the wind blows over 5 miles an hour down there, newscasters are jumping on and claiming that this new front and storm could resemble *cue music* Katrina...

It really set me off last Labor Day weekend when my family and I went with the "rest" of my family to the beach for a nice mini-reunion and getaway.

That didn't stop my newsfiend uncle from turning on the freaking TV every half hour to watch CNN or MSNBC or FoxNews in order to listen to Hurricane Gustav, or the Democratic Primaries, or predictions about the Republican Convention, etc...

Listening to them drool over Gustav headed to the gulf coast, and that it was going to be "similar to Katrina" in every way got me pissed.

I spoke out, and made a bet with each and every person in there that Gustav wouldn't so much as blow over a tree.

I was a pretty rich fella leaving the beach this weekend.

Now, I don't care about the "spin" newscasters feel they need to put on each piece of news they get, but GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!

I mean, if you really feel that you need to sensationalize the news in order to get folks to watch, then you really need to get into a new line of work. Just tell me what has been going on, then shut up, and move on. Don't give me background on who is telling me the story, don't try to compare it with everything else BAD that has happened in history, NADA. Just give me the story, and get out. The check will be in the mail. Thanks.. Bbye.

Anyone else feel like the news is spun only to entertain those who don't have a brain?

I mean, listening to those newscasters talking about the Democrats Convention and the Republican Convention reminds me of nothing more than two housewives leaning on the fence and gossiping about the neighbors..

Let me make my own decision about who is going to try to screw up my country next, and don't try to influence me with your own pick for loser, ok?

Thanks. See ya.

Anyway, my vent here is done..

I'm out.

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