Friday, September 26, 2008

And more about Economics...

OK, so far the whole "Give me an INSANE amount of money" ploy isn't working.

Apparently I've got some kind of clout, because the ass-wipe known as Barack Obama is sitting with McCain and they're trying to hammer out the details.

Now who are the buttheads?

The sitting congressional Republicans.

Now, I have only one take on these folks...

They are more than willing to raise our taxes when they feel that they need some kind of pay raise.

They are more than willing to raise our taxes when they think they'll get some kind of advantage over another group or party.

But if you actually propose something that could really help the country and economy?


Then they come up with excuses, because they didn't think of it first.

All I have to say is this:

There are what? About 320 million Americans living and paying taxes in this great nation we live in.

Bush is asking for 700 Billion in revenue.

do the math.. 320,000,000 versus 700,000,000,000.

Now I don't know about you, but that's a DAMN lot of zeros.

If it were me doing the proposal, I'd word it something like this..

Let Fanny Mae and Bernie Mac and AIG and all of those puss buckets rot in hell.
If you're going to swindle the American people, then you deserve the problems you've got, and we're not going to bail your asses out of the firepit that you've gotten yourselves into.
I do think that each tax-paying American citizen should receive a bit of a windfall, though, so we're going to do another stimulus program starting NOW.
With the 700 BILLION dollars granted to me, I'm going to give each person who filed taxes this last year 1 Million Dollars to be able to catch up on their debt.

Think about this. If each of us were to get a million bucks, what exactly would you do with it?

Me? I'd pay off everything, and then set the rest aside for my kids and their education. Pay off the cars, repair and pay off my house, erase all the credit cards. That should only bring my million down into the 800 Thousand mark, so I'd still have plenty left to put aside for my kids..

Not only that, but then paying off my house and cars and credit cards would give an influx of cash into the federal system, which would help it rebound.

So you get out of debt, and you bolster the economy at the same time..

To me, that's a complete win-win situation, and one that we're definitely NOT going to be seeing from Capitol Hill.

Why? Because it makes sense, and gets most of the problem solved.

If the problems are solved, then why would we need the idiots up there in office?

They know this, that's why they only agree to plans with serious flaws, so that they have something else to work with later on. It's called Job Security, and they're the only ones I know of who can create their own work, and not get taken to task for it.

Anyway, this rant is done.

Best of luck, and here's to hoping for that stimulus that I think would be better for the economy than rescuing all of those financial institutions..

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