Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WTF Wednesday

Gah. I'm so humiliated right now, I can't even express it really.

I have to offer my apologies to Bee at Bee's Musings for my royal screw-up of her "Secret Santa can Suck it!" gift exchange.

Apparently, I shouldn't attempt to operate machinery, or blog!, while exhausted.

Last night, thinking that I was going to be pro-active, and do something ahead of schedule instead of flying by the seat of my pants, and just pulling ideas and excuses out of thin air, I decided to complete my project, and post it.

Much to my dismay, once I'd posted, then informed my recipient, I sent an email to Bee letting her know about my overachieving-ness, and prepared to bask in the knowledge that I'd finally done something ahead of schedule, and appropriately.

Oh no.

Not this duck.

You see, the whole idea of this was to post everything on Thursday, and BEE was supposed to be the person to inform your recipient of the gifts they were to receive.

So, not only did I cut out Bee's part in the game, but I also blew the whole "secret santa" aspect of the exchange as well.

One good thing did come out of it. My recipient liked what she saw.. (I think, either that, or she was just being polite so she could get the heck out of my trailer-park blog.. One of those feels true!)

Anyway, here's my promise to Bee that I'll follow orders next time, and if need be, I'll make sure to come up with something completely random the day it's due instead of blowing the rules, and screwing the entire operation up.

You can trust me on this one. I'm great when it comes to procrastination!


Bee said...

There is nothing wrong with being proactive. I did mine over the weekend and used blogger's post date option so it will publish on the right day without me doing anything else.

Also, if you could link Jacki on that post so that she can get the technorati juice. I'm copying the instructions on the email here for you:

"Link the person to your post so they know you are their Secret Santa. That is a very important one right there.

Then I, the beautiful and talented toe juggler, will link all of y'all so that everybody can go look for their *gift*… kind of like an Easter egg hunt. Hey, look at it as the merging of two Holidays.

I will post all the links on Thursday. It would also be nice if you thank the person who gifted to you for their generosity in these here troubled times. "

Jormengrund said...

I did link her.

All ya gotta do is click on the "Here" i put at the top of the post where I said I needed to Link her.

Doublecheck me, but I could swear I did that part right!

Bee said...

right-o there it is! ;o)

Jennybean said...

we all screw up sometimes...

Catherinette Singleton said...

Way to go there, Sparky. Nice job. No really.

Anndi said...

You just wanted Bee to spank you.

Dana said...

Oops! Or maybe you started a new trend?? Who knows!?!?!

Jacki said...

It's okay....and yeah, you gave me exactly what life gave out this year to me and my family...a bunch of *bleep* :-)

Jormengrund said...


Well, at least it's something functional that you can use then!

Happy Holidays!