Sunday, December 21, 2008

Something totally random!

Well, these last couple of days I've been basically stranded.

Here in the Northwest, we're really not used to too much snow. However, this last week I've gotten about 2 feet of the powdery white stuff!

Thanks to the greenness of our road-keeping crews, I have absolutely no way of getting out of my driveway, let alone through town or even south down the interstate to my work.

Now, this doesn't stop my wife, who drives the testosterone-charged SUV with all-wheel drive.

It does put a crimp in my driving habits, though. I can't get around very well in a small compact car who sips gas through a straw. It just doesn't happen.

Yeah, I sacrificed the power and prestige for the pocketbook. Sue me.

Anyway, I've been slacking at posting because of the weather, and I honestly apologize.

I'll make sure to get to work on Tuesday, and you can all chew me out then, and give me all sorts of crap!!

Not to think that you won't give me some kind of grief today about it, but heck, if I'm getting comments, it can't be a BAD thing!

1 comment:

unfinishedrambler said...

We want real posts. Real posts. Real posts. I know not much of a protest, and not much grief, but at least, it's a comment to let you know someone's still reading your blog-- even when you phone an entry in. ;)