Thursday, February 5, 2009


Due to some unforseen circumstances, I'm going to post these rules about my blog. I would expect that these were implied, but apparently if you don't write them down, then folks don't care, and just do as they please. So I'm going to state it this one time, I'll refer back to them as necessary, and hopefully we'll be able to get along better on this blog.

Rule #1:

EVERYTHING that I write about on this blog is from MY perspective. I don't claim that it's going to be completely accurate, nor that it's going to be the full un-objective truth. It's going to be how I see it, my feelings, my perspective.

Rule #2:

Comments made should be directed towards me. I might talk about my wife or kids, however, this is in relation to ME, and thus the comments need to be about me, not my subjects.

Rule #3:

Please be polite and courteous when commenting. I don't come over to your page and start pissing matches with other people, please don't do it on mine.

Rule #4:

My blog, my rules. If you don't follow them, any and ALL comments you make WILL be deleted. That's just they way I do business.

These are pretty simple and straight-forward rules. If you want to make some kind of scathing comment, feel free to say so on your own blog, and link it back on the comments. I have no problems with this.

However, due to the drama and ire that has been revolving around my page, I felt the need to state these obvious rules, and hope that they will help to restore the peace.

I'll write my "real" post a bit later.

Thank you.


Chat Blanc said...

even in bloggyland there's drama eh? youse da boss here! :)

Jaime said...

sad that you needed to resort to blog rules... these really go without saying.

Dana said...

I had to do this recently as well, although mine were directed primarily towards comments. I haven't had to delete a single thing since they were posted, although I don't know that being so formal had as much to do with it as other factors may have.

Bee said...

Love it!