Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2-Fer Tuesday post #1

Well, it's Tuesday again, and I'm going to write and ramble like it's nobody's business today.

Last week, I was swapmed with work, thanks to the idiocy and ineptitude of a manager.

Why is it that when folks have to use a computer for work, they will automatically assume that they can treat the machine like it's their home computer, and not one for work?

There are certain guidelines that need to be followed when you're using a work computer.

1) NEVER open personal emails or email attachments while at work. Just don't do it. You never know what attachments could be potential viruses or trojans, and it's best to leave that stuff at home, instead of bringing it to the worklplace.

2) Limit how often you're on random internet sites. Net usage gets monitored, and it's expected that you're going to have times when you'll be on sites outside of the "work approved" places. However, you should ALWAYS try to take these in moderation. Spending 8 hours of your 10 hour workday on EBAY isn't the best way to keep the surfing potential open!

3) When in doubt, leave it alone. Never go to a site or agree to an Active-X control unless you know EXACTLY what it's going to do or install. This goes especially for folks who have weekly internet updates. You never know when that Google Browser Toolbar is going to cause some kind of resource conflict because corporate is assuming that your system is configured like everyone else's in the network.

These three things could mean the difference between a happy use, and potential termination for abuse of policy.

Anyway, I rant, and rave, but I need to get finished.

Happy Holidays!