Thursday, September 25, 2008

Economic Distress??

OK, this has been bugging me enough that I've GOT to comment on it...

Last night, GW made a statement to the nation about our failing economy, and is begging congress for money.

I think he'd have said it better if he'd brought a nice cardoard slab with the words

"Dead broke because of war. Anything helps. God Bless" on it.

Anyway, then you get the two nominees in on this, and it really becomes a circus.

McCain is stopping his campaign in order to address the issue. He feels that his total attention needs to be focused on the problem, and not on belittling his opponent.

To be honest, that is actually a breath of fresh air for me. Leave off with the name calling, and the whole "holier than thou" stuff, and focus on the problems of the nation.

Then you've got Obama. No. Not going to stop because of some small financial problem. I've got bigger fish to fry, and my butt belongs in that chair up in the White House.

Now personally, I don't like either candidate. But this petty action by Obama seriously set me off.

Let me tell you why..

If I had a problem, and you told me that you were too busy with your own schedule to help me out, I'd flip you the bird, and tell you to take your issues somewhere else, and leave me the fuck alone.

If you were to drop everything, and focus on me and my problems, you'd get a steadfast supporter who would return that favor.

If you can't guess, McCaid did it right in my eyes, and Obama is looking like nothing more to me than a greedy, self-absorbed jackass.

This country needs some fixing. And if you're going to ignore that just so that you can ride in the captain's chair, then you can kiss my ass.

Focus on the issues, gentlemen! Leave the speeches for those who just smile and nod at you. Actions speak louder than words, and right now, the words I'm hearing aren't jivving with some of the things you claim in your campaign speeches...

Anyone else think I'm too far off base? Let me know.


Bee said...

WoW! I hadn't thought about it that way but you're right!

I hope they come up with something because my money has already receded so I far it might as well be in another country!

Jormengrund said...

Thanks Bee..

I'm going to be writing more today, so keep an eye out!