Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Secret Santa can Suck IT!

OK, I joined Bee from Bee's Musings in doing this virtual gift exchange.

My victim **AHEM!* recipent of my holiday cheer?

Jacki at Moving At The Speed of Light.

Here's the link.

Because I've got SO much time on my hands, I couldn't just get her one thing, so I got her a couple..

And because you're so lucky to read this, you get to share in the joy as well!
First, we have my all-time favorite.

Why? Because it poops, of course!

What comedy blog do you know of that doesn't mention poop at some point?


Next, we have another close favorite of mine:

Yup. PERV, the Christmas Elf.

He comes complete with sporting his own personal Yule Log, so no worries there!

Then we have the oh-so-popular gift of:

Yup! Yule Doo!

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING says "Merry Christmas" like an ornament fashioned like your own pet's poop!

Finally, because they're all small-ish gifts, and I can, I'd box all of these gifts together into one box. Well, mainly so that Bee would think that I was at least attempting to follow her rules!
I'd then send these lovely gifts off wrapped lovingly in this cheery holiday gift wrap:

I mean, doesn't that just warm your heart?

Anyway, that's my gift, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Dan said...

Nice stuff, are you in love with Shit? cause I got plenty.

Why did I not know anything about this gift thing that is being run by my own sister?
Bee, I'm gonna kick you,,,you know where!

I hate those word verification things, I've gotten a few people to remove them, you should join the cool non word verifi blog crowd.

Jacki said...

Oh thank you! My very first Christmas gifts!

I'll be back to check out your blog. :-)

Anndi said...

So it's not enough when my dog takes a poo UNDER the tree, it has to ON it as well?

ettarose said...

Oh I am glad it wasn't me this time. I usually screw up the rules. I have one of those little reindeers and I love him. Nice gifts.

Jormengrund said...

Dan: I wouldn't say in love, but heck, it does make for some cheap christmas ornaments, now doesn't it?

Jacki: You're welcome!

Anndi: Only if you really want it to be. If not, and you appreciate it being under the tree, just sprinkle a bit of glitter on it, and call it decoration!

Etta: Yeah, when I decide to screw up, well I make sure that it's a doozy!

*Just Jen* said...

This is too funny!! Your gifts are great!

Marvel Goose said...

You can not ever go wrong giving a woman chocolate. Even chocolate poo. As soon as the secret stash of M&M's and Hershey's Kisses goes dry she will not stand on ceremony — she will eat chocolate poo and like it!

Jormengrund, Hope your secret Santa buys you a large carton of TP!