Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something keeps bothering me..

Do you ever get the feeling that folks only keep you around to use you for something.

That if they were to ever be able to do what you're able to, you wouldn't be around anymore?

That if you weren't able to do the things you can, you wouldn't be as vital anymore?

Yeah. I'm feeling like that right about now.

Yesterday I put in one hell of a workday just to get things done.

I'd posted about how I'm from the old-school teachings that my grandparents instilled in me.

I take pride in my work, and I do it to the best of my ability. I refuse to do something halfway, and leave it done with "just enough" to get it to work. In my opinion, that's just not right. I correct and complete the problem, and then in my estimation it's finished.

Yesterday, I was trumped.

We moved a workstation, and there were some unforseen consequences of the move. One was the failure of the IP phone, and another was the failure of the PC itself.

One was easily fixable. The other was not.

I had a replacement phone for the phone issue, but the PC was another matter altogether.

What had happened with the PC was best termed as a lack of housekeeping by the user of the PC tower. During the move, dust was able to sift into the contacts and hard drive of the PC, effectively erasing any and all data from the computer.

How do I know this?

Because it worked fine when I turned it off from the office it was in. Heck, it works fine now (once I removed the foot of dirt and dust from the inside of the machine!), and when transporting the PC, I took great care in keeping it stable.

Now, housekeeping on a PC isn't difficult. All that is really needed is to grab a small can of compressed air (that I provide these folks for free when asked!), and blow it into the tower about once a week. This keeps the dirt down, and the circuts clean. A clean PC is a happy PC!

Yeah. It doesn't happen much around here.

So, after putting in 18 hours of work to get the problem fixed, I was called and told to leave things "as they were", and go home. The problem will still be here when I get back, and I can work on getting it resolved then.

Grudgingly, I agreed, and headed home for a bit of food, and my bed.

When I came in this morning, it was to managers rooting through my office trying to find their PC and phone, and then yelling at me because their desk wasn't completely moved like it was supposed to be.

Being half-awake, and still a bit on edge from the excess of work I'd done the day before, I was impressed that I could muster up the polite response of telling them to talk with the GM who ordered me to go home, and that I'd take care of their problem when I was able to.

Threats of termination floated on the breeze, and I finally ordered them out of my office so that I could get to work.

Yeah, I'm still working on the problem. Heck, it's taking me longer to post than normal because in between sentances I'm checking for compilation completions, hoping that my data recovery scripting is going to work, and I can at least salvage some data that was lost..

Yet I can't help but feel that if any of the management here felt that they could do the job I'm doing, my time here would be awfully short..

I've been told on a regular basis that I do a great job around here. Things go smoothly, and problems don't happen very often. When problems _do_ show up, they tend to get fixed right away, and they get taken care of to such a degree that the problem usually doesn't happen again.

Now if I could only use that problem solving skill to replace faulty users, I'd really be in business, wouldn't I?

I'll talk with you all tomorrow, I've got a computer to fix.


Bee said...

I hate working. I don't think it's fair that I wasn't born rich.

Nolens Volens said...

Lemme do I turn on the anonymous comment...ahh there it is...(click)

(As Terminator impersonating Darth Vader) My son, you are terminated. Hasta la vista, baby! LOL

I've had those days where people FREAK OUT because I wasn't there. Once, I was enjoying my day off when my manager made me come in to return a key that wasn't needed until the day I would've returned to work. The sanity of their logics. LOL

Jaime said...

did you get the computer up and running?

i don't know how you put up with these people sometimes...but if we both didn't work with idiots, what would we blog about?