Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Freedom of Speech

You know, there are times where I really wonder if some folks can honestly think of themselves as people when they can take a freedom for granted, and then use that same freedom to try to belittle others..

The Freedom of Speech gives us the right to say what we like, where we like, when we like.

If you don't like it, turn the other way.

This is especially nice in the blogging world, because there's that nifty little "x" mark in the upper right corner that you can click on, and the offending material just disappears..

It's called the miracle of technology.

Yet for some unknown reason, there are people out there who are small enough in their ideals, minds, and personalities that they feel the urge and need to lash out at those of us who are willing to write about personal life details.

These people are just "internet bullies" who try to look for a fight, and then get upset when their daily life balance is skewed by something they don't like to read.

Then, for reasons unknown, these same folks try to "convince" (read force) the readers and the writer that they are the only ones with the correct solution, and browbeat you into submission.

I hate bullies.

Hell, I hate folks who even admire and stick up for said bullies.

I'm not a nice person when someone decides to be disrespectful to me. I also tend to get very abrasive when folks start disrespecting someone that I actually admire and respect.

For this, I've now gained the "admiration" of two bloggers.

Bring it.

Show the world just how petty and minor you can be.

I'll be here waiting for your comments, and you can bet that it won't bother me in the least to get as dirty as I want to be.


Dana said...

Actually ... calling them bloggers is being quite generous! One is nothing more than a wanna-be foodie and the other? A troll that found a traveling companion that supplies food!

Hubman said...

I'm pretty sure I know the inspiration for this post and couldn't agree more!

Jormengrund said...

All I can say is that I'm fed up.

If you want, you can stick around for the "train wreck"

However, I can guarantee that things aren't going to be polite around the blogging world for a while.

I'll offer my apologies now, because I'm not going to offer any once things get really started!

Jaime said...

it's good to see you back in action. but WHAT set you off? or maybe i should say who?