Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post-Democalypse 2014!!!

Well elections are over, and I am still wondering if this country is going to wake up, or if we're going to still walk around in a kind of post-sleep haze.

I mean, yes, there have been changes made. However, I don't see any glaring differences between the folks we've voted into office and those of the folks leaving office.

We've put new plans into motion, and stopped some from being enacted. However, I don't see any REAL good coming out of the plans being put into motion, and I don't see any real value in stopping the ones that were denied.

What has happened to this nation of ours?

When did we stop being accountable for our actions, and instead use "the other guy" as an excuse why things didn't get done?

What is honestly stopping us from making the right decision?

Why can we not take affirmative action, and GET THINGS DONE without having some small extremist group whine, bitch, cry and moan about it, and get national media attention on the small group while the large group sits there, takes the beating, and then gives up on the project?


I'll tell you.

Me, in my infinite wisdom, will enlighten you as to what is happening with this country of ours.

We have become yet another Rome.

We are no longer a Democracy. We are a Republic.

I think we've been a Republic for much longer than we're willing to admit, but the truth is that those people with wealth and power are dictating policies in this country, NOT the people themselves. The rich and powerful are getting more rich and powerful with each day, while the working class and poor work harder, longer, and get even more poor.

How soon until like Rome, this nation collapses?

Not much longer, if our national debt has anything to say about it.

I mean, COME ON! 17 TRILLION dollars in debt??

And yet we keep authorizing 4-7 BILLION dollars in spending, and consider it "good spending".

How far would that get you in your own home budget?

If you owed $110,000 for your home, and you kept spending $300,000 annually instead of paying off your house, what would the bank do?

If you needed to pay $1200 a month for utilities and bills, but you kept spending your entire paycheck on guns, food and gas instead.. What would happen?

THIS.. This is what is happening to our country.

We spend on things, and we ignore the problem. We don't budget, we spend it. We don't plan, we react. We don't enforce, we just make more rules.

Let's outlaw everything! That way, our population that is law-abiding will be breaking the rules just like the criminals do, and it'll be easy for our police force to meet their arrest quotas!

I mean, if we make more laws, criminals will start being afraid that they're breaking a law.. right?

We need to wake up. We need to get vocal. We need to take action.

Our initial founding fathers and leaders didn't ascribe to just ONE political party. They stood for one thing.. Our Country.

Not an ideal, not a party, not a special interest group.

We need to get back to that way of thinking. We need to embrace that we have ONE thing our leaders need to be accountable to.

I could care less if a man (or woman) politician is some self-serving whore, as long as they're voting and doing what it takes to make and keep this nation healthy and viable.

I mean, Thomas Jefferson wasn't the biggest saint I've ever read about, but his planning and ideas were above reproach for this country.

Obama? He's just a good teleprompter reader.

Let's regain focus, and get back to what really matters.

I'll leave you with this video.


Anonymous said...

Everything starts off at the smallest piece of the puzzle. What we actually need is people who took off their umbrella when the rain came. What this requires is people to snap out of their neutral zone -their default setting-, and step up. But by the time there will be enough people to do that, everything is already lost. I am counting on it. - SG Alexis said...

First of all, maybe action put in motion need more time to reveal their goodness?)) Secondly, you are perfectly right with the enormous debt and what is going on and how it is treated. China has been planning recently to adjust to the gold standard on the financial market - our economy may be waved farewell!