Saturday, October 1, 2011

Opinions and Politics

Basically, everyone has one, and the STINK.

Right now, I'm listening to folks bash this guy or that guy, who needs to take responsibility, and who is at fault for what.

I'm seriously considering making a new party.. The Common Sense party.

We won't be GOP, we won't be Democrat, not Green, not Tea, we'll stand for something more.

Common Sense.


How difficult is it to meet the needs of the masses, and do what is right for the country?

Granted, the Rich are always going to look for ways to get richer, and the poor are usually trying to find ways to have people help them out. That's a given.

However, how difficult is it to try to get some kind of incentive going to CREATE JOBS in this nation? Unemployment rate keeps growing because we don't have incentives to get lazy-assed people off welfare and back into the workforce. I mean, why work when you can get paid for doing nothing??

Common sense says to keep track of the spending, keep accountable for each dime you spend, and if things don't seem to match up right, then you cut off assitance until they can prove that they are really doing what they should be doing.

Common sense says that if someone is actually trying to work and make things work, then they should be given as much assistance as needed to make ends meet.

Common sense says that if you have more cash than 60% of the US population then you should be expected to pay more and be burdened with more costs in taxes.

Common sense doesn't seem to be common anymore.

Maybe common sense says that folks just don't want to face the truth and facts?

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