Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(im)Patiently Waiting

Have you had those days when you're coming up to a nice vacation period, and you just can't stand the stuff going on around you?


I'm there.

I have today and tomorrow to work, and then I'm off for a nice vacation with the family.

However, it seems like every idiot and moron in my workplace has come out of the woodwork and decided to put on one special show for me before I go.

Let's talk shop, shall we?

Yesterday I had to be called in to set things up because one of my maintenance managers just can't get it into his head that he doesn't know SQUAT about computers.

They have been stripping and then re-waxing and repainting offices this year, since it's been 5 years since it was done last.

Because of this, offices are being cleared out, and then they paint and wax, and then shovel it all back into the office.

However, this specific office houses the network printers that we use to not only print out the labels needed for proper inventory, but it also housed the data and fax lines for traffic communication with the shipping company that we use.

All of this was unplugged, dragged out into the warehouse, and left to sit over the weekend.

Come Monday morning, they put everything back into the office, and plug it in, but NOTHING worked.

This is because not only did they not plug it back in where they'd taken it from, but they completely moved around the office furniture.

The printers I've got have a dedicated line and server for them to operate correctly, and just plugging them into any data port is like hooking up a phone to a dead jack. It won't get you anywhere. Also, there are more data ports physically in my warehouse than I have positions available on my data switches, so there are specific data ports that aren't live unless I physically go in and punch them down onto the network switch.

Because of this, I know what items work, and what jacks to plug things into.

"Normal" folks don't.

Thus I got to waste 2 hours of time plugging stuff back into switches, reprogramming a printer, and clearing out error messages from documents that were sent to printers that weren't online.

Annoying? Most definitely.

Boring? Not really.

Tedious. Absolutely.

I am honestly counting the minutes until I'm able to get out of here, and get on that plane. I don't care what the day or date is, I don't care if we have to sit on the tarmac because of weather. I just want out of this circus, and not have to worry about stupid stuff for at least a week. The most challenging thing I want to cope with is what ride to take the kids to next, or decide where we're going to eat lunch.

I think I need some Advil, so I'm headed to lunch...

More ranting tomorrow.

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