Friday, March 20, 2009

I've been around the world and seen that only stupid people are breeding...

Yeah, it's Friday.

I'm actually getting a bit annoyed with the antics of some of my "frequent flyer" idiots. I mean, there are only so many times that I can repeat something before I start wanting to get sarcastic and snarky.

How many times should one person have to remind another about logging onto one specific program before starting another one that requires the first program to be open in order to gather data from the initial program's database?

It's as simple as:

Open program A. Then open program B. Why? Because program B needs to get info from program A in order to work correctly.

Yeah. Not quite rocket science.

Then there are the occasional idiots that decide to make the worst decisions ever when I'm extremely busy, and caught in the middle of another job.

Take today for example:

I'm currently in the middle of doing an exhaustive inventory for ALL of the computer equipment located in my building. That means servers, switches, scanners, radio ports, data cables, even Cat-5 jacks and phones.

While scraping away 3-4 years worth of dust from some locations, I happen upon interesting things like copper line converters, and BOS twinex controllers. These have been phased out of my system for the last 3 years, and yet I've found four that are still hooked up, and running...

While doing this, one of our associates decided to calibrate the laser scanner that we use to determine cube for an item. This scanner has a scale and sonic measuring devices located on it to determine height, width, and depth along with weight. This then can tell us how many of these will fit on a pallet, and how many pallet we can potentially put on a 48 or 52 foot trailer.

So, while deciding to calibrate the scale, they start pressing random buttons all over the scale.

My corporate supervisors call me an hour later to tell me that the weight info they're getting from my scanner is WAY off from their initial scans. Things that used to be 2-3 cube items are now coming out to be 200-300 cube items.

I head over to check.

Yes, I found the problem.

While calibrating the scale and scanner, they hit the buttons for Grams instead of Pounds, and Centimeters instead of Inches.

My company's data is measured in Inches and Pounds. So for the Inches to increase from 3 inches to 155(cm) is WAY out of proportion. Why? Because their hardware is still trying to convert the CM into Inches. So it's reading 155 inches when it was last measured at 3...

Now imagine this 45 pound box coming in at 1500 grams or so.

Yeah. You get the idea.

Once nice long recalibration session later, I've got the issue solved, but I've also killed 1/3 of my workday.

Ah, the joy of knowing when to leave things alone, and when to just nod and go about your business like it's another "normal" day....

I'm actually looking forward to this weekend. Maybe in some way I'll forget about the stupid crap, and be willing to start all over again on Tuesday...

I honestly think that's one reason my General Manager asked me to move to the 4 12-hour shifts..

See you all on Tuesday, and have a great weekend!


Bee said...

There should be an idiot tax and the people who fix their mistakes should get the money. I'd be rich.

cathouse teri said...

I still remember the time my sister had to work 12-hour days through the weekend because at the Air Force Base where she works, they were setting up all the computers to take on the new operating system and at some point, were going to hit "go." But not until everyone knew what to do when the new system showed up on their computers. We're talking about an entire Air Force base here. SOMEONE (I have no idea who) pushed the "go" button. Complete havoc ensued. And my sister was on the team that had to clean it up.

One button. What it can do.

I have a friend who told me a story once that I always, always remember. She was at work and one of the guys from another department ran into her office, all out of breath, shutting the door behind him. He had run there from his office at the other side of the building to tell her this:

"Stephanie! The stupid people are out there! And they have JOBS!"

Thinkinfyou said...

Being around idiots always make me feel better about myself.Maybe you should look at it that way!

Dana said...

I sit in a cubicle next door to out IT support folks. Often times I am sitting there - shaking my head as I listen to their side of the "support" conversation. I'd be fired in about 47 seconds ...

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Good God, I'm exhausted just reading about stupid people. Thanks, now I need to start this weekend over.