Thursday, September 4, 2008

I went to school for this??

I don't know about you all, but I'm really getting tired of some folks that are put "in authority" over me.

I mean, come on now people! How difficult is it to check and see if you've got something plugged in???

Here's the latest and greatest from my "special" management folks.

I went on vacation this weekend, and took an extra day off on Friday just to ENJOY my weekend.

I got back in on Tuesday to find a note taped to my monitor. It read:

"Printer in *x* room is broken. Can't get it to run. Please fix ASAP"

Now, this printer had been working just fine when I left that Thursday, so already alarm bells are ringing in my head.

I decide to go down, and see what the problem is. I walk in, turn it on, and am nearly buried alive under the amount of paper that suddenly spits out of the damn thing! There was so much stuff waiting to be printed, that I had to get a second case of paper just to let the poor thing finish!

Next time, I think I need to show these geniouses just how to operate the equipment correctly.

First, you start by pressing that nifty button that says.. "ON"!

Now, I know, I know, some folks can't be bothered with this.. But really.. REALLY? You are going to tell me that NOBODY thought to see if the power was on before telling me that it was broken?

I really need to renegociate my wage. That way, I can bill stupidity calls at triple time. It might get a few dumbasses fired, and make my paychecks seem that much better!

Anyway, that's my angry rant for today. Have a good one, and don't forget to check that power button!


Brad said...

Welcome to Blogger...rant away, my friend......rant away...

Bex said...

Jeez. These sound like the kind of people who might use White-Out on their computer screens.

Jormengrund said...

Brad: Thanks!

You know, I never thought I'd admit it, but there are some real buttwipes out there who don't really seem to grasp some of the "finer" points of technology, you know??

Bex: Nah. They're the ones who think that the CD try is actually their coffe cup holder, and complain when it keeps closing!

I just love that story!