Thursday, September 3, 2009

Silence is golden..

You know, this is day three, and so far there's been absolutely NO response from the said perpetrators to my challenge.

Oh, they're willing to run off and hound someone else's blog, but to come right out and face the music just isn't something that they're willing to do.


Like I said before: These people are nothing but internet bullies.

You know what the main characteristic of a bully is?

They're cowards.

Each and every bully that I faced down tended to fold when serious opposition came their way. All of the posturing, the bluster, the fanfare, whatever their "game" was to intimidate others just blew away when someone was willing to stand up to their little game.

Same goes here.

I stand up, I issue a challenge, and look what happens!

Two no-shows from the folks that I called out.

Am I surprised?

Not really.

Does this mean I'll stop?


I made a promise to them that I'd keep up my actions as long as they kept up theirs.

I'm still seeing their veiled disrespect and harassment going on at other blogging sites, so I'm not about to cut off my postings.

They're not changing their tunes, they're just hoping that I'll go away, and that someone else will occupy my time. That maybe I'll forget about them, and they'll be able to keep on playing Blog-God here.

Guess what??

Not gonna happen.

I've admitted before that I'm an ass. I really am. I have firm beliefs, and I don't give them up for anything.

Well, this is one of my beliefs.

I'm here to put a stop to what I've seen. If that means that I've got to enter a blog, and write nasty shit for everyone to see, and make folks think otherwise about reading a blog, then so be it.

If that means that I need to go and belittle some writer just because I don't agree with their standpoint.. I'm game.

I think I'll treat these two just like I have to deal with my ADHD son. Actions deserve a consequence.

They've done plenty of actions, and basically recieved no consequences for them.

Well, prepare to reap the whirlwind, because I'm still not through with you two just yet!


snugs said...

I have not bothered to comment since you deleted doggy's comments, why should I waste my time, besides nobody else seems to interested in your rants either. You are NOBODY to me and you know NOTHING about me.

I choose not to blog because I respect my family's life and privacy, I have a life and a busy one at that, and blogging is not a priority for me. Show me where it says that I have to have a blog in order to comment on others blogs. I respect that others do not feel the same way that I do so why am I not offered the same in return? Why does the fact that I do not have a blog matter at all? To each his own.

My issue with Dana is between me and Dana. I do not feel the need to answer to you. You have called me names, you have threatened me, you have ranted like a raged mad man over something that does not even involve you. I could do the same with you and the way you are treating doggy, but ya know I think that is between you two.

Dana and I have a history of disagreeing and I am pretty sure that we are both big girls and can deal with it ourselves. I am not trying to speak for her, but really, who made you this blog god/police? Do you really think these tangents of yours make you some sort of hero? If you or she or anyone for that matter does not want argumentative comments by me or anyone else you can always go private. If you choose to make your life public you open yourself up to this.

I don't know what you think gives you the justification to call me the names that you have done and you seem to be really obsessed with my weight, not sure what that has to do with anything, but I can assure you that even combined me and doggy are no where close to this 500# figure, how about you and your wifey? Maybe you are getting us mixed up. I have never called Dana names. From my view it appears to me that you are doing the very thing that you are upset with me and dogggy for doing, but you are doing it on a much grander scale. In my book that makes you a hypocrite. Seems only fair to me after all the names you have called me that I give you that one.

If I was a friend of yours, I would have grave concern over your apparent anger management issues. But since you are nobody to me, I will leave that to all your adoring fans and readers.

I hope this satisfies your ego that I have responded. You will not get more out of me, I have no interest in you or your little blog and do not find it entertaining in the least. I refuse to continue this with you although I find it amusing that you have been so monopolized by it. If you want to go on with it that is your choice; it's obvioulsy given you something to blog about. Get a life dude, seriously...

HLB said...

wow, blogging is a way to get things off your chest and out of your mind. It is a place to vent,rant,rave,remember,a place that is, in no way, what you say right or wrong.If you don't like what is being said move on.You don't have to read it. Nomatter whos blog it is.Snugs you say you don't blog but you sure spend a lot of time reading.

gottaluvme3 said...

Hmmm, it is Dana you are sticking up for. Surprise surprise. And I thought you were over this petty blogging stuff!! What was I thinking??

doggybloggy said...

What did you call me? You wanna' fight Dana's fights then lets go..bring it on toughy.

doggybloggy said...

I waited as long as I could..... its been three hours already...