Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have you got Spring Fever yet??

Yeah, it's starting again this year...

I look out, and I see all of the things that I want and need to do out in the yard and around the house..

Yet, for all of my observations, I just can't seem to get motivated to really "do" something about it all.

Do any of you have this problem?

Take this for example:

This weekend, I had a friend of mine come over, and we trimmed down the monstrous hedges that grow in front of my house. The fence that is between my house and these green monsters is 5 feet tall, and some of the sections that we cut off these hedges were six to eight feet taller than that!

Anyway, after trimming these down, we piled them on my "to do" pile of dump junk, and planned on making a full day of dump runs for this coming weekend.

My dump pile has gotten a bit out of control.

I mean, it's still got stuff from the house remodel (including the sliding glass door we removed), old yard clippings, closet door junk I'm never going to use, the wannabe carport that fell and crushed my poor work car this winter, and other sundry items that really don't have any place at my house...

All in all, I'm looking at about 6 trips to get it all cleared out of my yard.

My friend also has things he needs to get rid of, so on my day off yesterday, we went over and gathered everything he needs to get rid of, so that we'd be ready for this weekend.

As it's looking like right now, we'll have one full load for his stuff, about another half load from his dad's stuff that needed to get taken out of his shop, and then the 6 or 7 loads that I've got stashed at my place.

But it doesn't end there...

My folks are also needing stuff taken out as well, and that adds another 3-4 loads to our planned dump trip.

So the grand total?

About 14 loads.

I'm hoping to have two trucks, so that we can make just 7 trips instead of wasting my entire day doing nothing but running from house to dump all day...

That, and I'm also praying that this dump date doesn't get postponed for some unknown and ungodly reason, either.

Because if it does, I have no clue when I'll get motivated enough again to make the attempt!

Anyone feel for me?

Time to go find a soda and some doughnuts.


Tracys Ramblings said...

We happen to have a sliding glass door in our yard too that was left over from our recent remodel.
I'm thinking about making it a yard decoration. It wouldn't be the worst that I've seen.
Around here, people use lots of stuff as yard decor. So far, I've seen toilets, urinals, sinks, old bed frames (for flower beds, get it?) tires, tractor parts, etc.
Who knows, if you use your door as lawn decor and I do the same with mine, we might start a whole new fad, Jorm! We could even start selling them if you find anymore at the junk yard and get rich!
Then next spring we could pay people to clean our yards and haul off our junk!
Have fun!

Emmy said...

Totally feel for you! Most of our dump run is from the yard clean-up. A couple years ago, I decided enough was enough and rented a small drop box. It was cheap when you factor in gas, cost to dump at the dump, and the time you spend doing it. It has become an annual tradition now.

Good luck!!

Bee said...

We've been working hard every weekend since 9/14/08 when our house flooded. If anything, we need to get motivated to take a weekend off. ;o)

Brad said...

I feel for you...that is all...

Dana said...

I am thrilled to be able to be outside again and discovering that people live in the houses in our neighborhood.

Hauling trash? I'll take it!