Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More questions....

Do you know of someone who is totally self-involved?

I do.

He's my brother.

Now, I don't say this to be mean, but he's one of the most selfish folks I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. This man thinks that if it doesn't happen to him in the way he thinks it should, then it shouldn't happen at all.

Take this for example:

High school. My brother was "in" during his high school times. Drummer in the band, football jock, and pretty popular with the girls.

All that went to shit when he got a Sophomore girl pregnant, and she decided to keep the baby instead of listen to him and get an abortion. He's resentful to her for not thinking it through..

Now, to me, this just screams "I'm an IDIOT!"

SHE didn't think things through? Excuse me? I don't recall him claiming to have used any protection, so who else wasn't thinking too clearly? I don't recall him not having sex with her, so there again is a lack of forethought...

Anyway, my biggest bitch right now is in regards to his newest scenario...

He's quitting his job (again)!

Now, this job of his requires two things: Service for his customers, and sales of the product.

He sells tires to corporate accounts. Thus, he goes from jobsite to jobsite, makes accounts, sells tires, and then replaces them as necessary.

Doing this nets him a HUGE paycheck. He brings in nearly 6K a paycheck for his efforts, and he only works 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

To put that in perspective, I, the college grad, only bring in about 3.5k a paycheck, and that's before taxes!

Now my brother got all pissy about getting talked to because he stepped on some toes, and went into a service area that isn't in his location. Thus, he took business away from someone else in the shop, and they posted a complaint about it.

Now, not one to be outdone, he then points out the flaws in each person there, and claims that if they all were to work like he did, then the company would make much more than they currently are.

Needless to say, he got chewed, and chewed good.

So because of this, he's quitting. He's taking his company truck to his private shop, and turning it all in.

I normally could care less, but for one thing:

He did this same thing about a month and a half ago, and THEY ASKED HIM BACK!

Now, am I missing something here? Is he really God's gift to the tire sales business, and I'm just not seeing it? Does his mouth drip gold when I'm not looking?

He's not lined up another job for himself, but he assures me that because of his "contacts", he'll have another job before the end of the week. Me, being the devil's advocate that I can be, asked him how he is planning on paying his child support this week, considering that he's not going to be getting the regular paycheck he's used to.

I'm not against folks leaving for slights when they have another job open and waiting for them. But leaving just because you want to, and NOT have some kind of backup plan? That's just idiocy!

Anyway, what do you think? Is his action stupid, arrogant, self-absorbed, or anything else I might have forgotten to mention?

Let me know. As tactful as I am, I'm sure that I'll call him something that's going to piss him off in the near future anyway!


Another Suburban Mom said...

Your brother sounds like an idiot. I am sure that you got the looks and the brains in the family.

Dan da Man said...

id just bash his skull in with a hammer whats the worst that can happen

Jormengrund said...

ASM: Thanks for that!

Dan: I dunno. Maybe his entire thing is related to the time I threw him down the stairs when he was 8 months old.. We'll never know..

I do know that I'm still bitching at him to get his act together, but we'll have to wait and see if he'll actually grow out of this "phase" of his....