Thursday, January 29, 2009

A minior personal revelation...

Let's get something straight here..

I'm an ass.

Not just ANY ass, but a sincere ass.

Heck, I'm even "PC" enough to admit that I'm an equal-opportunity asshat. It doesn't matter to me who or what you are, I'll be happy to oblige you with my assholed-ness.

There have been some times where this attitude has gotten me in trouble. Yeah, it doesn't work so well at the workplace, but I've been known to make it work (current job being proof of this!). It doesn't sit well in some social situations. Like when trying to apply for a mortgage, or debt consolidation, or buying a car, etc..

There are times when it's come in EXTREMELY handy. Those annoying telemarketers that seem to know when you're sitting down for dinner with the family, door-to-door salespeople, Jehova's Witness door knockers, Heck, even Mormon door-knockers!

It REALLY doesn't do me any good when I follow folks into a place. The main reason for this is that they then get marked for all of MY hard work. I mean, I'm an ass, but I like to take the credit for my butthole ways. I don't appreciate someone getting all the glory for my behavior. If I go to church with my folks, and I'm an ass, I don't want folks blaming my dad for my actions (as usually happens on the rare time I go to church with my folks). I don't want some waiter thinking that my friend is a jerk when I tell him off for not getting my order right. If I'm an ass to you, don't blame the other person for bringing me. BLAME ME.

Because of this, I want to let folks know that I rarely apologize for my behavior. Sure, you don't deserve treatment like this, but reading about how I chewed out someone else makes for funny reading... Unless you're the one who got the chewing. Then it becomes personal, and personal isn't funny.

I read a TON of blogs. I know there are some out there who read more, but I'm dedicated to a few, and I make comments on them consistently to let them know of my approval or disapproval of a post.

A couple of days ago, I made a biting and sarcastic comment on one of the blogs I follow. The reasoning behind it was all about things that were happening in my area, and I applied the rationale to an instance that was actually happening clear across the nation from where I was located.

I made a generic statement, and coupled a large group in my comment.

Yeah. It was aimed at the gay community.

Because of this, a gay person had to come forward, and complain about my biting and sarcastic remark.

Unknown to this person, I have quite a few Gay and Lesbian friends that I'm actually quite proud to call my friends. The ones that read my comments actually wanted to give me the "high 5" for it, because of the crap that's happening around here.

It's really all a matter of perspective. Someone somewhere doesn't find it funny, yet someone else in another state finds it drop-dead hilarious.

Tomato, tomatoe, really.

So, even with my explanation, I still stand by my comment on that blog. Yes, it's degrading to some extent, yet if I found someone of my ilk doing the same thing, I'd use the samn big-ass brush, and paint us all that color. If you condone the behavior, you might as well get on the bus instead of point a finger.

So, do I think that all gay people are assholes? Only as much as I think all white folks are stuck up, and all black people are angry about their ethnicity. Only as much as I think all American Indians are greedy alcoholics, and Jewish folks are penny-pinching misers.

Get my point?

Good, now get over my smart ass, and just feel free to read.


Real Live Lesbian said...

I get so tired of people and their eagerness to be offended.

If you haven't been....take a look at They're sadly going out of business, but damn if some of their stuff ain't funny!

One of my favorites:

I'm only for gay marriage if both chicks are hot!

Hubman said...

I'm all for occasionally offending the easily offended!

As a matter of fact, I have a collection of jokes titled "Something to offend everyone" that I think I should post one of these days!

I've gotten over it, and at the same time I embrace your smartass-ness (figuratively speaking, of course!!)

Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

Don't feel bad-- I'm an ass too.

just a girl... said...

i dont give it shit if people get offended. They have a right to voice it but in the end i truly dont give a shit.

AirmanMom said...

I'm a little stressed right now, so please be nice when you visit my blog :)


unfinishedrambler said...

It had to be said, and I'm glad you said it.