Thursday, January 22, 2009

Personal Viewpoints!

Today I'm going to try to express some of the thoughts and feelings I get, and see if you get these as well.

I never really claimed to be an excellent wordsmith. I know there are folks out there who can take a phrase, and make it completely meaningful to the person reading. I'm not one of them.

I'm just going to try to describe the scene, and the look, and maybe some of my readers will join in with comments, and give their opinions as to scenes and looks that really touch them as well.

OK. Here goes!

Each and every evening when I pull up to the house, I am greeted by the sight of my yellow Labrador named Sassy looking out the glass panes of my french doors for some sign of me. I don't know how she's able to tell what time it is, or how she even knows that I'm headed home, but the excitement she gives off really brightens my day. Her growling welcome and excited yips, the way she wags her tail so hard that her backside nearly knocks her over, the impatient prancing of her paws, and the deep sigh of contentment once she gets a good scratch behind her ears... Unquestioned love and devotion.

The bright look in my daughter's eyes each night as I go to tuck her into bed. We'll talk about the day she's had, and what her plans are for the next day. We'll maybe sing a soft little song, or tease each other about some silly thing we remember. The snuggle deep into her fluffy blankets, and the cuddle of a stuffed teddy bear. The tight squeeze of a hug, and the gentle smack of a kiss goodnight. These are the sights and sounds of safety and security in a scary world.

The happy sounds of my kids at play in the yard. The rumble and thump of clothes tumbing in the washing machine or dryer. The sound of running water in the bathroom. The drone of a TV show. The clink of dishes being washed in the dishwasher. The rustle of grass needing to be cut. These are all sounds of a home being lived in.

The open and waiting arms of my wife to give me a hug when I see her. The soft conversations over how the day went, and what happened. The sweet kisses and gentle squeeze of a happy hand. The shining eyes over some small gift or surprise. The laughter over a joke or funny accident. The contented sigh as we curl up to watch TV on the couch together. The proud beaming as we are complimented on the behavior of our kids. The excitement of a small trip to go play in the snow. The gentle laughter of a game of "Sorry". The cozy warmth of a shared mug of cocoa. These are the times when I feel love the most.

Tell me what gets you. What memories evoke special feeling for you?


AirmanMom said...

jormengrund...your words paint a beautiful image! Nicely done.
As I wait anxiously in the airport to greet my son; the clock ticks slower, as my heart beats faster. I look up... my eyes meet the eyes of this man, my baby. Nine years of this scene, MomTears always roll... as they did the moment I met him for the very first time. Each time I see my son, it is as beautiful as the moment he was born.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

very spiff! You do just fine with your words.

Thinkinfyou said...

You painted a perfect picture of contentment.Beautiful,just beautiful!!

Brad said...

The smell of Play Doh....really...

HLB said...

That was very nicely written. My day is made by
hearing the song that makes my heart beat faster, seeing the smile of the one I love.

Tracys Ramblings said...

I loved reading that so much! You may be no "wordsmith" as you called it but you get it: life.

I always loved the smell of a freshly bathed newborn baby, slather with baby lotion. To me, that smell let me know that life was still beginning and going on in my house.
The sound of my husband breathing and sometimes snoring at night, beside me in bed, reminds me that I'm loved and safe.
And nothing beats the laughter of my kids telling me that happiness still exists and the snuggle of an uncertain little girl who's worried about a spelling test or starting a new year in school.
It's all life. I love it.

just a girl... said...

the smell of salon selectives, reminds of schnapps in hairspray bottles from my school days, lol